Weekly Digest: 17th February 2018

Hi everyone,

 This week’s digest is a little different. As reported last week, the Steering Group planned to hold a special meeting this week to elect the new chair of the Forum. However, prior to the meeting, one of the candidates withdrew his nomination. And after a quick consultation with the other members of the Steering Group, it was unanimously decided to elect the remaining candidate.

So, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Richard Hutchinson will continue to be our Chairman for the next 12 months. Richard has been a strong Chairman over the last year forging important relationships with key stakeholders. I know he will continue to build on these relationships and ensure the Forum’s voice is heard when decisions are taken relating to major developments in our area. Richard has asked for space this week to provide a “chairman’s message”, so without further ado……

1.     Richard writes…..

“I was delighted to be proposed and subsequently elected by your 2018 Steering Group to continue as your Chairman for the next year in the Forum.

The fantastic attendance at the first AGM some 3 weeks ago really was a huge boost to everyone who has dedicated their time to the Forum over the last 12 months and a real indication to stakeholders at the meeting that our community wants to not only see what the future holds but influence and shape it.

The last 12 months have been all about building a foundation for the Forum with us identifying all of the key stakeholders: HS2 Ltd; East Midlands HS2 Strategy Board; and DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation) being only 3. These, along with schools and community groups, will enable us to interact and develop plans jointly for the future of the area. 

That leads me to the most important contributors. Us! The community that live and work here. It has been, and continues to be, our priority to inform you at every step what is happening and what we are learning with regards to these and other organisations thoughts and actions. Understanding their proposals enable us, the community, to not only engage and comment on information received but also to input ideas and concerns related to the future look of our community. We have, through the digest, social media channels and community events tried to communicate the best we can with you all and we will continue to do this throughout 2018. We ask you all to contribute as much as you can to enable us to get as much community input as we can into the work that needs to be done.

Moving forward, this year is all about us generating the Neighbourhood Plan and producing a document that states what we, the community, feel should (and shouldn’t) be included in the development of our area in the coming years. This is going to take an incredible amount of time and hard work for everyone involved. I encourage you all to contribute as this is our chance to influence the direction of development in our area over the next 20 years.

In conclusion I want to express my thanks to the Steering Group of 2017 for all the work they have done and to also welcome our new members for 2018. We will be looking for additional people to join us for key sub committees through 2018 so please let us know if you can spare some time to help and I look forward to talking with you all throughout 2018 at a number of events we will be holding.

Remember, this is our time to Shape the Future of our community.


2.      Quick clarification from last week.

        I’ve received a couple of emails querying a statement I made last week relating to the work of the DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation). I stated, “They have submitted an application to Broxtowe Borough Council with plans to build a total of 1,500 dwellings on the site (excluding the married quarters housing at the top end).”

·      It was carelessly phrased because the DIO have not submitted any sort of ‘application’ to the Council regarding the number of houses. I didn’t intend to convey the impression that a planning application has been made for the site. That will come much further down the line.

·      At this stage, the DIO “supports the allocation of part of the site, proposed by Broxtowe Borough Council, for 500 houses before 2028 […..] and has identified further capacity for 1,000 houses post 2028…..”

·       So, for the moment, the DIO (as well as us, of course,) are waiting for the completion of the Local Plan process when the housing numbers for the site will be determined.

3.     And finally, a couple of community notices….

·       Friends of Toton Fields: have asked us to let you know that the contractors are back on Toton Fields Nature Reserve finishing off the work started last year. This involves thinning out some more trees in the woodland near to the Greenwood Centre as well as creating a new bridleway through some trees to avoid the need for riders to use the footpath at the bottom of the hill. There will also be improvements to the paths around the Greenwood Centre.

·       Toton and Chilwell Meadows CAT Meeting. Cllr Lee Fletcher has asked us to remind you that a CAT meeting for the ward will be held on: 
Thursday 1 March 2018 at 7.30pm at Toton Methodist Church (Room 1), Stapleford Lane

Tune in next week for a report on a meeting we are having with the Chairman and interim Chief Executive of D2N2 LEP, the Local Enterprise Partnership, a key stakeholder in the development of the HS2 Growth Strategy Area. I’ll also provide an update on the work of the university graduate in developing a high-level masterplan for us as well as providing feedback on our current round of consultation events.

