Weekly digest: April 7th

Hello everyone

Let’s start this week with some good news! Our application to Locality for a consultant to undertake a Heritage Character Assessment in our Area has been successful. AECOM (a ‘major league’ consultancy retained by Locality to support groups such as ours) have assigned us a consultant.  We hope the consultant will start work ‘on the ground’ in early May once we’ve agreed terms of reference over the next couple of weeks. And this is where we need your help; more below….

  1. Heritage? In Toton & Chilwell?
    • You may think we don’t have heritage assets in our neck of the woods. But you would be wrong. We may not be blessed with centuries-old, iconic buildings but we have significant assets. And the Steering Group is determined to assess them all to make sure they are not overlooked when it comes to future developments
    • The assessment will naturally focus on the Barracks and especially the WW1 explosion memorial & site. But in addition, we will look at key buildings such as the Officers’ Mess, the WW1 Infirmary, the shell filling factory.
    • We will also consider other assets in our area, such as the site of the old mill on Manor Park; the old cottages on High Road Toton; and perhaps Ghost House Lane in Chilwell.
    • But…do you know of any other places we should consider? We don’t claim encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of Toton & Chilwell so if you know of assets we should include in this assessment, please leave a comment online – at the end of this post! Many thanks
  2. Consultation feedback: top priorities
    • Following on from last week’s digest here are some top priorities that have clearly emerged from the consultation exercise. Results file here
    • The top 4 reasons we enjoy living in our Area are:
      1. Access to green spaces: 2. Local wildlife and habitats: 3. Safe & quiet environment: 4. Transport links
    • The first 3 are clearly linked and reinforces the need to protect local nature reserves/green spaces and enhance them where we can. Yes, we are losing significant green belt, so we must mitigate losses as best we can. Our proposal for a ‘significant’ wildlife corridor to the north of Cleve Ave/Katherine Drive to links Toton Fields reserve to Hobgoblin Wood in the Barracks will be an important component of the Plan
    • The top 4 aspects that are important to protect are:
      1. Green spaces: 2. Peace and quiet; 3. Nature conservation: 4. Air quality (with ‘Access to countryside’ not far behind)
    • Again, these elements reflect the overriding concern to protect what we enjoy the most; green spaces and local wildlife conservation. We have a strong environment sub-group – including a member who was a driving force behind the creation of the Attenborough Nature Reserve – looking at all of these aspects. I personally hope we can see lots of tree planting in our Area to help both wildlife and air quality.
    • Finally, the top 3 elements that need improving are:
      1. Volume of traffic: 2. Surface water/flood plain issues: 3. Green spaces/wildlife
    • No real surprises here either. We know how bad traffic congestion is throughout our streets but especially around Swiney Way and Stapleford Lane at peak times. Likewise, we know a lot of Toton Sidings and the lower part of Toton (esp Portland Road/Carrfield Road) lies in the flood plain. Again, our Environment group have this issue well in their sights!
    • More thoughts next week on the comments expressed to support these findings. In the meantime, if you have further thoughts yourselves on these priorities (or anything else) please leave a comment at the bottom of this post on the website  so we can continue and share the debate.
  3. Money, Money, Money
    • “Ahhh, all the things I could do / if I had a little money / It’s a rich man’s world”
      Yep, Abba have a point, don’t they? We could all do a lot of things if we had a little money. And the Forum is no different.
    • We are again looking for funding to help undertake the tasks we face over the next 12 months. Denise, our Treasurer, has been reviewing possible funders and come up with a couple of likely candidates:
      • Locality – this one was easy since they have already funded our community consultation work (primarily our RCAN consultant)
      • Awards for All – a Lottery funded body that helps small voluntary/community groups such as ours
    • We can apply for up to £10,000 from each so Denise is now drafting up applications for each. These applications are in addition to the submission we made to Notts County Council for a grant at the end of January. We hope to hear if we have been successful with that application in the next week or so.
    • But… more funding is always useful. We need expert help to provide strong evidence to justify the policies we need to sort out the problems we face. Such as a traffic consultant to examine the congestion that bothers all of us. These consultants – as you can imagine – don’t come cheap. So, if you know of a generous philanthropist (have I asked this before?!) – or other good sources of funds – please let us know!
  4. And finally…
    • We are having our regular monthly Steering Group meeting next week. One of the main topics on the agenda is the formation of the CIC (Community Interest Company) that was approved at the AGM in January. A sub-group has looked into the various options we could adopt and will report back on their findings.

That’s it for this week – more next time.

