Chetwynd Neighbourhood Plan Submission

The Plan was submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council on the 18th June 2020.

Click on the Picture for the Neighbourhood Plan PDF

The above link is to the whole Plan (all 112 pages of it). To make it easier to download, we have divided it into smaller sections:

Section A: Background
Section B: Vision
Section C: Guidelines & Aspirations
Section D: Policies
Section E: Appendices

Each of the sections contain the Frontpage, Table of Contents & Introduction so if you want to print the whole thing, it might be better to download the whole document.

Its supported by three other documents:

The next steps are: for Broxtowe Borough Council to run their own six week consultation (hopefully before Christmas); then appoint an Independent Examiner who will consider whether our Plan: 

  • has regard to national policy;
  • contributes to the achievement of sustainable development;
  • is in general conformity with the adopted strategic local policies for the local area;
  • is compatible with EU obligations;
  • meets human rights requirements.

As a result of this consultation and examination, the Plan may need to be further revised. After that, it will be submitted to the Local Community for Referendum. We hope that this will be in May 2021 but we’ll be in contact to get your support.

After that (assuming it passes the referendum) it will “come into force” and will influence Planning Decisions made by Broxtowe Borough Council for our Area.


Previous Versions of the Neighbourhood Plan

As historic information the public comment versions of the plan are available by following this link:
July 2019 Plan for Public Comment


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