Annual General Meeting Sun Jan 28th 3pm at The Village

  • We’re continuing to sift through the visions and ideas provided by the university students.
  • It will be difficult to choose the best of them to showcase at the AGM. We have ordered some display screens & we’ll aim to show 20 or so of the best
  • To whet you appetite I’ve added a couple to our website and you can link to them here:
    • These are high level maps illustrating the ‘connectivity’ of the two main areas Chetwynd Barracks and Toton Lane. It reflects the view that there needs to be joined-up development across our area.
    • We know there will be a lot of houses built at both Toton Lane and the Barracks, but lets make sure they complement each other and avoid duplication.
    • First slide illustrates the connection between the station, Toton Lane and the Barracks
    • These two slides illustrate the green corridors we expect to see linking Toton Fields with Hobgoblin Wood: this one is map-based; this one is more abstract.Come along to the AGM

      to see more like this – as well as more detailed ideas for the specific areas.

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Community Consultations in February

    • As indicated last week in our project plan, we are looking to finish gathering ideas for our area during February/March. We’ve already captured some good ideas from residents during the autumn’s Local Plan consultation exercise.
    • This next series, however, is focussed purely on your ideas for the future. We will be displaying more of the students ideas to help stimulate thoughts.  We’ll also be asking you to complete a short questionnaire to let us know what is important for you and what improvements you want to see.
    • We met with our RCAN consultant yesterday and were plan to hold 3 public meetings in February (either side of half-term holiday):
      • Tues. February 13th, 2.30pm – 7.30pm. Chilwell Community Centre
      • Thurs February 15th, 2.30pm-7.30pm. Toton Methodist Church
      • Mon/Weds Feb 26th/28th (tbc) 2.30pm-7.30pm. The Village Hotel
    • Please pencil these dates in your diary and come along. They are drop-in sessions, timed to make is as easy as possible for you to attend and let us know your thoughts
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And finally……. a couple of snippets

    • We have moved into our new office! As reported last week, we need to establish a base so we can work more effectively as a team. We have rented an office from Voluntary Action, Broxtowe in Oban House, Chilwell Road, Beeston.
      We would have preferred to have an office in our Area but we haven’t been able to find anything suitable – at least not within our budget constraints.
      Once we are properly set-up, we will display some maps/drawings/ideas permanently so residents will be able to pop in and have a chat whenever we are ‘open’. More on this to come
    • Our next Steering Group meeting is on Weds at our offices in Oban House. We’ll be finalising plans for the AGM and reviewing the year-end accounts. Here is the agenda, if interested.
      Next week I’ll publish the final agenda for the AGM as well as the draft full year accounts. The accounts are with our independent examiner and we are hopeful of having them formally signed -off in time for the AGM.
    • Our website has had a bit of a make-over on the front page. We continue to work on it to make it quick and easy for you to navigate. Let us know what you think and what other improvements you’d like to see.
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Looking forward to 2018 & beyond

  • Looking back, we have had a very busy year (and a bit) and we are now firmly established as a Neighbourhood Forum. But no more on that here – I’ll leave the details to the Annual Report
  • However I thought you might be interested to know the shape of the next 12 months or so. We have produced a project plan which, as you might expect, is almost continuously being reviewed and refined.
  • The end result, of course, is the production of our Neighbourhood Plan. And you may be wondering when you can expect to see it completed.
  • Given the scope of our Area contains both the HS2 Growth area and the Barracks, you can appreciate this will take time. [On average, Neighbourhood Plans take circa 2 years before they are ‘made’ i.e. adopted by the council]
  • Rough timetable from our current project plan is as follows:
    • Spring 2018:
      • Community engagement: finish gathering ideas/input
      • Complete evidence gathering e.g. traffic analysis etc
    • Summer 2018:
      • Draft policies and plan produced
    • Autumn 2018:
      • Forum consults on draft Plan: obtains feedback and refines
      • Plan submitted to Broxtowe Council
      • Independent Examiner appointed
    • Spring 2019:
      • Council’s consultation of Plan (circa 8 weeks), followed by…
      • Independent examination (circa 6 weeks)
      • Plan modified if necessary
    • Summer 2019:
      • Referendum: all residents in the Area will have a vote
      • If approved – Plan is then ‘made’.
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Notice of our first Annual General Meeting: Sun Jan 28th @ 3pm at The Village

  • We are mandated by our constitution to publish a notice of our AGM 28 days in advance of the date to our members.
  • We would like to see as many of you as possible at the meeting to hear what we’ve been doing over the last 15 months. As well as our plans over the next 6 months or so.
  • We are also showcasing ideas (by the university students) of how the future might look in our Area. So, besides the AGM the main theme will be:

‘Look to the Future’

