Welcome to Chetwynd: The Toton & Chilwell Neighbourhood Forum

Our Vision:

To transform Toton and Chilwell by building on our history and to create vibrant new places to work and live. We want to welcome new people and new businesses: to be place where people want come to live, work and play.

You’ll find more details of our aims and objectives – as well as our key activities – in the links below. Feel free to explore the site and provide us with your thoughts in the ‘Your Thoughts’ page.


Steering Group

Chetwynd Barracks

HS2 Station

Toton Lane

The University Project


The Forum participates in a number of consultations ranging from major documents such as the Local Plan Part 2 to individual applications from developers (such as Peveril). Here you will find further links to various consultations both current and historical.

PLEASE take the time to review and comment on current consultations. It is important to reflect the views of our neighbourhood and your contribution helps to shape the Forum’s official response.

No current consultations:
Closed consultations:

Broxtowe Local Plan

Metro Project

Lime Rise - Peveril Homes

Your Thoughts

The Forum is only as strong as its members and residents of our Area.

We value your contributions to the various consultations we undertake either on our own behalf or on behalf of others, such as the councils.

Please let us know your thoughts or issues or concerns.  We will respond personally to every comment submitted, hopefully within 2 or 3 days, but certainly within a week.

Your views matter!

Provide your thoughts and help shape the future

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