Kind regards

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Barracks Subgroup information update

As part of the gradual update to the website, the Barracks Subgroup information (Terms of Reference, Agendas and Meeting Minutes have now been added to the site here.

Please read and take part if you’re interested.

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Weekly Digest: 10th February 2018

Hello again

This week has been a time to draw a little breath between the hectic planning and promotion of the AGM and the next series of consultations taking place – starting next week!

The Steering Group held its first meeting last Thursday – a ‘get to know you’ session to welcome old and new members. The meeting was a positive and it quickly became clear we are now a stronger team and will benefit from the knowledge and wide experience of the new members. Elections were held for the main officer posts and I’m pleased to let you know that we have a new Secretary (me!); a new Treasurer (Denise Lewis); with Nicola Lamplough being re-elected as Vice-Chair. As for the Chair, we received 2 nominations for the position so, to give each candidate a chance to make a formal pitch for the role, we agreed to meet again next week to make the decision. More on this next week.

In last week’s digest, I promised more information from a couple of meetings we’ve attended over the last 2 or 3 weeks:

  1. Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) meeting: Jan 25th
  • The DIO is the organisation charged by the Ministry of Defence to sell Chetwynd Barracks.  They have submitted an application to Broxtowe Borough Council with plans to build a total of 1,500 dwellings on the site (excluding the married quarters housing at the top end).
  • As mentioned last week, they are now waiting for the Council to provide an official site allocation number.  Once they know the number, the DIO will then be able to assess the value of the land and proceed to sell the site.
  • The DIO agreed to provide us with all the analysis/assessments they undertook to arrive at their proposal. It will be good to see the rationale underpinning the 1,500 number as it will give us a chance to question/counter some of the inevitable assumptions they will have made on – for instance – projected traffic volumes.
  • We also informed the DIO that we intend to undertake our own Heritage Character assessment for the Barracks as we believe their report provided an incomplete picture. We are now in the process of engaging our own consultant to undertake this work.
  1. HS2 Strategy Board meeting: Jan 30th
  • A couple of further observations from this meeting
  • HS2 Ltd provide regular updates to the Board and this time they presented their latest thinking on the design of the station which included:
    •  The station – both HS2 and classic services – will now be set above ground level. Previously the classic lines were located at ground level.
    • Parking capacity at the station has increased from 1,700 to 4,000 spaces! This huge increase took the meeting by surprise and HS2 were actioned to provide the evidence that justifies the increase in capacity;
  • The councillors representing Erewash Borough Council on the Board remain opposed to HS2 and the station. Of course, this is understandable given the huge disruption the construction of the line & viaduct will bring to Long Eaton
  • Nevertheless, we would like to engage (even collaborate) with Erewash councillors where we have mutual interest, such as ensuring a new road into the station is created near to Asda. [At the moment, HS2 are only planning pedestrian/bus access to the station from Long Eaton.] But, for the moment, engagement with Erewash councillors is proving to be hard work.
  1. Meeting with Broxtowe Borough Council, Planning Dept.: Feb 2nd
  • We held a useful meeting with Steffan Saunders, Head of Planning, at the Council. As reported last week, he provided an update on the latest Peveril application. Last week, I mentioned the Planning meeting was due to be held last week. In fact, it will take place this coming week on Weds 14th. Apologies for any confusion caused.
  • Steffan went on to provide a generic update on progress with Local Plan part 2. It is inevitably taking time for the Planning team to wade through the vast amount of input they received from last autumn’s consultation.  However, regarding our Area, Steffan was able to say:
    • They are exploring an option to join together the policies relating to Toton Lane and Chetwynd Barracks and treat both areas as one coherent development. If so, this will be good for the Forum as we have long argued the need to treat development of both sites holistically, so we don’t replicate development in both areas. For instance, original thoughts for the Barracks included reserving some space to build commercial properties. But given the proposed scale of the ‘Innovation Village’ at Toton Lane, do we really need further commercial development on the Barracks?
    • Assessments will shortly start on the impacts to the infrastructure (roads, utility services etc.) resulting from proposals within the Local Plan. So, expect to see more hi-viz jacketed people with poles and measuring devices looking busy around our Area.
    • Finally, he told us he thought the Forum’s response to the consultation was measured and strong. Whilst he couldn’t give firm commitments at this time, he indicated we could expect to see a number of our proposals included in the next version of the Plan. This demonstrates, to me, the growing stature of the Forum and the influence we can exert with local decision makers.
  1.     But finally……. don’t forget the….
  • …. Community consultation roadshow coming to a place near you NEXT WEEK! We are at:
    • Chilwell Community Centre (next to the Library) next Tuesday 13th between 2.30pm and 7pm. I know it’s pancake day, but it will still be good to see you there and gather your thoughts and opinions for the future of both Chilwell and Toton!
    •  Toton Methodist Church, Stapleford Lane next Thursday 15th between 2.30pm and 7pm
  • Also, don’t forget our online survey. Over 50 have responded so far, which is good; but we need a whole lot more. So, if you haven’t done so yet, please take a couple of minutesto answer 4 or 5 short questions:  CTTC Forum Online Survey

