Housing Group Position Paper for Public Comment

Hi All,

As we promised after our first meeting, the Housing Group now feel ready to publish our Position Paper. You will find it if you follow this link. Its a relatively short document and we would appreciate it if you would take the time to read it and comment.

Whilst we largely had consensus on the position paper, there are four things that we would especially like your comments on:

  1. Affordability: We have adopted the Broxtowe Borough Council definition of Affordability (and hence the Government’s definition). However, we are interested in your opinion on the quantity of Affordable Housing to be included in any developments;
  2. Social Housing: Similarly we are interested in your views on how much social housing should be included in any new developments (we presently have 11.5% of all housing as social housing); (Note we distinguish between Social Housing and Affordable Housing in that anybody can have access to Affordable Housing but Social Housing is available to those with a social need).
  3. Retirement Living: We had long debates as to whether there should be a “Retirement Village” or whether the elderly should be mixed in amongst the rest of the community. Our compromise was that we felt there should be “small clusters” of similar housing to encourage some mixing but also some isolation. We would appreciate your views; and finally
  4. Environment/Sustainability: We have identified some ways in which the housing in the area could be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Do you have any other things you would like included.

There are two ways to comment, either you can email me at mark.cttcnf@gmail.com or complete the comments form at the end of this post.

Please comment by the beginning of September so we can review comments at our next meeting.


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