Kind regards

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Weekly digest: March 31st


Well, it’s Easter time and the weather is predictably disappointing. On the upside, it means I don’t have to spend the weekend pressure washing the decking and garden path! Instead it gives me a chance to catch up with the outputs of our consultation exercise back in February. The survey results have been collated and the results provide great input to our thinking for the Plan

  1. Consultation survey: The Results are in!
    • First, let me say we had a terrific response to the survey: 179 people took the time to give us their views – our thanks to you all. With this level of response, it means we have detailed, credible insights into the thoughts & views of our community. Our Plan will be all the stronger because of it.
    • Responses were split roughly 50/50 between male/female contributors – which was good to see. A disappointing element, however, was the age profile. Only 1 in 5 responses were from people under 45. The Steering Group will need to give further thought to how best we garner views from the younger generation. After all it is this group who will be most affected by the changes coming our way over the next 15+ years.
    • Full results can be viewed here. There are a number of graphs and a selection of comments. I’ll provide some further thoughts on these results next week.
    • Work is still needed to collate and assess the comments collected on the flip charts at each event – more on that next week as well.
  1. HS2 Station Delivery Board
    • The latest HS2 Strategy Board meeting was held last Monday (26th March). The main item discussed was the creation of a ‘HS2 Station Delivery Board’. This group will focus on turning the ideas for our Area contained in the Growth Strategy into actions ‘on the ground’
    • The set-up of the Board has taken longer than we hoped. Due to the size & significance of the plans for our Area there are, unsurprisingly, a number of competing interests. But whilst the final shape and remit of the Board has still to be ironed out, everyone agrees we must quickly move forward
    • A number of meetings for the new Board have been scheduled over the next 6 months and we are pleased to report that the Forum has been asked to join. At this stage our concern is that the number of people invited to join looks excessive, but we’ll see how things develop.
  2. £100million HS2 garden village bid for our Area
    • You may not have seen this news article (from the D2N2 website) published a week or so ago. It’s about a bid made by Notts County Council for a sizeable chunk of funds from central government to help fund ‘infrastructure’ work in our Area
    • Kay Cutts (leader of County Council) reported to the HS2 Strategy Board that their bid had successfully cleared the first hurdle to access this funding and she was hopeful the government will approve of the bid at the next stage. Which is fantastic news!
    • As to the nature of these ‘infrastructure’ works, well we can only speculate. But clearly that amount of cash should go a long way to: build/improve road access from the A52 to the station; perhaps help ease the move of George Spencer across the road; perhaps even to move/relocate the electricity sub-station at the top of Stapleford Lane. BUT…this is just speculation so best not to get ahead of ourselves.
  3. Stakeholder meetings continue…
    • Last Wednesday (28th March) Richard and myself held another useful meeting with a stakeholder who has an interest in land off Stapleford Lane. This time it was with UKPP(Toton), a company who works closely with Heart Church on land either side of the Lane
    • Not surprisingly UKPP(Toton) are aligned in their thinking with Heart Church. They too acknowledge the publication of HS2 Growth Strategy is potentially a ‘game changer’ in the way Toton Lane is developed. However, like Heart, they too believe the HS2 Growth Strategy is, at this stage, too uncertain as it is wholly dependent on HS2 receiving Royal Assent in 2022.
    • They are therefore working on the current, approved, planning application for 220 or so houses. Once all planning conditions have been cleared, UKPP(Toton), like Heart, will look to sell their interest in the land (to a builder) rather than wait a further perhaps 4/5 years for HS2 to be confirmed
    • An interesting side conversation developed around another company the director of UKPP(Toton) is involved in – Charterpoint Group Ltd. This company specialises in developing retirement villages – it’s involved in developing the land next to the tram stop on Chilwell Road. We mentioned that an option we were considering was some retirement dwellings on the Barracks site. So, we are hoping to develop this relationship further.
    • Anyway, we are now arranging to meet Peveril (the last major owner of land west of Stapleford Lane) as well as contacting landowners to the east of the Lane – around the tram terminus. As always, I’ll keep you updated on progress
  4. And finally…
    • Welcome to our new members! I’ve added new email addresses gathered from the consultations to our lists. We now have over 760 people registered with the Forum. It would be terrific to break the 1,000 mark before we submit our Plan at Christmas. If you know of anyone who isn’t yet receiving these updates, please ask them to get in touch.
    • This is the first digest to be sent from our website via our new MailChimp service. It is easier for us to manage these digests from a central location not least because it means we are less reliant on particular individuals. But we hope to maintain the chatty, informal style as well. Let us know your thoughts on this switch

And that’s all for this week folks – more next week.

