Chetwynd Neighbourhood Plan Submission

Updated: 22/04/2022

The Revised Plan was submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council on the 15th November 2021.

22nd April Update: We were hopeful that Regulation 16 Consultation would start before the end of March 2022, but Broxtowe have delayed this further. We have therefore written to them with a formal letter of complaint about this unacceptable delay.

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It is supported by three other documents N.B. The two statements have been updated to reflect the Strategic Environmental Assessment process, and the supplementary plan modifications detail the changes made to the Plan in this revision from the June 2020 version:

The steps towards Plan adoption are:

  1. A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) (something required by Broxtowe Borough Council in February 2021) has been completed – see the Environmental Report below. Following the report recommendations, a revised Plan has now been submitted;
  2. For Broxtowe Borough Council to run a statutory six week ‘Regulation 16’ consultation;
  3. An Independent Examiner has been appointed by Broxtowe. Following Regulation 16 consultation they will consider whether our Plan: 
  • has regard to national policy;
  • contributes to the achievement of sustainable development;
  • is in general conformity with the adopted strategic local policies for the local area;
  • is compatible with EU obligations;
  • meets human rights requirements.

As a result of this consultation and examination, the Plan may need to be further revised. After that, it will be submitted to the Local Community for Referendum. We had hoped that this would be in May/June 2021, but the SEA has delayed this until spring/early summer 2022. We’ll be in contact to get your support when the time is right.

After that (assuming it passes the referendum) the Neighbourhood Plan will be “made” and will influence Planning Decisions by Broxtowe Borough Council for our Area.

See our Plan submission process Roadmap here. N.B. This is awaiting an update from Broxtowe following the completion of the SEA process.

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SEA Report
We received the final report from AECOM at the end of September 2021:

The SEA Environmental Report is here it incorporates the SEA Scoping Report from April 2021 as Appendix A.

We have updated the Plan to reflect the recommendations made in this report.


Previous Versions of the Neighbourhood Plan

As historic information the previous versions of the plan are available using the links below:
June 2020 Draft Plan submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council on 18th June 2020
Basic Conditions Statement June 2020
Consultation Statement June 2020
Plan Modifications following Regulation 14 Public Consultation
July 2019 Plan for Public Comment


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