Weekly Digest: 3rd February 2018

Wow!    Just WOW!  That’s pretty much all we can say….

 What a fantastic turnout at last Sunday’s Annual General Meeting! There must have been around 300 people who came along to see us, hear about our work over the last year or so, and have a look the designs of the university students.  We were overwhelmed by the support you demonstrated. 

The Steering Group thanks each and every one of you who came along. And for your patience for the time it took to sign-in. A total of 267 registered with us on the day, but we believe a few more may have 'snuck in' through the back door and bypassed the sign-in sheets, hence our estimate of 300 or so. Given the number of attendees, we know many of you didn’t get a chance to see the student designs but don’t worry – you will have the chance to see them again soon.

Welcome to new members & friends

  • 130 people registered with us for the first time last Sunday. Due to the queues at the door not everyone provided an email address, but to those who did…Welcome to the weekly digest!
  • There's usually an update each week to keep you informed of our latest activities and plans for the future. I try to keep the updates short and snappy by using…
  • ….4 or 5 bullet points for each topic rather than long, wordy paragraphs. I’m sometimes prone to rambling but…. well, you’ll soon get to know my style.
  • If you’d prefer not to receive these regular updates, please let me know and I’ll remove you from our email lists (no questions asked). We have a website & a Facebook page - details below - which we also use to keep you informed.  
It’s getting better (and bigger) all the time!
  • We’ve now updated our lists to include the new people who joined us over the last 10 days or so. The latest numbers are:
  • Total members: 660.  Of which..
  • 349 live/work in Toton
  • 154 live/work in Chilwell Meadows
  • 157 live/work in Chiwell West
  • Total friends: 76. [‘Friends’ live elsewhere but are interested in our activities and of course we very much welcome their thoughts and ideas]
  • Which means the overall number of people registered with the Forum is 736 – which is a terrific total
Community roadshow coming to a place near you soon!
  • A reminder that last week’s meeting was also the start of our formal consultation process. We need to hear your views about the Area and how it should be developed over the next 10-20 years. Details of dates and places are below
  • We have commissioned a consultant to help us undertake this work and some of you may have met Jenny last Sunday. But we need many more to get in touch with views and opinions.
  • This is your time to help build a vision for the Area that works for us, not the developers. You’ll be able to take time to review the student designs again (or for the 1st time if you missed out on Sunday) as they will be displayed at these events.
  • Jenny has also set up an online survey (using the Survey Monkey website) to capture your thoughts and opinions.  The more responses we get the bigger the picture so can I please ask you to take a couple of minutes to answer 4 or 5 short questions:  CTTC Forum Online Survey
  • Change is coming to Toton and Chilwell, we know that. Let’s make sure it is change that benefits us all and especially the generations coming after us!
And finally…..
  • A couple of snippets that I’ll expand on next week…
  • We met with JLL/DIO during the week leading up to the AGM. They explained they were waiting for the outcome of the Local Plan, and the number of homes allocated to the site, before proceeding with the sale of the Barracks. We asked to be involved in the master planning process for the site. They were cautious about the idea but haven’t ruled it out.
  • Richard and Graham attended the HS2 Strategy Board (Richard is a member) meeting last Tuesday. The Board comprises key people from local authorities - both Notts and Derbys - and now aims to implement the Growth Strategy published last autumn. The meeting was, frankly, disappointing. We need a new ‘Delivery Board’ setting up for Toton to convert the Growth Strategy from words to actions. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bit of a power struggle going on at the moment so progress on this vital next step is slow.
  • Richard and Graham also met with Steffan Saunders (Head of Planning) at the Council offices yesterday for an update. The recent application from Peveril (to increase the no. of houses in the 1st phase to 282) is back in front of the Planning committee next Wednesday. It will likely be approved but that’s not a big surprise. More importantly, we know discussions are taking place behind the scenes to persuade Peveril to withdraw this application completely.  This is proving difficult as Peveril holds all the aces and are playing ‘hard ball’ but we’re pretty certain an agreement will be reached eventually. 

Enough for this week. The new Steering Group is holding its first meeting next week and it was great to have such a positive response to our request for new members. They will only increase the professionalism and breadth of knowledge we already have within the team. It bodes well for our plans and activities for the year ahead.

 Thanks again for the support demonstrated at last Sunday’s meeting.  It has re-energised us all to know that we are on the right track. And it makes a big difference when we meet stakeholders to know (and can prove!) we have your backing! 

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