Weekly digest: Oct 26

Hello again,

In the last couple of editions, I’ve talked about a number of meetings we’ve attended over the last couple of months.  So, this week’s update will focus on these meetings: past, present and phuture.

1. Meetings past I: Stakeholders

  • Oxalis Planning.
    • We’ve wanted to meet with Oxalis for a while and finally managed to catch up with them in mid-September. Oxalis represent the owners (Bloor Homes) of land to the east of Stapleford Lane: mostly to the north of the tram stretching up to Bramcote, but also a chunk of land south of the tram bordering Chilwell at Teesdale Court off Field Lane.
    • Oxalis recently responded to Broxtowe Council’s latest ‘call for sites’, an activity that kicks off the next Core Strategy planning process. It was good to meet them as they are looking to develop land either side of the tramline. At the moment, the north side is designated Green Belt, so they face a lengthy process to release this land for building.
    • However, given our Neighbourhood Plan stretches to 2040 (well beyond the current Local Plan end date of 2028) it is sensible to build a relationship with Oxalis and seek to work closely with them going forward.
  • Cllr Milan Radulovic MBE.
    • Milan is the leader of Broxtowe Council, following the elections in May. We met a couple of weeks ago mainly to introduce him to the Forum and our Neighbourhood Plan. Milan asked for our thoughts about the proposed new Development Corporation being set up in the Midlands (here’s a link to today’s Nott’m Post article). We explained that we hoped the Corporation will provide the ‘clout’ to deliver the overarching masterplan that is needed for our Area. We went on to share our main concern regarding the Dev Corp, which is the risk they will act as their own planning authority powers, which could result in our Plan having less ‘force’ than we expect to see.
    • We went on to explain our views on the importance of the Toton Delivery Board and the current decision-making powers they have. We said we believe the Forum should be a member of the Board. Milan agreed to look into it and see if he could arrange for us to become a member.  Overall, this was a very useful introductory meeting and we aim to meet on a regular basis to keep Milan informed of our plans.

2. Meetings past II: Council

  • Environment and Climate Change Committee.  
    • This a new committee which met for the first time earlier this month. The chair is Cllr Helen Skinner, who happens to be a founding member of the Forum and sits on our Steering Group. I attended the meeting to understand its priorities and it is welcome to see that included in its main aims is to develop an Energy Conservation Strategy along with generic energy policies. Of course, we need to be mindful of potential conflicts of interest but, with Helen in charge of the committee, it certainly helps our cause (which is embedded in our Plan) to promote leading-edge, energy positive housing built in our Area
  • Planning Committee.
    • Readers of past editions will know Peveril submitted a reserved matters application relating to their intention to build a small retail park on the west side of Stapleford Lane. We objected to the application on the basis that the layout of road access to the shops and pub/restaurant would be compromised when the tram was extended across Stapleford Lane. It was clear that the tram would severely curtail public space as well as make access to the retail units extremely difficult. I attended the meeting earlier this month and wasn’t surprised to see our objections overruled. To be honest it was a long shot expecting a different outcome. Despite this, we remain reasonably relaxed that this particular any further. This land is central to the Strategic Growth Area and so we expect to see a radically different proposal come forward in due course.

3. Meetings present

  • Steering Group.
    • We are meeting this week to review progress on updating the Plan based on consultation feedback. The more we work on the review the more we realise this is turning into an extensive piece of work that can’t be short-circuited. Our focus this week is on the Environment strand. We intend to ensure these policies underpin all development in the area, so it is critical to make them as fireproof as possible.
  • Locality: NDOs and CRtBOs.
    • NDOs (Neighbourhood Development Orders) and CRtBOs (Community Right to Build Orders) are planning tools that complement Neighbourhood Plans.  [This is not so much a meeting, more a lengthy teleconference with Locality, the organisation that supports Neighbourhood Forums.]  Neighbourhood Forums use these additional tools to help provide certainty on how development takes place on specified sites.
    • Locality are aware we have become frustrated with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO). We have been trying to meet the DIO for well over 6 months but keep getting stalled (at best) or else simply ignored. Locality suggested that if we are concerned the DIO are seeking to bypass the Forum, then the NDO option may be a route to better enforce our ambitions and aspirations for the site. Hence, we are organising this teleconference to understand the detail and pros/cons of these options. Watch this space….

