Community Development Focus Group

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  1. Understand total numbers of dwellings across the (Strategic Land for Growth) and Barracks.
  2. Review key assets already in existence e.g., Officers Mess, WW1 infirmary etc. Recommend proposals for redevelopment/re-use to help generate a sense of place.
  3. Proposals on construction methods and different forms of build out depending on needs and wants. To include Housing, Schools, Community/Leisure/Medical Centre considerations.
  4. Plan for delivery of units with timelines. Consideration to George Spencer implications.
  5. Delivery of build plan and how it could be achieved through different forms of joint venture/Investment. To include all community amenities. Work with Environmental group.
  6. Investigate the Smart Village/Living concept to see how far this could be deployed for living, transport and community engagement.
  7. Consider Neighbourhood Development Order scope and how this could align to delivery of housing and urban design policies.

We feel these ToR’s and subsequent sub-headings will allow us to track our progress and once met we will have strong business cases and the related information to fully support our Neighbourhood Plan.

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