Housing Group – First Meeting

We had the first meeting of the Housing Group this week. The purpose of the Housing Group is to create the Housing Development Planning Policies for the Chetwynd Neighbourhood Plan.

It was a constructive meeting with a number of topics brought up for discussion some of which we all agreed on, others of which had a number of diverse opinions.

However, what we did agree upon was a process by which we will create the Planning Polices for the Neighbourhood Plan which will then go out for Consultation.

We plan to meet three or four times to create a Draft Position Paper which describes the Chetwynd Neighbourhood today, how we foresee it changing over the period of the Plan and how we would like the Forum to influence those changes.

We will circulate the Draft Paper to the Forum membership through the website for your comments, particularly about things that are important to you but we’ve forgotten about.

So, the purpose of this post is to warn you that this will be coming your way and that we will need your comments relatively quickly so that we can create the Planning Policies for further Consultation

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