4. Meetings planned

  • HS2 Ltd.
    • We are having one of our regular meetings with HS2 this week. We will, of course, be probing them for any ‘insider’ information regarding the review of the HS2 2b in general and the impact on the eastern leg in particular. I’m not sure we shall learn much about that, but we shall see. We’re are interested to find out about progress with the design of the station at Toton.
  • DIO.
    • Having said we’ve been frustrated at the lack of meetings with the DIO, they suddenly got in touch last week asking for a meeting in early November. The prime purpose of the meeting is to introduce us to their partners from Homes England who, we understand, will be taking a lead role in the development of the Barracks. We’ve not yet seen an agenda, but we are expecting this to be just a high-level introductory meeting. Nevertheless, it will be good to finally meet Homes England to both formally understand their role in the project and to establish ongoing contacts.
    • We will be asking them for an update on the Garden Communities bid that the Council (along with input from ourselves) submitted 12 months ago. It does seem as if it has disappeared into a government black hole. I also met with Anna Soubry earlier today (Saturday) at her surgery in Toton and asked for her help to resurrect the bid. Fingers crossed we can get the application reviewed and approved.  

And finally…… nope, not this week. This has turned out to be a longer report than normal (which isn’t good news) so I’ll stop now and look to prune a lot it away before publishing. See you next time.

Kind regards

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Weekly digest: Oct 19

Hello….and welcome back!

The 4 weeks since you last heard from us has flown by. As I said then, we all needed a short breather from the pretty intense period of firstly drafting and publishing the Plan itself and then consulting you on it. But it’s now time to get back to the task of refining it and getting it over the line. However, for this first post-consultation edition, I’ll be relatively short and snappy.

1. Final consultation statistics

  • Mark, our web maestro, has collated the figures during the 10 weeks or so of consultation and the numbers are very impressive:
    • 1,419 different people accessed our website during this period.
    • On the page containing details of the Plan itself we saw a total 1,694 views albeit this figure will include those accessing the page multiple times
    • Of the 800 or so recipients of these digests, it looks as though about 260 people (it’s difficult to be precise) directly clicked through to the Plan itself
    • The Plan document was opened and viewed a total of 772 times. Again, this will include people opening it several times.
  • Overall, we can safely say that over 800 people looked at the Plan out of approx 6,700 households in our Area.
  • Final number of people/organisations providing feedback was 119 comprising:
    • 92 residents – people who live in our Area
    • 9 ‘friends’ – people who live elsewhere but are interested enough (mostly relating to the Barracks) to let us have their views
    • 18 businesses/stakeholders – including landowners, Broxtowe Borough Council and Notts County Council
  • I know I’m repeating myself, but these are truly impressive numbers – thanks again to all of you who took the time to respond.  We will be reporting these statistics in our Consultation Statement and will certainly add weight when the Plan is assessed by the independent examiner. 

2. Plan progress

  • The Steering Group held a meeting a couple of weeks ago to decide how best to share the significant workload to review all the comments received. I think I warned you last time this review will take a little time. We appreciate the effort and time you put aside to provide feedback, and we need to give it all due consideration.
  • It is already clear some parts of the Plan will need a bit of re-work – not least Section D ‘Chetwynd Barracks’. It is clear some stakeholders misunderstood its purpose. The section doesn’t list more policies although some stakeholders seemed to think it did. So, we’ll need to spend time clarifying its purpose – which is to set a framework to be used by the master planners for the site.
  • The key thing will be not to rush this work. We are building a Plan to stand the test of time. And as someone recently said (in another context), we shouldn’t rush decisions based on a ‘spasm of impatience’.
  • You’ll hear more on this over the next few weeks as we work to refine and strengthen the final version of the Plan.