Kind regards

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Weekly Digest: March 17th 2018

As previewed last week, I’d like to spend most of this week updating you on the outputs of the Steering Group workshop held 10 days ago. I spent time this week in the office catching up with the outputs and…. there are a lot. I took a couple of pictures and attached them below so you can get an idea of the work going on and the state of the office! As you can see our work plan dominates the place – but it provides focus for the next 6 months or so. I’ve summarised the main work streams into 2 themes

  1. Neighbourhood Plan. Theme 1: Geographic focus

This theme takes a geographic perspective. We have divided up our Area into 7 blocs split into 2 sections – 4 undeveloped blocs and 3 community areas

  • The undeveloped blocs are:
    • Land west of Toton/Stapleford Lane (between Cleve Ave and A52, down to the Sidings): this is all of the land currently with the Strategic Growth Area
    • Land east of Toton Lane/north of tram terminus (including Bardills and nearby businesses) all the way north to Bramcote and west to Inham Road, Chilwell
    • Land east of Stapleford Lane/south of tram terminus (backing Katherine Drive/Barracks: all the way to Field Lane, Chilwell
    • Land within Chetwynd Barracks.

§  We want to treat these blocs separately as: some have planning permission already (west of Toton Lane); some don’t yet have planning permission, but we know will be developed (Barracks); some are green belt and so may never be developed. We must consider all areas and ensure our views for the long term are included

  • The community areas are:
    • Chilwell West ward
    • Chilwell Meadows
    • Toton

§  We need to consider what, if any, sites there are within these areas (such as the ex-Manor Garage site at the bottom of the High Road) that could be redeveloped and if so how? We also need to assess impacts on these areas arising from development elsewhere, such as the noise mitigation measures needed for the Banks Road area when HS2 comes along.

2. Neighbourhood Plan. Theme 2: Topic focus

This theme is based on the various topics that cover across the area. We’ve identified, in no particular order, the following:

  • Schools (infant, primary, secondary, 6th form)
  • Shops/Community Centre, inc. heritage – a central focus for the Barracks area
  • Community facilities (library, health centre/dentist, allotments, leisure both indoor and outdoor etc.)
  • Housing (design, styles, sustainability, locations)
  • Infrastructure (roads, public transport, cycle ways, footpaths, utilities)
  • Business (existing, new)
  • Environment (green spaces, wildlife corridors, local reserves, flood plains)

§  For each of these topics we need to decide what is needed and where. And provide the backing evidence necessary to justify our proposals

3.   Your chance to get involved!

We have asked you before to let us know if you’d like to help us develop our Plan. And we haven’t followed through when you stuck your hands up. Apologies for that.

Now is the time, however, when we really do need help. Each of the geographic blocs and topics are led by members of the Steering Group. Their first task is to decide what activities are needed and how best to carry them out.

If you are interested in any of these blocs/topics, please get in touch and let us know. We’ll collate the names and pass them on to the relevant leader who will then get back to you to explain how you’ll be able to help and when.  Many thanks

4.      Stakeholder meetings

As mentioned last week that we are arranging a number of meetings with significant landowners in our Area.

On Tuesday we held a very useful meeting with Heart Church, who are based in Talbot Street, Nott’m. The church owns approx. 56 acres of land mostly to the west of Stapleford Lane, backing Cleve Ave. 

The main thing we learned is that the church want to see the land developed as per the current permission for 500 houses. They believe the ideas contained in the East Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy Plan are too speculative and uncertain. Furthermore, they believe that if the Strategy does take off, it will still be a long, long time before it is delivered. They are looking to sell their land in the next couple of years rather than wait perhaps 5-10 years.

We are now arranging meetings with two further stakeholders with interest in land to the west of Stapleford/Toton Lane: UKPP (Toton) and Peveril. I’ll keep you updated on progress

5.      And finally…

Richard and Graham attended the Council’s Jobs and Economy meeting on Thursday. The main item of interest for us was the publication of the latest 2017/2018 SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment) report. This is a hefty document but is worth a read if you are interested in the Council’s long term thoughts on where houses could be built. It does consider, with caveats, options for the green belt in our Area (see pages 30, 31). Hence the need for us to assess & include all green belt land in our Plan.

The rearranged Toton and Chilwell Meadows CAT meeting will be held on Thursday 22 March at 7.30pm at Toton Methodist Church

 Friends of Toton Fields are holding their annual ‘spring clean’ of Toton Fields on Sunday 25th March between 10.00 and 12.00 noon at Greenwood Centre, Chester Green. If you can spare a couple of hours, please come along and help tidy up the reserve. You can also have a look at the new ponds that have been created as well as the newly constructed / improved paths

And that is more than enough for this week. Another lengthy edition, I’m afraid, but I wanted to keep you informed of our work plan for the next 6 months. Please stick your hand up if you’d like to help us in this task – it will be much appreciated. 

