Infrastructure Focus Group – Sustainable & Active Travel

Following on from Ian’s Infrastructure Focus Group introduction on 3rd July, here is a link to one of the papers mentioned that was in the final stages of completion at the time Chetwynd and Toton Area Development – Sustainable and Active Travel and now finalised. As always please ask any questions or provide comments on this document via the Contact Us page, and we’ll do our best to answer them via the Questions and Answers page.

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The Forum AGM is coming

Just a quick heads up that the Forum AGM will be taking place in the autumn with details to follow in the coming weeks as the Steering Group work through the process of hosting a AGM electronically this year for the first time!

Thanks to all of you who responded to our recent questionnaire, your answers have helped us to arrive at the decision to hold it online in what are still difficult circumstances for us all. Understandably there was a reluctance by many to meet a large number of other people indoors. Thank you for taking the time to respond, it is very much appreciated.

We’ll give you the date, time and registration process over the next few weeks.

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Community Development Focus Group – 31st July 2021

Just a quick note to let you know that we are doing things. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been active going to presentations on topics which are of interest to us:

“Office of Place”

A couple of us attended a webinar hosted by entitled “Communities Create Streets” based upon the “Build Beautiful Places” agenda. Here Robert Jenrick spoke about the new “Office of Place” being set up by the Government, the National Model Design Code and the updated National Policy Planning Framework. He waxed lyrical about how communities should be leading developments, not the big developers, much in line with what we are trying to do with our Neighbourhood Plan. It was music to our ears, particularly his statements to “take the power away from the big home builders” and “buildings with beauty stand the test of time”.The (1hour 15 minute) presentation & discussion is available to see on the Policy exchange website here with Jenrick’s presentation taking the first 20 minutes.

“Lockleaze Loves Solar”

We also attended a Webinar hosted by the Innovation Lab of the Community for Sustainable Energy entitled “Lockleaze Loves Solar”. Lockleaze is an area of Bristol of similar size to our Area. The Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust runs a number of community led projects one of which was a proposal to install 1MW of solar panels on roofs of homes within Lockleaze to reduce energy bills and to alleviate fuel poverty. Whilst their plans are not exactly the same as we have incorporated into the Neighbourhood Plan, they are sufficiently similar that we followed up to get a copy of their Business Case to see how it could help us get started.

They highlighted the need to be clear what we were trying to do and to create a number of possible options (ranging from “simply” encouraging people to put solar panels on their roofs to running a solar farm as a Community energy project). They also emphasised the need to ensure that the community was “on board” with whatever option was chosen and to work with stakeholders such as Western Power, Power companies (such as Octopus Energy) and the Developers of the New Housing.

It has given us much food for thought and we will be building on that knowledge and we’ll publish the link to the recording of the presentation when we have it.

“Census Outputs”

We also attended a presentation by the Office for National Statistics about the way in which the 2021 Census data will be presented. Whilst it was primarily intended for companies which were going to produce applications using the data, it was interesting to note that the first outputs would be available in early 2023. Unfortunately this seems too late for us to use to refine aspects of the Neighbourhood Plan that were based upon the 2011 Census data, it nonetheless gave us a view of what might be available and when.

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24th July – Keeping you informed

In the spirit of letting you know what is going on in and around our area, you might be interested in the following couple of points. We will not be making any comments as the Neighbourhood Forum (we’re busy doing other things) but you might like to read and make your own comments directly.

Broxtowe Community Governance Review: Broxtowe is reviewing and potentially making changes to the governance arrangements at a parish level and is inviting comments; and

Mill Hill Quarry Mineral Extraction: An application has been made to Nottinghamshire County Council for planning permission to extract & process sand and gravel in the Land off Green Street, Mill Hill and land at Barton in Fabis, off Chestnut Lane, Nottingham

All the best

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Broxtowe Survey on Parks & Gardens

For those of you who may not have seen it, Broxtowe are asking our opinion about the Parks & Gardens within Broxtowe.

Follow this link to the Broxtowe Survey and let them know your views. The survey is open until 31st August 2021.

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Please answer our AGM Questionnaire

We will be holding an AGM this year. We would like your input to decide the best way to hold it. Please complete this questionnaire.

The questionnaire will be closed on Tuesday 20th July 2021 so that we can analyse the results.


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Forum Digest 3rd July 2021

An introduction to the Infrastructure Focus Group

The Forum Steering Group decided to set up focus groups to support their work and develop some specific areas of insight and expertise to help further the aims of the Forum in delivering the Plan. Three groups were established with Margaret Crittenden heading the Environment Focus Group, Stephen Brown the Community Development Focus Group and myself, Ian Craik the Infrastructure Focus Group. The groups all feedback to the main Steering Group, and upload their minutes, present papers for reference to the Forum Google Drive.

I was joined by three local people with a keen interest in a sustainable future for the Area and ensuring it remains a good place to live, for both current residents and all the newpeople we look forward to welcoming to the Area over the next 20 years.