3. And finally….

  • Broxtowe Council’s Local Plan Part 2 was formally adopted at the full council held last week! This is good news as the Council’s policies are now cast in concrete. We now need to ensure our policies are fully compliant and provide the further layer of specifications we want to see developed in our Area.
  • HS2 project review. You will no doubt have heard about the review being undertaken by the government regarding the future of HS2. And you may have heard the rumours that the eastern leg of Phase 2b (Birmingham to Leeds via Toton) is being scrapped. Until we get the decision, we are continuing as if East Midlands Hub Station in Toton is still being built. But, clearly, if the eastern leg is scrapped, we will need to assess the impact on our Plan. We understand the decision is expected fairly soon, perhaps in early November. We’ll wait and see…
  • Affordable Housing We know how important it is to quickly build affordable homes and one of our members sent in this link to a scheme in Norwich that has won the prestigious Riba Stirling Prize. It is an interesting read and something for us to learn from – and perhaps try to emulate – when it comes to our Area. Let us know what you think.

And that’s enough for this week. I’ll report next time on the various meetings we’ve held over the past few weeks, which includes a meeting with the new leader of the council, Cllr Milan Radulovic.

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll find details of the scheme.

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Weekly digest: Sep 21

Hello again,

That’s it!  No more. The end. Finito. Our consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan has finally finished and finished on a terrific high!

Thank you for being patient over these last 8 or so weeks whilst we have focussed our efforts on the consultation and the various sessions.

And a HUGE THANK YOU! to those who have taken part in this exercise and provided us with your thoughts and feedback – it’s been our most successful event yet and the results are plain to see.

1. The results – a snap summary

  • The Good….
    • At the close of play on the 20th we had received a grand total of 118 responses! And a few more stragglers (stakeholders who have asked for an extension) are expected over the next couple of days
    • I know we set a target of 100 responses, published a couple of weeks ago in a previous digest, but even so… We thought anything over 50 would be a good level of feedback and anything over 80 would be terrific.
    • But we always thought 100 was a huge stretch – and you have smashed it! The breakdown is:
      • 101 from residents and/or friends
      • 17 from stakeholders / businesses
  • ..the Very Good….
    • It’s not just the number but the depth of the responses from residents and friends that is truly impressive. The thoughtful and considered comments clearly display a detailed understanding of the Plan which is very heartening and welcome to see.
    • We expect detailed examination of our policies from stakeholders such as local authorities and landowners – and indeed we got it in spades from them.
    • But to get the same level of commitment from you demonstrates a clear ownership of the Plan that is both remarkable and humbling. This is truly your plan!
  • …and the Bad…
    • We have to hold our hands up and apologise for the missed session last Friday at Tesco Toton. We messed up the booking and for some reason our event wasn’t scheduled in their diary. And with the key managers being out of the office the remaining staff were unable to sanction our presence on their site.
    • If you came along on Friday expecting to see us… sorry!  If you’d like to get in touch, we will make sure to meet up with you if you’d like to talk things over.

2. Next Steps

  • I thought at the start of the consultation period that the Steering Group would need two or three weeks to collate, summarise and agree the amendments needed before formal submission of the Plan to the council.
  • In hindsight I can see I was being somewhat optimistic! Given the level and detail of the feedback received, we will need to spend quite a few weeks undertaking this review and then refining the Plan.
  • So, whereas we were initially thinking of submitting the Plan by the end of October, it is now looking likely to be in November. This is a tad frustrating for those of us who want to push things along, but it is sensible to make sure we take the time needed to carefully review and amend. There is no point rushing things and then slipping up at the last minute.

3. And finally…..

  • This isn’t the time to report back on a couple of meetings we’ve attended over the last couple of weeks, so I’ll make a note to report on them in the next edition
  • The next edition will be in 3 weeks’ time. I’m sure you will appreciate the rest following my non-stop haranguing over the last few weeks.  And, by the time you read this, I’ll be in a cottage in deepest Suffolk having a rest and forgetting all about Plans and planning for a while.

Postscript.  This classic Elton John song (paraphrased!) came to mind earlier this morning..

“And you can tell everybody this is Your Plan
It may be quite simple, and (actually) a bit too long,
I hope you don’t mind…..”

*gets coat and leaves for the country…

Kind regards

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Weekly digest: Sep 14

Hello everyone,

You’ll be no doubt pleased to hear: the end is nigh! We are now in the last week of consulting you about the Plan. These updates have been relentless over the last few weeks with the sole focus being to get your feedback. You know the reasons for the focus, so I won’t repeat why this is the most important consultation the Forum has undertaken.
We just need one last heave to get us over the line. If you haven’t taken part yet……well this is your last chance to contribute.

