SG Meeting Information

Steering Group meeting documents

Here are the Agendas, Minutes & Financial Reports associated to each SG meeting

DateAgendaMinutesFinancial Report
August '20August '20 Accounts
Jul '20July '20 AgendaJuly 2020 Accounts
Jun '20Jun '20 AgendaJun '20 Accounts
May '20May '20 AgendaMay '20 MinutesMay 2020 Accounts
Apr'20Accounts April 2020
Mar '20No meetingNo meetingMar '20 Accounts
Feb '20Feb '20 AgendaFeb 20 MinutesFeb '20 Accounts
Jan '20Jan '20 AgendaJan '20 MinutesJan '20 Accounts
2019 Annual Report & Accounts2019 Annual Report & Accounts
Dec '19No meetingNo meetingDec '19 Accounts
Nov '19No meetingNo meetingNov'19 Accounts
Oct '19Oct '19 AgendaOct'19 MinutesOct '19 Accounts
Sep '19Sep '19 MinutesSep '19 Accounts
Aug '19No meetingNo meetingAug ' 19 Accounts
Jul '19Jul '19 AgendaJul '19 MinutesJul '19 Accounts
June '19Jun '19 AgendaJun '19 MinutesJun '19 Accounts
May '19May '19 Accounts
Apr '19Apr '19 Accounts
Mar '19Mar '19 AgendaMar '19 MinutesMar ' 19 Accounts
Feb '19Feb '19 Accounts
Jan '19Jan '19 AgendaJan '19 MinutesAccounts Jan'19
Dec '18Dec'18 AgendaDec'18 MinutesDec '18 Financial Report
Nov '18Nov'18 AgendaNov '18 MinutesNov '18 Financial Report
Oct '18Oct'18 AgendaOct'18 MinutesOct'18 Financial Report
Sep '18Sep'18 AgendaSep '18 MinutesSep '18 Financial Report
Aug '18Aug '18 Financial Report
Jul '18Jul '18 AgendaJul '18 MinutesJul '18 Financial Report
Jun '18Jun '18 Financial Report
May '18May '18May '18 MinutesMay'18 Financial Report
Apr '18Apr '18April '18Financial April '18
Mar '18Mar'18Mar '18Mar'18 Financial Report
Feb '18Feb '18Feb '18Finacial Feb '18
Jan '18Agenda Jan18Jan'18 MinutesJan'18 Financial Report
Dec '17Agenda Dec17Report Dec17
Nov '17Agenda Nov17Mins Nov17Report Nov17
Oct '17No meetingNo meetingReport Oc17
Sept '17Agenda Sep17Mins1 Sep17
Mins2 Sep17
Report Sep17
Aug '17No meetingNo meetingReport Aug17
Jul '17Agenda Jul17Mins Jul17Report Jul17
Jun '17Agenda Jun17Mins Jun17Report Jun17
May '17Agenda May17Mins May17Report May17
Apr '17Agenda Apr17Mins Apr17Report Apr17
Mar '17Agenda Mar17Mins Mar17Report Mar17
Feb '17Agenda Feb17Mins Feb17Report Feb17
Jan '17Agenda Jan17Mins Jan17Report Jan17
Dec '16No MeetingNo MeetingReport Dec16
Nov '16Agenda Nov16Mins Nov16No Report
Oct '16 #2Agenda2 Oct16Mins2 Oct16No Report
Oct '16 #1Agenda1 Oct16Mins1 Oct16No Report
Sept '16Agenda Sep16Mins Sep16No Report