Call to Action!

As mentioned last week you should now have received your polling cards for the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum. We are planning to deliver a Forum leaflet with some additional information to the 6,500 homes within the Forum Area, and we need YOUR HELP to be able to do so before 2nd May!

If you can spare a few hours to help the Steering Group, we would be grateful if you could volunteer your time. Here is the list of ‘walks’ – the blacked-out ones are those that have been allocated already. As you can see the main gaps are for Inham Nook & Chilwell Meadows, with a few gaps elsewhere as well (18 in total). If you can help us with any of these it will be much appreciated, and if you can do more than one, that would be fantastic!

The leaflets should be back from the printers by the end of next week, which just leaves next weekend (hopefully), w/c 22nd and the beginning of w/c 29th to get them all delivered.

Please email with which ‘walks’ you would be able to do (as soon as you can), and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can next week with further details.

Thank you in anticipation, the Forum Steering Group.

Here is a sneak preview of the Referendum leaflet!

As always please do feel free to ask any questions you may have on this week’s latest bulletin or anything else via the Contact Us page, and we’ll do our best to answer them via the Questions and Answers page.

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Reminder – Ask the Mayoral Candidates a Question

Just a reminder that you can ask the Mayoral Candidates a question by following this link.

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Brief News Items

Polling Cards

Separate polling cards for the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum on 2nd May have been issued by Broxtowe. If you haven’t already, you will receive yours soon if you live in the Forum Area. The usual methods of voting apply – in person at your designated polling station, by post or by proxy. Voter ID is required in person, and if you don’t already have a postal vote the deadline to apply is 17th April, and for a proxy vote the deadline is 24th April.

Civic Society Walk With An Expert

The Beeston & District Civic Society have asked us to publicise their Walk With An Expert programme for 2024, and we are happy to do so as we mutually promote each other on our respective websites. Here is the programme with some further information and additional notes for each walk here  

As always please do feel free to ask any questions you may have on this week’s latest bulletin or anything else via the Contact Us page, and we’ll do our best to answer them via the Questions and Answers page.

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Forum Digest – Easter 2024

Three things this week:

Firstly: Privacy Policy – as the Neighbourhood Plan approaches Referendum, we happened to look at our Privacy Policy and realised it would require us to delete all our information if it passed. As the Forum will continue (at least for a while) we didn’t think that was sensible so we’ve modified it slightly. The updated policy is available through the menu on the website.

Secondly: Nottingham Forest
Following up on our recent post regarding the possibility of Nottingham Forest relocating to Toton, we watched Nottingham County Council’s full Council Meeting on the 21st March 2024 discussing Motion 2:-

“This council resolves to explore options with stakeholders at Nottingham Forest Football Club and others to try to secure the future of the club. This may include whether there are any potentially suitable County Council sites which may be marketed for disposal in future.”

The discussion (available here) was an hour long and resulted in a modified version of the motion being adopted 48 in favour, 11 abstentions and 0 against.

There are two concerns that affect us as a community:

  1. At no point did the Council members consider the impact upon the community where the new stadium would be built; and
  2. As Notts County Council is a significant landowner in the Strategic Land for Growth and major contributor to the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan which makes proposals for employment and housing in the area, the County Council may have a conflict of interest.

And Finally: Wishing you all a Happy Easter and hoping that the weather improves

As usual if you have questions please contact-us

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Neighbourhood Plan – The End is in Sight!


After nearly eight years during which time there have been major changes (remember HS2?), delays (when will Chetwynd Barracks be vacated?) and legislative changes (Biodiversity Net Gain is now required), the Neighbourhood Plan is going out for Referendum. On 2nd May 2024, residents will have the opportunity to vote on the Plan. If its accepted, once adopted by Broxtowe, it becomes part of the Statutory Development Plan for the Area and Developers will be required to comply with the Policies within it. The Policies cover a range of topics based upon the consultations that were held with the local community and comments made by various stakeholders during its process.

The Plan & its supporting documents are on the Broxtowe Borough Website Chetwynd: The Toton & Chilwell Neighbourhood Plan page.

“Do you want Broxtowe Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Chetwynd: Toton and Chilwell to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

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Nottingham Forest – New Ground in Toton?

At the end of the Toton & Chilwell Meadows Community Action Team meeting on the 14th March, it was mentioned that Nottingham County Council are to discuss this week a proposal to relocate Nottingham Forest to Toton. Nottingham Forest are in dispute over the increased rent demands for the City Ground.

The Ashfield Independent Councillor who is proposing the motion is reported to have said “Toton already has the infrastructure including a tram stop and railway station”. (Toton doesn’t have a railway station and the proposal in the Government’s Integrated Rail Plan required 50% funding from private investors).