Your views count! Your support matters! Many thanks.

1. Feedback past and future.

  • We have stepped smartly through the 50-response mark this week. The ‘flash news’ edition prompted a flurry of responses – which is terrific. Overall we have received 8 from Stakeholders and 45 from residents and friends. Many, many thanks to each of you who have responded.
  • However, we are looking for more…
    • This link takes you to the  https://cttcnf.org.uk/plan/ on-line form where you can document your views. 
    • On the same page, you’ll find a links to a copy of the Plan and a MS Word version of the response form if you’d prefer to download it and complete in your own time.

2. Final consultation session takes place…

  • ….next Friday Sept 20th 10-12.30 at Toton Tesco, Swiney Way. This is a change from the published venue – so please don’t go along to the Methodist Church, Stapleford Lane.
  • Come along to Tesco’s and have a chat and let us know your thoughts.
  • We’ll have paper copies of the feedback form, so if you dislike providing personal details online, then we are very happy to receive hard copy feedback as well. It all counts!

3. And finally….

  • A big shout out to Broxtowe Council for a very generous donation of £2,300.
  • We know the Council come in for a lot of stick at times but most of it – my view, anyway – is undeserved. From the Forum’s perspective the Council have always been very supportive in providing ongoing advice and encouragement. Cash support has also been provided to help cover costs that other funders always shy away from, especially core admin costs such as office rent and supplies.
  • This latest donation will see us through to the end of the project to deliver a Plan that reflects the views of our community and which will sit alongside the Council’s planning policies

We had a great turnout this week at the Scout Hall, thanks to everyone who turned up to quiz us on the Plan.  We’re hoping for similar interest and engagement next Friday at Tesco Toton. Hope to see you there.

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll find details of the scheme.

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Flash digest: 7 days to go…


We’re now into the last 7 days of the most important consultation the Neighbourhood Forum has undertaken. We have 40 responses in the bag – which is terrific! Many thanks to each of you who have provided feedback – it is very much appreciated. But, as you know, we are hoping for a lot more.

And now we’ve reached the 7-day mark…. now is a great time to act!

1. There is an easy way to provide feedback:

  • This link takes you to the  https://cttcnf.org.uk/plan/ on-line form where you can document your views.  On the same page, you’ll find a copy of the Plan and a MS Word version of the response form if you prefer to download the form and complete it in your own time.

2. And finally…

  • Come and talk to us about the Plan tomorrow, Sat Sept 14th 10-12.30 at the Scout Hall, Attenborough Lane (opposite Haveli Indian restaurant).

Many thanks
All of us on the Steering Group

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Weekly digest: Sep 7

Hello again,

We’re now into last two weeks of the biggest and most important consultation we’ve undertaken.  Responses are being received; we now have over 25 logged. However, we are hoping for a lot more. These weekly updates are sent out to 800 email addresses and almost 50% are regularly opened each week. So, we know there is a lot of interest in our activities and support for our work. If a quarter of regular readers decide to take part in the consultation and provide us with feedback, it will mean over 100 responses. A 3-figure number will be terrific; it will clearly demonstrate to all interested parties (the council, landowners and developers) that our Plan has the strong backing of residents and friends of the Forum.

Please take the time to get involved. Don’t leave it to others.

1. It’s easy to provide feedback:

  • We have simplified the MS Word response form to make it easier to complete. The form mirrors the on-line layout i.e. a series of initial tick boxes followed by some free-form comment boxes
    • Here’s a link to the on-line form you can use to capture your views. You can also find a link to the Plan on the same page.
    • Here’s a link to the MS Word form if you prefer to download the document to complete in your own time. Return the form via email or else copy/paste your comments into the online form.

2. Remaining session dates:

  • Sat Sept 14th 10-12.30 at Attenborough Scout Hall, Attenborough Lane (opposite Haveli Indian restaurant). This is a new location for us and is on the edge of our Area. However, we know there is a lot of interest in the development of the Barracks from the rest of Chilwell, Attenborough and Beeston, so we want to encourage neighbouring residents come along to give us their views.
  • Fri Sept 20th 10-12.30 at Toton Tesco, Swiney Way. This is a change from the published venue of the Methodist Church on Stapleford Lane. Attendances at our 1st few sessions have been disappointing (between 10 and 20 each time), so we have decided to make this change. Rather than expect residents to come to us, we thought it better if we go to them.  And where better to meet people than at Tesco’s on a Friday morning!

