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    • We are planning a further series consultations in Jan/Feb across our patch to gather your thoughts. I know you are probably worn out with consultations but this time will be different. 
    • Up to now we’ve asked you to comment on proposed developments at HS2/Toton Lane or the Barracks. But what else is important to you? We need our Neighbourhood Plan to include everything that is important to you relating to Toton and Chilwell West. 
    • So for instance & I’m being deliberately provocative here….
      • “it’s time for yellow lines on stretches of roads in Chilwell Meadows” 
      • “let’s introduce a one-way traffic system in Woodstock Road/Banks Road area and make space for wider pavements/dedicated cycle tracks.”
      • “get rid of the speed humps on Inham Road/Field Lane. Find a better way to stop cars speeding”
      • “replace turf football pitches with artificial all-weather pitches”
      • “plant more trees”
      • “time to compulsory purchase the old garage at Manor Corner and redevelop”
      • “we need a shoe shop at the West Point Centre!” 
    • Okay, you get my point. We are interested in your ideas, big or small, for our Area. They may not all be relevant for our Plan, but let’s get everything ‘on the table’ and see how best to tackle them.
    • We’ll be covering this again in the New Year, but never too soon to start thinking and jotting down some thoughts
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