Local Plan consultation feedback: Oct 4th Village Hotel

These are the comments and questions asked at our first Part 2 Local Plan consultation  event. We had around 15-20 people dropping in during the evening to find our more about the Local Plan and HS2 Growth Strategy.

Feel free to come along to our future consultations: find out more about our next one here on our Events page.

  • Disabled representation:
    both Forum Steering Group and Local Plan need to incorporate views on how better to address the needs of disabled communities
  • More Doctors surgeries
  • Keep Chetwynd road (Chilwell side) closed
  • Keep Hobgoblin wood
  • Keep trees on the west side of Barracks – from the quarry upwards
  • Chetwynd Barracks to be treated as one entity and not split up into separate development plots
  • All large trees on the Barracks to be the subject of tree preservation orders
  • Keep local homes for locals (affordable homes) and not sold on to ‘outsiders’
  • All housing should have solar panels + rain water harvesting systems built-in
  • Chetwynd Road – make it a cycle & pedestrian route only?
  • Chetwynd Road – Open up to traffic ?
  • Tottle Brook – Open up ? (not sure where this is –  anyone know? Graham)
  • Good broadband internet connections needed
  • Electric charging points for electric cars?
  • Schools 3-18 ?? What’s the impact on existing LEA Primary schools?
  • Traffic congestion now is bad
  • Traffic disruption during development works must be minimised
  • Self build plots?
  • Roof gardens?
  • Keep extending allotment provision
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