Okay, this has been another long’ish report. I try to keep them reasonably short but sometimes there is so much to tell. Anyway, more next week, including a report on further work being undertaken for us by a University graduate student. Bet you can’t wait!

Kind regards

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Social Media

Our communications sub-group have been working hard to develop the website and social media pages. We have a ‘new’  Facebook page which will connect with our website and information will automatically be posted. We will also advertise events on the page, such as the consultation events taking place in February.

We also have a Twitter page which we will use to share information and latest news.

Don’t forget to complete our survey and tell us your views on the local area!


The Comms Team

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Living in Chilwell and Toton Survey

Our survey – February 2018

To guide the CTTC Forum in developing the Neighbourhood Plan we need to know what is important to you about living in Chilwell and Toton.  What is good? What needs to be protected? What needs to be improved? Please take a few minutes to complete the survey, as it will inform how the Neighbourhood Plan is developed.

Please take a few moments to complete this short survey

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Weekly Digest: 3rd February 2018

Wow!    Just WOW!  That’s pretty much all we can say….

 What a fantastic turnout at last Sunday’s Annual General Meeting! There must have been around 300 people who came along to see us, hear about our work over the last year or so, and have a look the designs of the university students.  We were overwhelmed by the support you demonstrated. 

The Steering Group thanks each and every one of you who came along. And for your patience for the time it took to sign-in. A total of 267 registered with us on the day, but we believe a few more may have 'snuck in' through the back door and bypassed the sign-in sheets, hence our estimate of 300 or so. Given the number of attendees, we know many of you didn’t get a chance to see the student designs but don’t worry – you will have the chance to see them again soon.