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HS2 Subgroup

The HS2 subgroup supports the Steering Group in developing the Neighbourhood Plan relating to the immediate area of the East Midlands Hub Station. The actual station area is technically outside of the Forum’s remit but we want to bring to bear as much influence as we can to ensure we minimise the adverse impacts of the station and maximise the benefits for our residents.

Forum Position on HS2

Although the Forum has no position on HS2 per se, and we recognise that the relevant Parliamentary Legislation will not be passed until 2022 at the earliest, should HS2 be undertaken, it is clear the East Midlands Hub will be at Toton Sidings. On that basis, our view is that the Neighbourhood Plan must reflect our determination to exploit the inward investment that will come to our area at that time.

Many views expressed by Forum members during the consultation (traffic, sustainability, housing designs, affordable housing, etc.) will apply regardless of the existence or otherwise of an HS2 East Midlands Hub at Toton.

Activities of the HS2 Subgroup

Posts relevant to the HS2 Subgroup

We welcome comments about the activities of the Forum but please keep them polite and constructive. Comments are moderated.

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Weekly Digest: 11th March 2018


Happy Mothering Sunday! 

Well, the weather last week was milder, the days are longer, the frogs are frisky (in our community pond at least!) so it’s surely time to shake off winter and look forward to summer.  The Steering Group held a planning workshop on Thursday which resulted in a plethora of activities and actions for the next few months being mapped out on the walls of our office. I only wish I could have been there – unfortunately a throat virus kept me away.  I’m looking forward to catching up with the outputs on Monday & I’ll report back on the main themes next week.  In the meantime…

1.      Ongoing consultation activities

·       I reported last week that we had completed our formal community consultation events, and we were pleased with the input gathered. We have now received the reports from our consultants and we will be working through them over the next few weeks. I’ll summarise the outputs in a future digest

·       However, consultation is an ongoing process and we are now planning the next set of activities; targeting businesses and significant landowners in our Area. We plan to survey each business and ideally meet with the larger ones to gather their thoughts and plans for the future.

·       We also want to meet each significant landowner and, to that end, we have arranged to meet with Heart Church next Tuesday. Heart Church own a significant chunk of land to the west of Stapleford Lane (land bordering Cleve Avenue). We want to introduce ourselves to them but, more importantly, understand their thoughts & plans for their landholding in Toton especially in light of the HS2 Growth Strategy proposals.

2.       Community events – see you there!

·       We are also planning to attend as many community events as possible over the next 6 months. During March you will find us at a number of parent events at local schools……  

o   Fairfield Primary Academy on Weds 14th & Thurs 15th between 3.15-6.00

o   Bispham Drive Junior School on Mon 19th & Weds 21st between 3.30-6.30

o   Eskdale Junior School on Weds 28th between 3.30-7.00

·       Our consultants, RCAN, will also be completing the planned street surveys over the next 2 weeks, so if you are around, please take the time to pop over and have a chat:

o   Toton Lane tram terminus on Weds 14th between 9.30am-12.30pm

o   Sainsbury Local, Blenheim Drive on Tues 20th between 9.30 am – 12.00 noon

o   West Point Retail Park on Tues 20th between 1.00pm – 3.30pm

·       A date further ahead for your diary: we have booked a stall at this year’s Toton fete (organised by Toton Tesco) on Saturday July 21st

·       If you know of other fetes or events taking place this summer, please let me know so we can look to come along. As I may have mentioned before, the more feedback/comments/ideas we get from everyone with an interest in our Area, the stronger our Plan will be. 

3.        University outputs published at last!

·       I promised a while ago to share the outputs the university students produced for us last autumn. We have broken down the reports into manageable chunks to make them easier to access. To quickly explain the format of these reports: 23 students were involved in the project and they arranged themselves into 6 working groups (sections). These groups each worked through 3 phases of the project: analysis; consultation; and proposals. Hence the reports are collated into the 3 phases with 6 sections in each (section 3 merged their analysis and consultation phase into one report)

·       You can access all reports from this link to a page on our website.

·       The page provides individual links to all the reports as follows

o   Analysis – 6 separate reports (Sections 3, 4 and 5 are worth a look)

o   Consultation – 5 separate reports (Sections 1 and 5 are worth a look)

o   Proposals – 6 separate reports (all are worth a look but for me Section 3 is the best)

·       Be warned, some of these reports are huge (Proposals, Section3 for instance) and you may be asked to download some to your PC first rather than view them on-line.

·       Please leave your comments about these reports on our website or via email to me. We very much welcome all thoughts and feedback.

