Housing Subgroup

The purpose of the Housing Subgroup is to support draft Housing Policies for inclusion in the Forum’s Neighbourhood Plan.

If you are interested in the work of the Housing Subgroup please register your interest.

Tasks & Activities

Using Local and Central Government figures to identify the current housing stock in as much detail as possible but certainly to include:

  • The number and size of properties;
  • Owned/Privately Rented/Social Rented figures;
  • Car/Van Ownership;
  • Projected growth for the area based upon “natural expansion” i.e. excluding the effects of HS2 to determine what housing would be required in the area;

Use design policies from other developments to identify “best practices” in ways that housing design can influence: Sustainability; Environment; Community; Families; Individuals; etc.

Publish the Housing Policies to the wider Forum Membership for comment.

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