Further comments on the Local Plan Part 2

These are the updated comments and questions asked at our first two Part 2 Local Plan consultation  events. We’ve had a reasonable turnout at both evenings (it was an awful night on the 11th which, understandably, kept people away) to find our more about the Local Plan and HS2 Growth Strategy.

Feel free to come along to our future consultations: find out more about our next one here on our Events page.

  • Disabled representation:
    both Forum Steering Group and Local Plan need to incorporate views on how better to address the needs of disabled communities
  • More Doctors surgeries
  • Keep Chetwynd road (Chilwell side) closed
  • Keep Hobgoblin wood
  • Keep trees on the west side of Barracks – from the quarry upwards
  • Chetwynd Barracks to be treated as one entity and not split up into separate development plots
  • All large trees on the Barracks to be the subject of tree preservation orders
  • Keep local homes for locals (affordable homes) and not sold on to ‘outsiders’
  • All housing should have solar panels + rain water harvesting systems built-in
  • Chetwynd Road – make it a cycle & pedestrian route only?
  • Chetwynd Road – Open up to traffic ?
  • Tottle Brook – Open up ? (not sure where this is –  anyone know? Graham)
  • Good broadband internet connections needed
  • Electric charging points for electric cars?
  • Schools 3-18 ?? What’s the impact on existing LEA Primary schools?
  • Traffic congestion now is bad
  • Traffic disruption during development works must be minimised
  • Self build plots?
  • Roof gardens?
  • Keep extending allotment provision
  • Ensure unseen infrastructure e.g. water supply, sewerage, broadband etc. are all capable of servicing additional dwellings.
  • Invite comments from Notts WT and Woodland Trust to strengthen views on importance of  existing trees and providing decent green space/wildlife corridors
  • More East/West roads needed between Chilwell and Toton – so would like to see Chetwynd Road, Chilwell ‘opened up’
  • Provide some 4G astro turf facilities for all-year football
  • Possible land purchase of MOD land by residents of Penrhyn Crescent?
  • Promote more walking/cycle ways (and fewer cars) in new developments)
  • There is no mention of ‘social’ infrastructure in new developments e.g. doctor surgeries, sports facilities, community facilities. These need to be added.

If you’re not able to get to a meeting but want to comment, please fill in the attached form and your comments will be added to the list.

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