  • So come along and let us know your thoughts
  • The agenda is still being finalised but will include the standard elements:
    • Opening remarks/Welcome
    • Apologies
    • Minutes of the last General Meeting & Inauguration
    • Matters arising from the minutes
    • Presentation of Annual Report (Chair)
    • Presentation of Accounts (Treasurer)
    • Election of Steering Group for next 12 months
    • Appointment of Independent Examiner
    • Motion: Creation of a Community Interest Company (CIC)
    • Any Other Business (notified to SG in advance please)
    • Closure
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And finally….. Time for an Office

  • Given the amount of work facing us over the next 18 months, the Steering Group realised we needed an permanent location to work more effectively together on the Plan
  • To that end we have agreed to rent an office from Voluntary Action Broxtowe at Oban House, Chilwell Road. We are finalising contracts but it will mean we no longer need to meet in local coffee houses to monitor past actions and discuss future activities. We hope to move into our office sometime in January.
  • If you wish to raise any item under AOB at the AGM please send me the details and, if approved, it will be included on the final agenda.

Wishing you all an enjoyable New Year weekend and the very best for 2018. Next year is going to be even busier for the Forum. It will also be very exciting as we develop our ideas and produce our Plan.  Your ongoing support is vital!

We look forward to welcoming you to as many Forum events next year as possible, starting with the AGM on the 28th! Please put this date in your diary.

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Follow-up Notices

  • Toton & Chilwell Meadows CAT meeting output. 
    One of the outputs from the meeting was that Cllr Fletcher kindly provided a link an online crime database at
    I’ve had a quick delve into this site and it makes interesting reading. It is pretty easy/intuitive to follow, you just need to enter your postcode.

  • Improvements to Toton Fields Reserve paths and woodlands are continuing. It now looks as though it will run into the new year. The Friends continue to keep an eye on things and liaise with the contractors/council. Let us know if you have any concerns/issues about these improvements.

  • I promised a flavour of the students work.  Here are links from our website:
    • This one captures images from 100 years ago during WW1
    • Another one from the past, portraying a timeline of Toton Sidings
    • An interesting but unusual view of our Area – tube-style map. [No, there are no plans to build an underground network in Toton and Chilwell!]
    • Some ‘walkability’ diagrams. These show how easy it is to get around our area; i.e. how far we can walk within 5 mins (purple circle) or 10 mins (orange circle)
    • Finally, we know traffic to/from HS2 will create problems.
      Here’s a possible solution – original taken from HS2 Growth Strategy
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Annual General Meeting: Date confirmed Sunday Jan 28th

  • Our first AGM will be held at the end of January on Sunday 28th.
    [The mtg was originally scheduled for Jan 21st but had to be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.]
  • The formal part of the meeting will take place at 3pm so please make a date in your diary and come along to hear & see what we have been up to over the last 12 months
  • We will also be showcasing the best of the ideas and visions provided by the students. Some of the ideas are outrageous and fantastical. Some are expensive and impractical. But a lot of them contain bits worth taking away and mulling over.
    We hope some of the students will come along to explain their ideas so come along and….
    ‘Have a look into the future!’
  • We are also inviting a representative from HS2 Ltd to come along to explain the latest situation with the Hub station.
    We still need to speak to HS2 about this, so please treat this element as tentative at this stage. We’ll update you once we’ve spoken to them.
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Steering Group Meeting: Dec 12th

  • Last Tuesday the Steering Group held our final meeting of the year. There were 3 main items on the agenda. Unfortunately, at the last minute, our RCAN consultant sent her apologies.  We’ve agreed to meet separately to finalise plans for consultation events next February.
  • The 2nd item was to discuss a paper on the pros & cons of Incorporation. This was prepared by Ben (a solicitor on our Steering Group) and his recommendation was that the Forum should establish a CIC (a Community Interest Company) to help raise funds and build our credibility as an organisation who intends play a part in developing our area in the long term. 
  • We will present a paper to the AGM to explain our recommendation and seek members’ endorsement. 
  • Which leads neatly to the last item discussed – planning our AGM in January
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Peveril’s Revised Plans for Toton Lane

We thought the publication of the HS2 Growth Strategy might have killed off the application submitted by Peveril for 250 houses on Toton Lane. But they must be wearing blinkers as they presented revised plans for Toton Lane last week. (Go to Broxtowe Council’s Website and look for Planning Application 0017/00499)

The revisions are minor modifications to the original application: a few more houses (30 or so), a few more trees, some protection for green space near the tramway etc.

But one questions why they bothered, given the radical new vision for the area contained in the HS2 Growth Strategy

However, we will respond to these revisions. We will get in touch with those who commented on the original application to gather their views. If you didn’t take part originally but would like to contribute this time, please let me know and we’ll add you in.

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