3. And finally…

  • I wasn’t going to run with any snippets this week but there is one correction I need to make from last week. You’ll recall I mentioned the latest Peveril application – part of the Lime Rise proposal at Toton Lane – that is currently out for consultation. I said the Forum was ‘comfortable’ with the application as we don’t believe it will be taken forward ‘in anger’. This gives the impression that we won’t be submitting a response to the consultation.
  • However, that was not my intention – the Forum will always take part in consultations delivering major developments in our Area and this is no different. This particular application contains serious flaws and we will respond accordingly.
  • The SG will be signing off our response over the weekend and it will be submitted early this week. I’ll provide a link to the document next week so you can have a look.

And that’s all for now folks. But expect a further reminder during the week. We are determined to do all we can to get over 100 response so please bear with us if it feels you are being badgered.

You’ve provided great support to us in the past. We trust you will rise to this occasion as well. 

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll find details of the scheme.

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Weekly digest: Aug 31


We are now into the home straight of Neighbourhood Plan consultation period. Three more weeks for residents and friends to have a say. Don’t be surprised if I focus on this topic for the next couple of weeks.  As I’ve said previously, the more feedback we get, the more force the Plan has. Developers of our Area will have to take note of our policies and shape their plans in a way that works for us all.

You know we’ve had meetings with local landowners on a number of occasions over the past 2 years. We expect them to provide us with ‘constructive criticism’ in the last few days of consultation. As landowners, their views carry weight and must be taken seriously. But the views of the community are equally important. In fact, they are essential to counteract perhaps the key motivation of landowners / developers; to maximise value for their shareholders. So, we need your comments, your thoughts, your views.  Okay… enough of the hectoring tone, you know what you need to do.

1. Initial feedback.

  • We’ve collated feedback received thus far. Main themes emerging are:
    • A strong level of support for the Plan especially the overall approach and objectives. There have been suggestions to strengthen a couple of the policies. We will consider all suggestions and make amendments to the Plan where necessary.
    • The protection of the environment and green spaces is (not unexpectedly) a ‘hot’ topic and respondents are pleased with the emphasis we have given to green corridors in the Plan. Concerns have been raised regarding ongoing maintenance of green spaces both current and new.
    • The development of the Barracks and how best to exploit the opportunities also feature strongly.
    • Housing has also been mentioned with views varying from those wanting bigger homes contrasting markedly with those recommending smaller units for “first time and final time householders”. Sustainability of new homes is also seen as key to building homes we can be proud of.
  • However, we’ve only received 16 formal responses so far.  We need a lot more than this – many more.

2. Making feedback easier

  • To encourage feedback, we have adapted the MS Word response form to make it simpler to complete. The form mirrors the on-line layout i.e. a series of initial tick boxes followed by some free-form comment boxes.
  • Here is another link to the on-line form you can use to capture your views
  • Here is a link to a MS Word version of the form if you prefer to download the document to complete in your own time. Return the form via email or else copy/paste your comments into the online form.

3. A couple of meetings took place last week

  • Mott MacDonald are a consultancy commissioned by Notts County Council to provide plans for infrastructure in and around the East Midlands Hub station. We met with them for the first time last week to share our ideas on (in particular) roads leading down to the station. It was a productive first meeting and it was clear there was a good deal of alignment between our ideas and Mott MacDonald’s initial thoughts. More work is needed so we look forward to building on this meeting.
  • Beeston Civic Society. We’ve been trying to organise a meeting for several weeks but finally managed to get together last week. We are keen to strengthen ties with local organisations and societies so we can share ideas and work together when feasible. Again, it was useful meeting and we have agreed to make a presentation to the Civic Society next year (around the time our Plan is formally adopted) to explain the Plan and the impact we expect it to make.

