Details of consultations will be added here when they take place.

Active Consultations

Whilst there are no active consultations at the moment, this document (Toton & Chetwynd Barracks Strategic Masterplan Consultation Draft SPD) will be reviewed over the next weeks and months. If you have initial comments please use the form below. We will let you know when its formal Consultation period starts as it is important that as many people as possible make comments during the Consultation.

Previous Consultations

  1. Toton & Chetwynd Strategic Masterplan Consultation. This consultation completed on the 22nd November 2020. The “Virtual Room” may still be available but no further comments are being accepted for consideration.
  2. The Part 2 Local Plan has now been completed and published (Autumn 2019).
  3. Chetwynd Garden Communities Submission (August 2018)