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The HS2 subgroup supports the Steering Group in developing the Neighbourhood Plan relating to the immediate area of the East Midlands Hub Station. The actual station area is technically outside of the Forum’s remit but we want to bring to bear as much influence as we can to ensure we minimise the adverse impacts of the station and maximise the benefits for our residents.

Forum Position on HS2

Although the Forum has no position on HS2 per se, and we recognise that the relevant Parliamentary Legislation will not be passed until 2022 at the earliest, should HS2 be undertaken, it is clear the East Midlands Hub will be at Toton Sidings. On that basis, our view is that the Neighbourhood Plan must reflect our determination to exploit the inward investment that will come to our area at that time.

Many views expressed by Forum members during the consultation (traffic, sustainability, housing designs, affordable housing, etc.) will apply regardless of the existence or otherwise of an HS2 East Midlands Hub at Toton.

Follow this link to see information about HS2 in the Broxtowe Local Plan.

Activities of the HS2 Subgroup

HS2 Documents

This page is the Government HS2 page on the Working Draft Environmental Study for Phase 2b published October 2018.

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