4. And finally…

  • A couple of other consultations are underway that might be of interest:
    • Peveril have submitted a further planning application for a piece of their land against Toton Lane between George Spencer Academy and Rose House. We are comfortable with this application – it builds on their previous application to build a mix of retail shops, a pub/restaurant and a residential home. Peveril need to demonstrate they are actively working on their existing planning permission otherwise it may lapse. So, we don’t believe these plans will be taken forward ‘in anger’. If you are interested in the detail here is a link to the Council’s Planning page. You need to enter the Application ref: 19/00493/REM in the search box to bring up the documents
    • Broxtowe Council are also consulting on their new Corporate Plan. You may have received leaflets about this already but in case you have mislaid the information here is a link to the relevant page.

Next week’s consultation session:  Sat 7th Sept between 10.00 and 12.30 at Chilwell Library & Community Centre on Inham Road. I’m probably sounding a tad repetitive now but even so… Come along and have your say.  [Even better, though, is for you to fill in a response form (online or in Word) and submit it to us. Many thanks!]

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll find details of the scheme.

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Flash digest: Aug 29 Corn Mill Session

Hi everyone,

A quick message to confirm that we are holding a consultation session this Saturday 31st August at the Corn Mill pub, Swiney Way. The session will run between 10.00 and 12.30 so please come along and let us know your thoughts on the Plan.

The poster below contains details of the further sessions we are holding over the next 3 weeks.
[More regular news this weekend, as normal]

Kind regards

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Weekly digest: Aug 17

Hello again,

Another short update this week since – being peak holiday period – things are a little quiet at ‘Forum Towers’.  Which is welcome news as it gives us all a little break after what has been a pretty hectic period getting the Plan produced. However, we can’t afford to be too complacent as consultation sessions have now been set up and there are a couple of ancillary documents to be produced to support the Plan when it is submitted to the council.

1. Consultation Sessions

  • Dates have been agreed and venues (mostly) booked. We still need to confirm the date/time for the session planned to take place at the Cornmill. The image below contains full details (posters will be distributed at key locations over the next week or 2). So please book a date in your diary and come along to clarify any issues you may have with the Plan
    • Sat 24th Aug:     Toton Methodist Church, Stapleford Lane
    • Sat 31st Aug:     Corn Mill, Swiney Way (to be confirmed)
    • Sat 7th Sept:      Chilwell Library & Community Centre, Inham Road
    • Sat 14th Sept:    1st Chilwell and Attenborough Scout Hall, Attenborough Lane
    • Fri 20th Sept:     Toton Methodist Church, Stapleford Lane

2. Ancillary documents

  • Two additional documents need to accompany the Plan when we submit it to the Council:
    • Consultation Statement. This needs to detail all the consultation events we’ve undertaken to prove the Plan truly reflects the concerns as well as the aspirations and ambitions of the community
    • Basic Conditions Statement. This document needs to demonstrate that our policies align with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). You will no doubt have noted that Appendix III of the Plan provides a high-level match between our policies and Broxtowe’s Local Plan and the NPPF. Well, this Statement needs to flesh out the appendix across all NPPF’s policies.
  • You’ll hear more about these documents in the next few weeks as they start to take shape.

3. And finally…

  • More libraries have hard copies. Stapleford and Long Eaton also a have  copy of our Plan (+ some response forms) so if you happen to be passing a library and have some time to spare, why not pop in and browse the Plan. Opening times, for all libraries, are:
    • Toton:              Mon 2 – 6.30; Weds & Fri 9.30 – 12.30 & 2 – 5; Sat 9.30 – 1pm
    • Chilwell:           Thurs 10 – 12.30 & 2 – 4.30; Sat 9.30 – 12.30
    • Beeston:           Mon-Fri 9.00 – 6pm (at least); Sat 9.00 – 4pm
    • Stapleford:       Mon & Thurs 9.00 – 7pm; Tues, Fri & Sat 9.30 – 1pm (Weds: closed)
    • Long Eaton:      Mon-Fri 9.00 – 5pm (at least); Sat 9.00 – 4pm
  • Don’t forget your feedback! We’re starting to receive some feedback (all pretty positive), but it is fair to describe it as a trickle rather than a torrent.  So, if you’ve read the Plan and you have all the information you need, why delay? As before, if anything is unclear, get in touch and we’ll get back to you ‘tout suite’.
  • Feedback options. To reiterate from last week, there are two ways to let us have your views:

That’s all for this week and I’ll be spending a few days in Somerset next week so expect the next digest in the fortnight. I’ll be back in time for the 1st session on the 24th so hope to see you there.