Quite how this proposal would help to meet the 3,000 homes, 18,000 sq m of office space and high skilled jobs included in the Broxtowe Part 2 Local Plan is unclear.

Read more in articles from Nottinghamshire Live here and here.

And the BBC’s article here.

If you have an opinion on this proposal, tell your council representatives.

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Ask the East Midlands Mayoral Candidates a Question

For those of you who don’t receive notifications from Nottinghamshire Live, here is a link that you may be interested in:

People from across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire are being given the chance to grill those hoping to become the first ever East Midlands Mayor. Nottinghamshire Live and Derbyshire Live have teamed up with Notts TV and Nottingham Trent University to host a live hustings event set to feature all five of the confirmed mayoral candidates. 

Follow this link to the Nottinghamshire Live page to enter your question.

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Community Action Team Meeting 14th March

Councillor Cullen has just let us know that there will be another Toton & Chilwell Meadows CAT meeting this week on Thursday evening 14th March at 7.30pm at Coronation Hall, Toton (details below).
She apologises for the short notice, but please do attend if you are able and to raise any local issues you may have with your local ward councillors, as they will be interested in your views.

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Neighbourhood Forum Updates

Broxtowe Decision Statement

Further to our post on 7th February providing the outcome of the Cabinet meeting to approve that the Neighbourhood Plan can proceed to local referendum, Broxtowe have published their formal Decision Statement. In summary, Cabinet resolved at its meeting on Tuesday 6th February 2024, that:

  1. The Chetwynd: The Toton and Chilwell Neighbourhood Plan should be modified as proposed by the Independent Examiner.
  2. Once modified as proposed by the Independent Examiner, it is considered the Neighbourhood Plan will meet the Basic Conditions and other legislative requirements. 
  3. The Chetwynd: The Toton and Chilwell Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to a referendum, with the extent of the area eligible to vote to be based upon the Chetwynd: The Toton and Chilwell Neighbourhood Area as shown within appendix 1 to the report.

Our website Plan page has been updated accordingly.

As we have said previously, before the Referendum can proceed, the Neighbourhood Plan has had to be fully updated following the Examiner’s recommendations as stated in her report, and be in its final version along with any other supporting documents. Which leads us on to:-

Neighbourhood Plan Modifications Progress

The required modifications to the Plan are about 95% complete. It hasn’t been so much the modifications themselves that has taken the best part of a month to amend the document, but the re-formatting to accommodate them that has been a challenge! We are nearly there now with some final tidying up, page numbering & contents page to update.

However, we won’t be in a position to share it until the Broxtowe Planning Team have completed their accuracy checks to ensure compliance with the Examiner’s recommendations, and approved its publication. They will also need to make the final version accessible for assistive technologies. The team have produced updated maps & diagrams for us, as required by the Examiner, and also a new Policies Map (also required) to accompany the final Plan document.

Both the Forum & Broxtowe are still working towards being able to hold the Local Referendum on 2nd May (the same date as the Combined Authority Mayoral and Police & Crime Commissioner elections) to ensure a good turnout. To achieve this, everything will need to be in place by mid-March so that the official electoral notice period can commence.

Confirmation of the date will follow in due course, along with the official notice issued by Broxtowe.

Toton Battery Storage Planning Appeal

Following on from our previous post about this (located in Bramcote, not Toton as the name would suggest!), the Steering Group has submitted a response to the Planning Inspectorate on the Forum’s behalf. For information it can be read here.  

As always please do feel free to ask any questions you may have on this week’s latest bulletin or anything else via the Contact Us page, and we’ll do our best to answer them via the Questions and Answers page.

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Toton East – Submitted Comments

As promised when we found out about the consultation by Pegasus for the Application for houses at Toton East, we submitted comments on behalf of the Neighbourhood Forum. Our comments can be found following this link.

We are pleased that a large number of people read our post (either from social media or our emails) and followed the link through to the Pegasus comments page and some of you shared your comments with us.

Some of the comments we received from you were “we don’t need any more homes”. However, Central Government and Local Government have already decided that our Area has a capacity for about 3,000 homes in the “Strategic Location for Growth” and the land cannot be re-designated as Greenbelt (we asked). We are committed to making developments: Sustainable; Energy efficient; Environmentally positive; provide the necessary Infrastructure (not just roads but medical facilities, schools, Active Travel, etc.); and provides Employment in the Area. It is on these requirements that we have provided our response.

We’ll let you know as we hear more.

If you wish to comment to us regarding any of this, please use our “Contact-Us” form.

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