Nottingham University Delivers

On Monday 20th November 2017, members of the Steering Group as well as some community  stakeholders attended the University to see the results of the students work over the last few weeks.

The results far exceeded expectations. The depth of analysis undertaken along with the imagination of ideas contained in their visions for our area was staggering. Yes, these are post graduates so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by the professionalism displayed in their work. Even so, it was very impressive!

We have received copies of their work – a total of almost 300 slides. We will now go through it in detail and condense key ideas into manageable chunks to display  at future events. We have enough material to present a number of visions for you to consider and provide comments. I’ll aim to upload a flavour of their work on our website in the next couple of weeks.

This work will form the foundations for our Neighbourhood Plan. Of course we’ll build on it and refine it, not least when we receive feedback from local consultations. Nevertheless, we have been given a terrific start by the students.

On behalf of the Steering Group, I’d like to publicly acknowledge the work of the 23 men and women who took part and their course co-ordinator Graeme Barker.

Thanks a lot guys! It has been a pleasure to work with you and we truly appreciate your endeavours and the exceptional quality of your ideas & plans.

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