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll find details of the scheme.

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Weekly digest: Aug 3 & 10!

Hello again,

Two for the price of one this time! I’ve no idea how I missed triggering the mailshot last week, but somehow I did. The digest was published okay on-line and on our Facebook page, but it didn’t reach your email inbox – I shall concentrate even more this week.
However, since there is not much more to add to last week, I’ll combine the two and apologise now to on-line/Facebook readers as a lot of it will be somewhat familiar. What follows is a short’ish, and snappy’ish edition covering bits of news relating to the current consultation.

1. So firstly…

  • Consultation leaflets. These have been distributed to the volunteers who kindly stepped forward to help us deliver to every home in the Area. If you haven’t received yours yet, it will probably drop through your letter box in the next week or two. 
  • Social media publicity. Details of the Plan have been posted to some local Facebook sites (Beeston Civic Society, Beeston Updated, Spotted Toton). This has generated good feedback and prompted a big spike in ‘hits’ accessing the Plan online. So, we shall repost in a couple of weeks. If you use Facebook/social media, please share/like the posts to help promote more widely.

2. And secondly…

  • Libraries have hard copies. Toton, Chilwell and Beeston (coffee bar area) libraries now have hard copy versions of the Plan so if you prefer to read a book, you now have a place to go.  Copies of the feedback forms are also available so you can complete a form and leave it behind at the same time. We will be providing Stapleford and Long Eaton libraries with a copy next week to encourage the widest possible response.
  • Library opening times are:
    • Toton: Mon 2 – 6.30; Weds & Fri 9.30 – 12.30 & 2 – 5; Sat 9.30 – 1pm
    • Chilwell: Thurs 10 – 12.30 & 2 – 4.30; Sat 9.30 – 12.30
    • Beeston: Mon-Fri 9.00 – 6pm (at least); Sat 9.00 – 4pm

3. Next up…

  • Stakeholder invitations. Emails have now been sent to interested organisations & key individuals inviting them to take part in the consultation – total of 139 people at 89 organisations. We have already started to receive feedback, the first three being:
    • Historic England: who advised us to get in touch with the ‘historic teams’ at both local council and county council who look after the Historic Environment Record and will have details of designated heritage assets.
    • Coal Authority: who advised us that they have no specific comments as our Area doesn’t contain any surface coal resources or recorded risks from past mining activity
    • Severn Trent: who are very supportive of the Plan and offered useful advice to strengthen our key environmental objectives and policies by incorporating water mitigation measures such as SUDs features into our green corridors.
  • Richard presented Anna Soubry with a copy of the Plan during the week and it was very well received. If you don’t receive Anna’s weekly newsletter here is a link to the post and video from her website  

4. And finally…

  • Don’t forget your feedback! Whilst it’s great to get feedback from stakeholders, the Steering Group is much more interested in your views – the people who live and work in our Area. There is no need to wait until the last minute to give us your thoughts. If you’ve read the Plan and have all the information you need, then jot down your thoughts and send them in. If anything is unclear, get in touch and we will quickly provide answers.
  • Feedback options. There are two ways to let us have your views:
    • Use the response form – here is a link to the Word document – and email your response to us or
    • Use the online form on our website and here is a link to the page. The online form asks, in addition to basic details about you, three main questions (answers range from ‘strongly agree’ to ‘strongly disagree’):
      • Are you broadly in agreement with the approach of the Plan:
      • Are you broadly in agreement with the Vision (Section B):
      • Are you broadly in agreement with the Policies (Section C):
    • There are also some generic comment boxes where you can provide more detail.
  • The more feedback we receive the greater the weight it gives to the Plan. Which, in turn, will oblige developers to listen to us and incorporate our policies in their designs.

The Steering Group met during the week to check progress and we have agreed a number of dates for formal consultation sessions. We’ll quickly book the locations in the next few days and confirm dates and times next week. See you soon…

Kind regards

STOP PRESS: As of Friday evening 480 people have clicked on the link to the Plan. Which is great news! We now need to convert these links into responses, so please do your bit. It would be terrific is we can get over 500 responses to the consultation.

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll find details of the scheme.

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