4.     And finally…..a couple of snippets:

·       A couple of us attended Bramcote CAT meeting last Monday to hear the latest news of their Neighbourhood Plan. They have finished drafting their Plan and are almost ready to submit it to the Council for examination. However, they have been advised to wait until the Council’s Local Plan is published (expected in June) to ensure their Plan includes relevant Borough policies

·       Talking about published Neighbourhood Plans; Nuthall Parish Council have submitted their Neighbourhood Plan to the Council to review. So if you are interested is seeing what a completed Plan looks like, here is a link to the relevant page on the Council’s website and here is a link to the actual Plan

·       We’ve been in touch with Ruth Hyde, the Chief Executive of Broxtowe Borough Council, requesting a meeting with her to build on the strong relationship we already have with the Planning team. Ruth welcomes the chance to meet us and so it’s now a question of sorting out a convenient date for us both – more on this in a future edition.

That’s all for now, published a day late this week due to attending a meeting yesterday afternoon completing the handover of responsibilities to our new Treasurer, Denise. More news next week.

Kind regards

On behalf of the CTTC Forum Steering Group
www.cttcnf.org.uk    Facebook: use this link and ‘like’ us  to stay in touch

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Weekly Digest: 3rd March 2018

The start of March is normally a time to look forward to Spring and beyond, but the ‘beast from the east’ is making that a little difficult for the moment. Thankfully, as I write, this particular beast looks to be finally on its way out, so I’ll take a little time this week to look forward but not until, on behalf of us all on the Steering Group, I say…

  1. Thank you very much, thank you very, very, very much!
    • To each and every one of you who have taken the time to come along to one of our consultation events: Thanks very much! It was great to see you and hear your views.
    • We held our final event last Monday at the Village and around 40 people came along to have a look, ask us questions and – most importantly – let us know their views and opinions. On top of that over 140 have completed our survey, either at an event or else directly on line.
    • Overall, we are very pleased with the response we have gathered. It has provided a lot of useful information as well as some great suggestions for us to take forward
    • We are keeping the online survey going for a further week so any last-minute contributions (or further thoughts) will be very welcome. Here’s the link.
  2. Barracks Masterplan Produced
    • Peter did bring along his draft master plan for the Barracks and not unexpectedly it generated a lot of interest. Peter took away a lot of useful feedback and will be incorporating those ideas into the next version of the plan.
    • We hope to have a revised version in the next week or so and once we have an electronic version, we’ll add it to our website and post a link to it in a future edition, so you can all have a look.
    • As mentioned last week, the draft will be subject to ongoing refinement, but it is a great start and provides something concrete to look at and build on.
  3. Looking forward: Neighbourhood Plan next steps
    • The Steering Group are meeting next week and the main item on the agenda is to consider the next steps in producing our Plan
    • The community consultation phase was a vital component, but we now need to buckle down and start to develop our vision for the future and identify the main objectives we want to see delivered. After than we need write the policies that will ensure our objectives are met. It is likely this next phase will take us 6 months or so.
    • We will be breaking down this significant task into manageable chunks of work and it is likely we will need help to gather and collate the evidence as well as to draft up our policies
    • I know a lot of you have indicated you are willing to provide some ‘hands on’ support and it will be very welcome. Once the SG have decided on the best way forward, and identified specific pieces of work, I’ll provide more details in a future digest how you can get involved.
  4. And finally.…
    • We are always looking to extend our communications to everyone in our Area whether signed up with us or not. So, we have started to produce articles for the free papers such as Grapevine, Breeze & Toton Connected. If you know of any publication that we could use to publish news about us, please let me know. We want to reach as wide an audience as we can
    • We are also looking to improve the management of this weekly digest. At the moment I look after the mailing lists myself but with over 650 email addresses, we need to be sure we provide a professional service to you. So, we have signed up with MailChimp, which is a commonly used package to manage and distribute e-newsletters. More on this in the next week or so when we finalise the process. Rest assured we will take great care of your personal data and only provide MailChimp with the absolute minimum they need. But if you have concerns about us moving to this service, please let me know    

And that’s all for this week folks – a little shorter than previous weeks’ editions, and all the better for it! Tune in next week for more news and ramblings

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Weekly Digest: 24th February 2018

Hello everyone

There’s a lot to report this week so I’ll skip the normal preamble and get straight to business.

