Chetwynd Neighbourhood Plan Submission

Council Adoption

The Neighbourhood Plan was unanimously Adopted by Broxtowe Borough Council at its Council meeting on the 15th May 2024 and therefore becomes part of the Statutory Development Plan for the Neighbourhood Area, influencing any Planning Application Decisions.

The four relevant documents can be found by following the links below.

Neighbourhood Plan
Evidence Base
Policy Map
Broxtowe Decision Statement

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Previous Versions of the Neighbourhood Plan

As historic information, the previous versions of the plan and supporting documents are available using the links below:
November 2021 Draft Plan submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council on 15th November 2021 for Regulation 16 Consultation and Independent Examination
Consultation Statement November 2021 revised post the SEA
Basic Conditions Statement November 2021 revised post the SEA
Supplementary Plan Modifications October 2021 required by the SEA
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) September 2021 as required by Broxtowe Borough Council
June 2020 Draft Plan submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council on 18th June 2020
Basic Conditions Statement June 2020
Consultation Statement June 2020
Plan Modifications following Regulation 14 Public Consultation
July 2019 Plan for Public Comment


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