Chetwynd: Focus Groups


Following on from the Plan Focus groups are being set up to direct the implementation of the policies.

If you are interested in joining one of the Focus Groups complete the form below and we will contact you with more information.

The Focus Groups and their Terms of Reference are:


Terms of Reference
Current TPO designations
Details of Environmental reports and TPOs for the Barracks and SLG independantly
Work on detailed proposals for the horseshoe green corridors as well as more detail on Bio diversity corridors and what will be expected.
Work on the expectations for large areas of green space, e.g Barracks memorial garden and others
Understanding populations of species in area, both in and around the HS2 site and also within the Barracks and area south of the Tram terminus.
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Terms of Reference
The CTTC understanding on total numbers of dwellings across the SLG and also Barracks sites.
Plans for delivery of units with timelines
Proposals on construction methods and different forms of build out depending on needs and wants.
Review of key assets already in existence, e.g Officers Mess etc and also proposal in accordance with the development of sense of place and heart of Toton as well as development south of current tram terminus and SLG heart. Detail what the plan would be to do with key assets and how they could be developed / retained for new uses.
Delivery of build plan and how this could be achieved through different forms of JV / Investment
Review NDO and understand if this is the correct course of action.
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Sense of Place & Sustainability:

Terms of Reference

More detailed plans in connection with the Plaza area and surrounding community buildings proposed, e.g Primary School etc and how these could positively affect the surrounding community.

Study of needs of Secondary school and where this could be moved to and be situated alongside a new leisure centre, in the vicinity of the current tram terminus possibly.

Continued study and discussions with regards to the provisions for healthcare in and around the forum area based on current dwelling densities identified.

Look at ways on generating revenues from the built environment to enable the CIC or other organisation to maintain and develop the natural environment and support community facilities moving forward. This could include levies on new properties in the area, deeper investigation into MUSCO creation etc

Investigation into the Smart Village/living concept we have discussed to see how far this could actually go for both living, transportation and community engagement as well as social interaction.

We would also include the Carbon / Energy positive discussions and proposals here as well.

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Terms of Reference

Continued work on our proposal to move the tram line to the northern edge to create stops for Stapleford and Sandiacre.

Continued work on the re routing of the main road entry into the HS2 site and therefore the moving of the school to accommodate that.

Review the needs and outline proposals identified for the road network through the Barracks as well as Stapleford lane access and the when and how behind the delivery of the right network at the right time.

Continued work with Pedals and other agencies to review Cycle, Walking and all active transport needs for the next 20 years.

Understand how our plans for Infrastructure will affect wellness and mental health for the future and current communities.

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