Weekly digest: May 11

Hello again,

It’s not often I sit down to provide the weekly update and wonder what to write. Normally we are working on 3 or 4 tasks at any particular time but, as you know, our current focus is the Plan. I know I’m starting to sound like a stuck record, so I can’t blame you if you are growing a ‘tad weary hearing about it. I clearly underestimated the time we needed, as a Steering Group, to properly review and refine the document. And it’s not over yet. Therefore, a condensed edition this week with some snippets and the frequency of these updates may be a little haphazard over the next few weeks.

1. So, both firstly and finally…..

  • Plan’s Progress. I can’t not update you on progress with the review, can I? This week the Steering Group held another workshop where we covered off the vast majority of the draft policies. Plenty of new actions were sprayed around the Group – mostly, as before, to undertake further research strengthening the evidence we have. We will meet again in a couple of weeks for what we hope will be the final session – but I’m making no promises. We are wary of slipping into a mindset of the ‘never ending’ project where the document is constantly being refined (and then refined some more) without appreciable improvement. But we’re not at that stage yet!
  • Land sale at Toton. Many thanks to David, one of our readers, for doing some further ‘googling’ on this item and providing this link to a map of the area for sale. It’s always nice to see precisely the extent of the land being sold.
  • Toton Sidings article in the Financial Times. It’s amazing the useful snippets you can pick up from Twitter. I’m not sure if this is now behind a paywall or not – I can’t read it a 2nd time. But, if it does let you through, it is an interesting article of an interview with the County Council and Midlands Connect. The Forum is reported to be “cautiously backing” the scheme. Which is fine as far as it goes but it would have been nice if we had been invited along to give our ‘first hand’ views.
  • Meetings update. No further news as yet on the putative meetings with either HS2 Ltd or the DIO. However, next Tuesday Richard and Ian are attending the latest Strategy Planning Group meeting – the County Council chaired group supporting the Toton Delivery Board. We are expecting an update on progress made in recruiting consultants to take forward various strand activities – the most important being (from our perspective) the overarching strategic masterplan for both Toton Lane site and the Barracks. We intend to play our part in developing this masterplan, not least to ensure the key infrastructure components we want to see in our Area (green corridors, new roads etc.) are factored into the design.

And that’s all for this week. As and when I have burning updates for you then, of course, I’ll publish a fresh edition. However, if I miss a week or 2, then you’ll know we’re still busy beavering away in the background to get the Plan ready for you. And when it is finally ready, rest assured you’ll be the first to know – there’ll be a huge fanfare with all klaxons blaring!

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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Weekly digest: May 4


Did I say last week that the Plan just needed a little polishing and buffing before it would be ready for wider review and comments? Well, that will teach me not to get ahead of myself. More below along with some feedback and further thoughts on funding.

1. To buff or to burnish? And what’s the difference…

  • The Steering Group’s 2nd session to polish the draft Plan took place this week. And this time we entered into the nitty-gritty section of the document: reviewing the individual policies we need to ensure our objectives are met.
  • I was being overly optimistic in thinking a bit of buffing (surface shine) would suffice to ensure the policies were strong enough. It soon became clear that a much deeper ‘clean’/burnish is required. Some key policies need a fair bit of re-work to ensure they are worded tightly enough for our purposes.
  • The good news is that the Group is fully engaged in this work and lots of actions were handed out to undertake further research to make sure the backing material – the evidence we need to justify our proposals – is all in place.
  • The bad news is that this will take longer than I had originally anticipated. So, the exercise we are doing to revamp our project plan will need to incorporate an extended timeline to produce the Plan itself.
  • Despite the delay, it will mean a much stronger Plan overall.  Given we have to delay the next stage (as reported last time), it means we have the headroom to produce a good quality product.  More on this as we go forward – as you already know, producing the Plan is our top priority.

2. Funding focus

  • Thanks very much to everyone who responded last week with thoughts on crowd-funding. The responses (a dozen or so) were all positive with people offering their support with hard cash.  I wasn’t quite sure what level of support we could expect to see, so it is gratifying to see, yet again, the positive feedback.
  • Of course, a dozen responses doesn’t mean we’ve resolved the funding situation. But the Steering Group are examining how best to take this forward and what is the best on-line tool to use. We’re looking at both “Gofundme’ and ‘JustGiving’ sites as possibilities – they seem to be the market leaders. But if you know of other sites worth investigating please let us know
  • Following last week’s digest, another funding avenue has opened up – that of a professional fund raiser. One such organisation (based in West Bridgford) has approached us during the week and we have been in touch for an initial conversation. Which was positive, so we are looking to meet up next week to see how best to take it forward.
  • This avenue may/may not be suitable for our immediate task – we know it can take several weeks for grant applications to be processed (10/12 weeks for Awards for All). Nevertheless, we feel it worth exploring as a possible solution for immediate needs – but if that is unrealistic then perhaps for longer term funding.

3. And finally….

  • Land for sale at Toton. Did anyone spot the East Midlands Today news item on the lunchtime edition last Wednesday?  I half caught it and after a bit of googling around online I came across this ‘notice of sale announcement’. The land in question is either side of Stapleford Lane i.e. directly behind Cleve Avenue and (part of) Katherine Drive. The sale is on behalf of Heart Church (T Land is a subsidiary of the church, we believe).
  • HS2 Ltd meeting. Given our focus with finishing the Plan, our meeting with HS2 Ltd will be put back for a couple of weeks. This suits HS2 as well since they are still finalising their report on the outcomes of the consultation last autumn.  
  • DIO meeting. I mentioned a while ago that we had been invited to meet with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and Homes England regarding their current plans for the Barracks. Things have been quiet since that first approach so we will be asking them to firm up a date for the meeting – now likely to take place in June. We’ll keep you posted.