1.      Consultation exercise almost over: a last chance to get involved!

  • We are nearing the end of our consultation exercise. We’ve held 3 events so far (including the AGM ‘launch’ session) with 1 more to go – this Monday 26th at the Village Hotel (1st floor mtg room) between 2.30pm and 7.00pm
  • This series of consultations are designed to gather input to our Neighbourhood Plan. They are centered around you! We need your thoughts and ideas; your concerns and issues; your dreams and aspirations. All comments captured will help shape the policies in our Plan.
  • The 2 events held last week were mixed. We didn’t attract many attendees to the session at Chilwell Community Centre, but the weather on the day was pretty awful so it wasn’t too surprising that people decided to stay warm and dry. On the other hand, the session at Toton saw almost 30 people dropping in at various times to have a chat and give us their views.
  • We’ve also been running an on-line survey and, so far, almost 90 people have taken part. If you haven’t completed your survey yet, please take a few moments to do it over the weekend. The results of these surveys will provide yet more evidence that we’ll use to justify the policies in our Plan. It is vital your views are includedHere’s the link.  Many thanks!
  • Following Monday’s session, we’ll need a couple of weeks to collate and summarise all the input. After that, we will continue to gather further data (demographics, traffic stats etc.) to help strengthen our evidence before we start to draft the Plan.

2.       Drafting a Master Plan for the Barracks

  • If you come along to Monday’s session at the Village you will (hopefully) be able to see a draft of a Master Plan for the Barracks site
  • As reported last week, we continue to work with Peter, a University graduate, who is developing a master plan for us. We’ve provided him with ideas based on the initial feedback and thoughts collated so far & Peter hopes to have a plan ready to view at the Village.
  • Based on your feedback we asked for some key elements to be included:
    1. the heritage elements and major green spaces of the site (mostly the eastern flank) must be protected
    2. position a ‘plaza’ type retail area next to the memorial garden
    3. provide a major north/south road through the site to relieve pressure on Stapleford Lane
  • We met Peter, on Monday, to provide further thoughts and he plans to incorporate them in a finished version. We are looking forward to seeing the result! Of course, whatever is presented can be further refined, but it’s still exciting to see something springing up from our ideas.

3.        Meeting #1: D2N2 (The Local Enterprise Partnership for Notts and Derbys)

  • Richard and Graham had a useful meeting with the Chairman and Chief Executive (interim) on Tuesday. We asked to meet following the disappointing outcome from the latest HS2 Strategy Board and the struggle to form a Delivery Board for East Midlands Hub Station. The Delivery Board is needed to transform the ideas contained in the Strategy into actions
  • We held a wide-ranging discussion that focused on 2 main elements:
    1. our belief that we should all work together to attract a ‘marquee signing’ to the Innovation Village that will encourage other top-notch businesses to the area.  D2N2 endorsed the idea and offered their support
    2. our ambitions to set up our CIC.  We need to access significant funding to avoid the need to continually scratch around for a grant here or a donation there (albeit they are all very welcome). Again, they were very supportive and agreed to provide suggestions of funding streams that would be appropriate for us to access.

4.     Meeting #2: HS2 Ltd

  • Richard, Norman & Graham met with Paul Mullins (HS2 Ltd Stakeholder Mgr) on Friday for a quick catch-up. Again, it was another productive meeting and Paul has kindly agreed to come along to our session at Village on Monday. So, if you have further questions relating to HS2, come along and ask him. Paul aims to be with us late afternoon – after 4.
  • We discussed a broad range of issues with Paul covering matters such as noise mitigation measures, flood plain risks, & power line considerations. These are all big topics, so we agreed to set up a workshop to discuss them in some detail. We will be inviting key stakeholders along to join us including:
    1. the Environment Agency who are responsible for Erewash Valley & associated flood plain,
    2. Western Power who own the substation at the top of Stapleford Lane and all the pylons/power lines down through Toton Fields Nature Reserve & Sidings
  • We still need to finalise the list attendees and agree the process for the workshop, but it was a positive start and reinforces the importance HS2 places on the views of the Forum. We clearly have the ability to influence the design of the site especially since we are talking to HS2, whilst there is still time, before final designs become ‘fixed’.

5.     And finally.…

Our thanks to Cllr Eric Kerry, one of our Area County Councillors, who has kindly donated £250 to the Forum to help us purchase an office printer and associated supplies. It means we no longer need to use commercial printers whenever we need a small number of documents.

Our thanks to Jenny Kirkwood, our RCAN consultant who has been undertaking additional ‘street’ consultations for us. She was at Tesco Toton on Friday and plans to be at Sainsbury’s (Blenheim Drive) and West Point shopping centre next Tuesday. So, if you see her about, please stop and have a chat and complete a survey! Here’s another link to the online version

Our thanks also to John Berry, our Independent Examiner who has completed his review of our accounts for the last year. We’ve been given a clean bill of health and as soon as we have an electronic version, we’ll upload it to the website, so you have access.

Don’t forget the Toton & Chilwell Meadows CAT mtg next Thurs 1st at 7.30 at Toton Methodist Church


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Weekly Digest: 17th February 2018

Hi everyone,

 This week’s digest is a little different. As reported last week, the Steering Group planned to hold a special meeting this week to elect the new chair of the Forum. However, prior to the meeting, one of the candidates withdrew his nomination. And after a quick consultation with the other members of the Steering Group, it was unanimously decided to elect the remaining candidate.

So, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Richard Hutchinson will continue to be our Chairman for the next 12 months. Richard has been a strong Chairman over the last year forging important relationships with key stakeholders. I know he will continue to build on these relationships and ensure the Forum’s voice is heard when decisions are taken relating to major developments in our area. Richard has asked for space this week to provide a “chairman’s message”, so without further ado……

1.     Richard writes…..

“I was delighted to be proposed and subsequently elected by your 2018 Steering Group to continue as your Chairman for the next year in the Forum.

The fantastic attendance at the first AGM some 3 weeks ago really was a huge boost to everyone who has dedicated their time to the Forum over the last 12 months and a real indication to stakeholders at the meeting that our community wants to not only see what the future holds but influence and shape it.

The last 12 months have been all about building a foundation for the Forum with us identifying all of the key stakeholders: HS2 Ltd; East Midlands HS2 Strategy Board; and DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation) being only 3. These, along with schools and community groups, will enable us to interact and develop plans jointly for the future of the area. 

That leads me to the most important contributors. Us! The community that live and work here. It has been, and continues to be, our priority to inform you at every step what is happening and what we are learning with regards to these and other organisations thoughts and actions. Understanding their proposals enable us, the community, to not only engage and comment on information received but also to input ideas and concerns related to the future look of our community. We have, through the digest, social media channels and community events tried to communicate the best we can with you all and we will continue to do this throughout 2018. We ask you all to contribute as much as you can to enable us to get as much community input as we can into the work that needs to be done.

Moving forward, this year is all about us generating the Neighbourhood Plan and producing a document that states what we, the community, feel should (and shouldn’t) be included in the development of our area in the coming years. This is going to take an incredible amount of time and hard work for everyone involved. I encourage you all to contribute as this is our chance to influence the direction of development in our area over the next 20 years.

In conclusion I want to express my thanks to the Steering Group of 2017 for all the work they have done and to also welcome our new members for 2018. We will be looking for additional people to join us for key sub committees through 2018 so please let us know if you can spare some time to help and I look forward to talking with you all throughout 2018 at a number of events we will be holding.

Remember, this is our time to Shape the Future of our community.


2.      Quick clarification from last week.

        I’ve received a couple of emails querying a statement I made last week relating to the work of the DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation). I stated, “They have submitted an application to Broxtowe Borough Council with plans to build a total of 1,500 dwellings on the site (excluding the married quarters housing at the top end).”

·      It was carelessly phrased because the DIO have not submitted any sort of ‘application’ to the Council regarding the number of houses. I didn’t intend to convey the impression that a planning application has been made for the site. That will come much further down the line.

·      At this stage, the DIO “supports the allocation of part of the site, proposed by Broxtowe Borough Council, for 500 houses before 2028 […..] and has identified further capacity for 1,000 houses post 2028…..”

·       So, for the moment, the DIO (as well as us, of course,) are waiting for the completion of the Local Plan process when the housing numbers for the site will be determined.

3.     And finally, a couple of community notices….

·       Friends of Toton Fields: have asked us to let you know that the contractors are back on Toton Fields Nature Reserve finishing off the work started last year. This involves thinning out some more trees in the woodland near to the Greenwood Centre as well as creating a new bridleway through some trees to avoid the need for riders to use the footpath at the bottom of the hill. There will also be improvements to the paths around the Greenwood Centre.

·       Toton and Chilwell Meadows CAT Meeting. Cllr Lee Fletcher has asked us to remind you that a CAT meeting for the ward will be held on: 
Thursday 1 March 2018 at 7.30pm at Toton Methodist Church (Room 1), Stapleford Lane

Tune in next week for a report on a meeting we are having with the Chairman and interim Chief Executive of D2N2 LEP, the Local Enterprise Partnership, a key stakeholder in the development of the HS2 Growth Strategy Area. I’ll also provide an update on the work of the university graduate in developing a high-level masterplan for us as well as providing feedback on our current round of consultation events.

Kind regards

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Barracks Subgroup information update

As part of the gradual update to the website, the Barracks Subgroup information (Terms of Reference, Agendas and Meeting Minutes have now been added to the site here.

Please read and take part if you’re interested.

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Weekly Digest: 10th February 2018

Hello again

This week has been a time to draw a little breath between the hectic planning and promotion of the AGM and the next series of consultations taking place – starting next week!

