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The Plan – Thanks for your comments, now we’re reviewing them.

We had lots of helpful comments from you and from the stakeholders.  We’re reviewing them, changing the Plan in response and we will republish it when we’re done.

Our Vision:

To protect and enhance the wellbeing of people who live and work in our Area. To innovate and adopt strategies that promote a sustainable, diverse place attractive for people to live and work.

To deliver a community focused Neighbourhood Plan that sets new standards in Britain for a ‘sense of place’ and innovative commerce.

To provide the framework to encourage world class development of regional significance in response to the unique opportunities presented by HS2 Hub Station, the Chetwynd ‘Garden Village’ & the Innovation Campus.

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Steering Group

The Chetwynd Toton and Chilwell

Community Interest Company

During 2020 we will be developing plans for commercial opportunities that returns profit for the benefit of our community.

We fully support the community vision as set out in the Chetwynd Toton and Chilwell Neighbourhood Plan 2020 ensuring we build a better brighter place for future generations who live and work in our area.

Our website at www.chetwynd-cic.co.uk will be developed until then watch out for updates on this page or contact us directly at ian.chetwynd.cic@gmail.com

Chetwynd Community Interest Company
Company No 11735659

Your Thoughts & Comments

The Forum is only as strong as its members and residents of our Area.

We value your contributions to the various consultations we undertake either on our own behalf or on behalf of others.

Your views matter!

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