Resident in the Forum Area is David Rhead, a former leading light in the Pedals organisation that has an aim of improving cycling provision in Greater Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. He has a prodigious local knowledge and provides an impressive insight into both local and national planning issues with an active travel focus. A short distance outside of the Area in Long Eaton is Jenny Palmer, another lifelong cyclist and member of Pedals who commutes to Nottingham for her work as a journalist. We are also privileged to have Gary Smerdon-White from Attenborough as a member. He brings a wealth of experience in managing consultancy groups, reporting to local and regional authorities on subjects as diverse as road charging, delivering effective outcomes for local authorities, and the provision of integrated transport services with an emphasis on public transport provision.

Over the last year we have been working on various aspects of local travel, and have recently shifted our focus to the provision of public transport with an eye to not only current provision, but also the future needs of our community. With a huge amount of forthcoming investment and development impacting potential destinations for us, the shape of future journeys, whether via public, private or active travel, will look very different in 10 or 20 years time. There will be a need in the future for people to travel north west to the new developments at Stanton, north to potential housing at Wheatgrass Farm, south to Ratcliffe-on-Soar, south east to the East Midlands Airport & Freeport hub, and west to the potential HS2/EM Hub Station.

We have presented two papers from David Rhead to the SG, namely “Making cycling aviable option for accessing Toton Area Development from within a five mile radius” V1.02 and “East Midlands Hub Growth Zone Infrastructure for Cycling and Walking” v3.01. Both are available on request from

Two further documents are nearing completion and presentation to the Steering Group. Firstly, is Gary Smerdon-White’s “HS2 Hub & Chetwynd Development – Sustainable and Active Travel” and my “Delivering Active Travel Improvements in the CTTCNF Area”. I hope to be able to update you on these in the next few weeks.

Please do feel free to ask any questions you may have on this or anything else via the Contact Us page, and we’ll do our best to answer them via the Questions and Answers page.

Ian, Infrastructure Focus Group Lead

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Annual General Meeting Questionnaire

We are required by our constitution to hold an Annual General Meeting. Our current proposal is to hold the AGM sometime in September by which time (hopefully) the restrictions caused by the COVID Pandemic will be very different. However recognising that people may still be nervous about being in a room with a large number of other people (there were 300+ at our last AGM) we are searching for the best way to hold the AGM.

This Questionnaire Link takes you to a simple questionnaire to gather opinions.

We’ve not used this technology before so if it doesn’t work, bear with us.

If you have any queries or problems contact us through our Contact Us page.


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We need your help!

Whilst we have created the Neighbourhood Plan and have ideas for the Masterplans for the Area, Developers will create their own Masterplans and designs that suit them and so we’ll need robust local opinions to hold sway.

We have succeeded in gaining funding to help develop our Masterplan even further and bring it right up to date.

When called upon previously our local forum members and supporters did a magnificent job in influencing our Neighbourhood Plan to get it to completion where it is currently going through the final stages before its examination later this year, where we expect it to be accepted and then to run alongside Broxtowe Borough Councils Local Plan.

So this is where we would like you to help us again. As part of us bringing our Masterplan right up to date and make it a strong contender to help us influence what actually happens to our Area, we thought it a good idea to engage your help once more. Therefore in the ensuing weeks we will be sending out a series of questionnaires to engage your opinions on various topics from shopping and hospitality; community facilities; housing; leisure through to community power and water use.

We hope you will take part and have your say once more and help us ensure that the area is developed to how the local community want it to be and not, as is usual, how outside Developers impose what will make them the most money with scant regard to local opinion.

This is genuinely your chance to shape the future of our area for many years to come.

Please help us ensure your voices are heard loud and clear.

Best Regards,

The Community Development Focus Group

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Chairman’s Update 3rd July 2021

A brief update this time as we had the chance to meet the new Managing Director, Richard Carr, of the East Midlands Development Company (EMDevCo) on Thursday 1st July. The purpose of the meeting was for us to introduce the Neighbourhood Forum, our Plan, vision and aspirations for the future of the Area. It was great to spend time with Richard and Ken Harrison (Project Director, EMDevCo) and walk the site, explain our thoughts and discuss how we could bring to life a number of the aspirations that we have set out in the draft Plan that has been submitted.

I was joined by Ian Ward (our Community Interest Company Chairman). We both felt that it was a productive first meeting and the discussion held had been productive and encouraging as to how we all want to see the site come forward, and the long term vision for pre, during and post development for the integration of our existing community into the new future community.

We hope to continue this productive start and have offered the community’s assistance in what will be a significant impact on all of our lives, and one that needs to be managed sensitively and productively so that we can all continue with our current busy lives while the future community grows around us, and then for us to be able to enjoy the new location when it is completed.

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to ask via the Contact Us page and we will do our best to provide an answer on the Questions and Answers page. Please do take a look at the link to the EMDevCo website above to see how they are setting out the way forward.

Please also remember to review and comment on the draft Strategic Planning Document that has been released (which we commented on in the Digest three weeks ago) as we need as much community input as we can get to ensure that our future community is one that we can all enjoy living in. The SPD is available through our Consultations page.

Picture from left to right: Richard Hutchinson (Chair – Neighbourhood Forum), Richard Carr (Managing Director – East Midlands Development Company), Ian Ward (Chair – Community Interest Company)

Richard Hutchinson
Chairman, Chetwynd – The Toton and Chilwell Neighbourhood Forum

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