Details of consultations will be added here when they take place.

Active Consultations

CTTC Neighbourhood Forum Design Codes and Masterplans

Closing date to be announced

EmDevCo Design Code

Open until 30th April 2023


Previous Consultations

Forum Re-Designation

Broxtowe Borough Council approved the re-designation of the Forum at its meeting at the start of March 2022. Our thanks to all who responded to the request.

Supplementary Planning Document – Strategic Masterplan

  • Broxtowe continued their Supplementary Planning Document consultation following on from the Local Plan sections 3.1 & 3.2. This consultation was announced before the Government’s Integrated Rail Plan and the announcement by the MOD to delay vacating Chetwynd Barracks to 2026.
    The Forum commissioned KEFA to provide a response

Information about Broxtowe’s view on the impact of the Integrated Rail Plan can be found following this link.

Mentioned within the Strategic Masterplan is the “Consultation Statement” which details how the responses to the previous consultation were handled.