Welcome to new members & friends

  • 130 people registered with us for the first time last Sunday. Due to the queues at the door not everyone provided an email address, but to those who did…Welcome to the weekly digest!
  • There's usually an update each week to keep you informed of our latest activities and plans for the future. I try to keep the updates short and snappy by using…
  • ….4 or 5 bullet points for each topic rather than long, wordy paragraphs. I’m sometimes prone to rambling but…. well, you’ll soon get to know my style.
  • If you’d prefer not to receive these regular updates, please let me know and I’ll remove you from our email lists (no questions asked). We have a website & a Facebook page - details below - which we also use to keep you informed.  
It’s getting better (and bigger) all the time!
  • We’ve now updated our lists to include the new people who joined us over the last 10 days or so. The latest numbers are:
  • Total members: 660.  Of which..
  • 349 live/work in Toton
  • 154 live/work in Chilwell Meadows
  • 157 live/work in Chiwell West
  • Total friends: 76. [‘Friends’ live elsewhere but are interested in our activities and of course we very much welcome their thoughts and ideas]
  • Which means the overall number of people registered with the Forum is 736 – which is a terrific total
Community roadshow coming to a place near you soon!
  • A reminder that last week’s meeting was also the start of our formal consultation process. We need to hear your views about the Area and how it should be developed over the next 10-20 years. Details of dates and places are below
  • We have commissioned a consultant to help us undertake this work and some of you may have met Jenny last Sunday. But we need many more to get in touch with views and opinions.
  • This is your time to help build a vision for the Area that works for us, not the developers. You’ll be able to take time to review the student designs again (or for the 1st time if you missed out on Sunday) as they will be displayed at these events.
  • Jenny has also set up an online survey (using the Survey Monkey website) to capture your thoughts and opinions.  The more responses we get the bigger the picture so can I please ask you to take a couple of minutes to answer 4 or 5 short questions:  CTTC Forum Online Survey
  • Change is coming to Toton and Chilwell, we know that. Let’s make sure it is change that benefits us all and especially the generations coming after us!
And finally…..
  • A couple of snippets that I’ll expand on next week…
  • We met with JLL/DIO during the week leading up to the AGM. They explained they were waiting for the outcome of the Local Plan, and the number of homes allocated to the site, before proceeding with the sale of the Barracks. We asked to be involved in the master planning process for the site. They were cautious about the idea but haven’t ruled it out.
  • Richard and Graham attended the HS2 Strategy Board (Richard is a member) meeting last Tuesday. The Board comprises key people from local authorities - both Notts and Derbys - and now aims to implement the Growth Strategy published last autumn. The meeting was, frankly, disappointing. We need a new ‘Delivery Board’ setting up for Toton to convert the Growth Strategy from words to actions. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bit of a power struggle going on at the moment so progress on this vital next step is slow.
  • Richard and Graham also met with Steffan Saunders (Head of Planning) at the Council offices yesterday for an update. The recent application from Peveril (to increase the no. of houses in the 1st phase to 282) is back in front of the Planning committee next Wednesday. It will likely be approved but that’s not a big surprise. More importantly, we know discussions are taking place behind the scenes to persuade Peveril to withdraw this application completely.  This is proving difficult as Peveril holds all the aces and are playing ‘hard ball’ but we’re pretty certain an agreement will be reached eventually. 

Enough for this week. The new Steering Group is holding its first meeting next week and it was great to have such a positive response to our request for new members. They will only increase the professionalism and breadth of knowledge we already have within the team. It bodes well for our plans and activities for the year ahead.

 Thanks again for the support demonstrated at last Sunday’s meeting.  It has re-energised us all to know that we are on the right track. And it makes a big difference when we meet stakeholders to know (and can prove!) we have your backing! 

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Weekly Digest 20th January 2018

Another short’ish report this week as the Steering Group are focused exclusively on our AGM – next Sunday 28th at 3pm at The Village – in case you’ve forgotten! 

I don’t apologise for the reminder: it is crucial that you, our members, as well as residents of our Area, have the chance to review our work – indeed, our performance – over the past year. 

Equally important is the appointment of  a new Steering Group to take the work forward over the next 12 months. And let me make a plea: we are looking for people to join the Steering Group. Next year will be critical; we’re aiming to produce our Neighbourhood Plan and submit it to the Council for consultation & examination by the end of the Autumn. We need people willing to provide a little time to help gather information and help produce the policies and draft the Plan.  If you are interested in helping us, please come along and let us know.

But next Sunday is much more than just an annual review.