The Steering Group held its first meeting last Thursday – a ‘get to know you’ session to welcome old and new members. The meeting was a positive and it quickly became clear we are now a stronger team and will benefit from the knowledge and wide experience of the new members. Elections were held for the main officer posts and I’m pleased to let you know that we have a new Secretary (me!); a new Treasurer (Denise Lewis); with Nicola Lamplough being re-elected as Vice-Chair. As for the Chair, we received 2 nominations for the position so, to give each candidate a chance to make a formal pitch for the role, we agreed to meet again next week to make the decision. More on this next week.

In last week’s digest, I promised more information from a couple of meetings we’ve attended over the last 2 or 3 weeks:

  1. Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) meeting: Jan 25th
  • The DIO is the organisation charged by the Ministry of Defence to sell Chetwynd Barracks.  They have submitted an application to Broxtowe Borough Council with plans to build a total of 1,500 dwellings on the site (excluding the married quarters housing at the top end).
  • As mentioned last week, they are now waiting for the Council to provide an official site allocation number.  Once they know the number, the DIO will then be able to assess the value of the land and proceed to sell the site.
  • The DIO agreed to provide us with all the analysis/assessments they undertook to arrive at their proposal. It will be good to see the rationale underpinning the 1,500 number as it will give us a chance to question/counter some of the inevitable assumptions they will have made on – for instance – projected traffic volumes.
  • We also informed the DIO that we intend to undertake our own Heritage Character assessment for the Barracks as we believe their report provided an incomplete picture. We are now in the process of engaging our own consultant to undertake this work.
  1. HS2 Strategy Board meeting: Jan 30th
  • A couple of further observations from this meeting
  • HS2 Ltd provide regular updates to the Board and this time they presented their latest thinking on the design of the station which included:
    •  The station – both HS2 and classic services – will now be set above ground level. Previously the classic lines were located at ground level.
    • Parking capacity at the station is being reviewed. Currently 1,700 has been allocated but concern was expressed this may not be enough.
  • The councillors representing Erewash Borough Council on the Board remain opposed to HS2 and the station. Of course, this is understandable given the huge disruption the construction of the line & viaduct will bring to Long Eaton
  • Nevertheless, we would like to engage (even collaborate) with Erewash councillors where we have mutual interest, such as ensuring a new road into the station is created near to Asda. [At the moment, HS2 are only planning pedestrian/bus access to the station from Long Eaton.] But, for the moment, engagement with Erewash councillors is proving to be hard work.
  1. Meeting with Broxtowe Borough Council, Planning Dept.: Feb 2nd
  • We held a useful meeting with Steffan Saunders, Head of Planning, at the Council. As reported last week, he provided an update on the latest Peveril application. Last week, I mentioned the Planning meeting was due to be held last week. In fact, it will take place this coming week on Weds 14th. Apologies for any confusion caused.
  • Steffan went on to provide a generic update on progress with Local Plan part 2. It is inevitably taking time for the Planning team to wade through the vast amount of input they received from last autumn’s consultation.  However, regarding our Area, Steffan was able to say:
    • They are exploring an option to join together the policies relating to Toton Lane and Chetwynd Barracks and treat both areas as one coherent development. If so, this will be good for the Forum as we have long argued the need to treat development of both sites holistically, so we don’t replicate development in both areas. For instance, original thoughts for the Barracks included reserving some space to build commercial properties. But given the proposed scale of the ‘Innovation Village’ at Toton Lane, do we really need further commercial development on the Barracks?
    • Assessments will shortly start on the impacts to the infrastructure (roads, utility services etc.) resulting from proposals within the Local Plan. So, expect to see more hi-viz jacketed people with poles and measuring devices looking busy around our Area.
    • Finally, he told us he thought the Forum’s response to the consultation was measured and strong. Whilst he couldn’t give firm commitments at this time, he indicated we could expect to see a number of our proposals included in the next version of the Plan. This demonstrates, to me, the growing stature of the Forum and the influence we can exert with local decision makers.
  1.     But finally……. don’t forget the….
  • …. Community consultation roadshow coming to a place near you NEXT WEEK! We are at:
    • Chilwell Community Centre (next to the Library) next Tuesday 13th between 2.30pm and 7pm. I know it’s pancake day, but it will still be good to see you there and gather your thoughts and opinions for the future of both Chilwell and Toton!
    •  Toton Methodist Church, Stapleford Lane next Thursday 15th between 2.30pm and 7pm
  • Also, don’t forget our online survey. Over 50 have responded so far, which is good; but we need a whole lot more. So, if you haven’t done so yet, please take a couple of minutesto answer 4 or 5 short questions:  CTTC Forum Online Survey

Okay, this has been another long’ish report. I try to keep them reasonably short but sometimes there is so much to tell. Anyway, more next week, including a report on further work being undertaken for us by a University graduate student. Bet you can’t wait!

Kind regards

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