  1. We are kicking off our consultation exercise by showcasing the best of the university work and hope you will use it to stimulate your ideas for the future of our Area.  There are approx 20 posters  illustrating our past, present along with a lot of ideas about the future.  Take time to have a look at them and let us know your thoughts. Help to shape the future.
  2. Our engagement consultant will also be on hand. She will be asking you to complete a short questionnaire to tell us what concerns you most about living in Toton and Chilwell. There is also a section for you to tell us what is needed to improve our area.
  3. If that wasn’t enough we can now confirm that HS2 Ltd will be at the meeting. It’s true we have no direct control over the station and how it is built, nevertheless we are developing a good relationship with HS2 and we know they want to hear our views.  
    • For instance, the location of the platforms are pretty well settled: the southern end will be opposite (roughly) Neighwood Close; whilst the northern end is in line (roughly) with the top of the hill at Banks Road.  
    • However, the location of the main station buildings / concourse is perhaps up for debate. Latest thinking from HS2 locates the station entrance near to the southern end of the platform ‘footprint’. 
    • But, given the development at Toton Lane, doesn’t it make more sense for the main entrance/concourse to be nearer the northern end? So it is closer to the proposed Innovation Village? Your thoughts?
    • Sunday gives you the chance to speak to HS2 directly. So you can also ask them about the recently announced plan to build & open the station and access infrastructure in the mid-2020’s to run ‘classic’ services in advance of HS2 itself.
  1. We are also pleased to confirm that senior figures within D2N2 (the Chair and/or CEO) will be attending. The organisation is coordinating the strategic ideas / plans for the development of the Toton Lane site. So you can ask them about current ideas for the Innovation Village. 
  2. Finally,  we’ve invited the DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation – part of the MoD) to come along to answer queries about the sale/initial development of the Barracks. They said they would get back to us by today to confirm attendance however I’ve not heard anything yet, which is a tad disappointing. When they let me know,  I’ll let you know.

Okay, I’ve rambled on more than intended (not unusual, I know!), so I’ll stop now. 

Please do all you can to attend the meeting and consultation event – you won’t regret it. 

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Annual General Meeting Sun Jan 28th 3pm at The Village

  • We’re continuing to sift through the visions and ideas provided by the university students.
  • It will be difficult to choose the best of them to showcase at the AGM. We have ordered some display screens & we’ll aim to show 20 or so of the best
  • To whet you appetite I’ve added a couple to our website and you can link to them here:
    • These are high level maps illustrating the ‘connectivity’ of the two main areas Chetwynd Barracks and Toton Lane. It reflects the view that there needs to be joined-up development across our area.
    • We know there will be a lot of houses built at both Toton Lane and the Barracks, but lets make sure they complement each other and avoid duplication.
    • First slide illustrates the connection between the station, Toton Lane and the Barracks
    • These two slides illustrate the green corridors we expect to see linking Toton Fields with Hobgoblin Wood: this one is map-based; this one is more abstract.Come along to the AGM

      to see more like this – as well as more detailed ideas for the specific areas.

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Community Consultations in February

    • As indicated last week in our project plan, we are looking to finish gathering ideas for our area during February/March. We’ve already captured some good ideas from residents during the autumn’s Local Plan consultation exercise.
    • This next series, however, is focussed purely on your ideas for the future. We will be displaying more of the students ideas to help stimulate thoughts.  We’ll also be asking you to complete a short questionnaire to let us know what is important for you and what improvements you want to see.
    • We met with our RCAN consultant yesterday and were plan to hold 3 public meetings in February (either side of half-term holiday):
      • Tues. February 13th, 2.30pm – 7.30pm. Chilwell Community Centre
      • Thurs February 15th, 2.30pm-7.30pm. Toton Methodist Church
      • Mon/Weds Feb 26th/28th (tbc) 2.30pm-7.30pm. The Village Hotel
    • Please pencil these dates in your diary and come along. They are drop-in sessions, timed to make is as easy as possible for you to attend and let us know your thoughts
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And finally……. a couple of snippets

    • We have moved into our new office! As reported last week, we need to establish a base so we can work more effectively as a team. We have rented an office from Voluntary Action, Broxtowe in Oban House, Chilwell Road, Beeston.
      We would have preferred to have an office in our Area but we haven’t been able to find anything suitable – at least not within our budget constraints.
      Once we are properly set-up, we will display some maps/drawings/ideas permanently so residents will be able to pop in and have a chat whenever we are ‘open’. More on this to come
    • Our next Steering Group meeting is on Weds at our offices in Oban House. We’ll be finalising plans for the AGM and reviewing the year-end accounts. Here is the agenda, if interested.
      Next week I’ll publish the final agenda for the AGM as well as the draft full year accounts. The accounts are with our independent examiner and we are hopeful of having them formally signed -off in time for the AGM.
    • Our website has had a bit of a make-over on the front page. We continue to work on it to make it quick and easy for you to navigate. Let us know what you think and what other improvements you’d like to see.
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