And that’s all for this week folks.  See you next time.

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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Weekly digest: Apr 27

Hello everyone,

It’s been a couple of weeks of fairly frenetic activity here at ‘Forum Towers’ as we continue to polish the Plan. We’ve also received some unwelcome news on the funding front. So, on the one hand we’re feeling elated the Plan is pretty much done and dusted – however on the other hand we’re a tad deflated that further progress will be slower than hoped. A case of 2 steps forward and 1½ back!

1. Best steps forward

  • Actually, it’s more like a couple of strides. The Plan is very close to being finished. The Steering Group met last night for a polishing session with the next taking place on Tuesday for some final buffing.
  • After that it will take a week or so to incorporate the improvements into the final version ready to be released for wider review. However,…….see ‘One backward step’ below.
  • We received back a couple of  key maps we commissioned for the Plan following some final tweaks. These illustrate critical components of our Plan – so you might like to have a sneak preview:
    • Green Corridors. We know that protecting and improving the environment is the top concern for residents, so this map shows our thoughts on adding new green corridors (drawn to scale) to link together existing green space in our Area
    • Footpaths and cycle routes. We want to create new and better routes through the area, especially through the Barracks, to encourage us all  ‘get active’ and walk and cycle a bit more.
    • New roads and tram extension route. Another big concern of residents is the serious congestion we see on local roads, especially Stapleford Lane. This map outlines possible solutions for roads along with a proposed route for the tram down to the station. But the key word here is ‘possible’. Notts County Council is the prime stakeholder when it comes to roads, and they have recently applied for government funds to improve access from the A52.
  • These maps aren’t the most colourful, but the key information is clearly shown. Hopefully they chime with your ideas for new green spaces and travel routes. Let us know your thoughts

2. One backward step

  • You’ll recall that we applied for a £5,600 grant from Awards for All to fund:
    •  the publication of the Plan – full booklets and summary leaflets
    • promoting the Plan – by holding a series of consultation events in the area to formally capture your ideas and thoughts on the contents. What you like – what you want to see improved.
  • We heard last week that we have been unsuccessful. This is a bitter blow as we submitted a strong application that fully deserved support.
  • Without further funding, we are unable to undertake the next stage in the process.  Which is to run the mandatory 6- week consultation with both residents in the Area and prime stakeholders/organisations who must be given the chance to comment on our proposals. Organisations such as the County Council, Natural England, the Environment Agency, as well as local landowners and businesses.
  • The Steering Group has started to have a think about other sources of funding and one idea floated was that of crowd-funding. It is an interesting thought but we’re not sure whether it would work for us or not.
  • As you know we have a fantastic number of supporters (both members and friends) on our books – over 1,000 at the last count. If everyone was willing to donate the cost of a large latte (£3 or £4), then we would cover the cost of publishing the Plan. But do you think it could work?
  • Would you be willing to dip into your purse/pocket for a couple of quid? Or do you have other ideas how we could raise what is, relatively, a small amount to see us through this next stage. Please, let us know your thoughts; we need to consider all options.

3. And a further half step back

  • Richard and I met with Steffan Saunders, Head of Planning at Broxtowe Council, this week. We asked to meet so we could:
    • brief Steffan on our progress and to advise him we are close to getting the Plan ready for formal consultations
    • understand where the council was in getting their Local Plan finalised following the examination hearings last December.
  • Steffan explained that work on the Local Plan was going well but the council elections currently underway, has slowed progress. He believes that it will be formally adopted by the council soon after the summer ‘recess’ i.e. September.
  • That timeframe does have a consequential impact for us. I had been hoping that, given a fair wind, we would have completed our formal consultation phase by mid-July and be ready to submit to the council by early August. But it is clear the council won’t be in a position to process our Plan until the Local Plan process is done and dusted.
  • However, with our funding ‘crisis’, it is now highly unlikely we will complete our consultation much before end of August. So it doesn’t matter too much if we delay submission to the council by a few weeks – hence only a half-step back.  
  • We will re-work our project plan timescales in the next week or 2 to cater for the delay caused by funding. Steffan believes, based on his experience with other Neighbourhood Plans in the Borough, that it could take another 9 months before our Plan is formally adopted.
  • I was really hoping we would get our Plan adopted this year. It now looks increasingly likely it will be early 2020 before we finally cross the line. I’ll report more on this when we’ve re-worked our timelines.

4. And finally…..

  • No, I’ve already taken up too much space, so I’ll hold over a couple final snippets until next time.

Overall, we’re feeling really positive the Plan is virtually ready, but you can appreciate that we are also a little downbeat given we are scratching around for further funding and the consequential extension to the timeline. But that’s all for now, see you again next week

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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Weekly digest: Apr 12

Hello again,

This week’s edition is, you’ll be pleased to know, another short, snappy update. Reason being is that the Steering Group’s focus continues to be the Plan – reviewing and strengthening it ready for formal publication.  Therefore, as you might expect, other activities are taking a back seat for the moment.

1. So firstly…… a couple of updates.

  • Plan booklet design work. I mentioned we commissioned this work last week and we’ve already received some initial ideas. They are based on our current ‘branded’ work to make sure they are easily identified as being Forum related. Here’s a link to initial thoughts for the front cover. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts
  • Mapmaker update. Again, as previously reported we need to get some of the maps tweaked before publishing them in the Plan. We are meeting the mapmakers next week to be sure they fully understand our thoughts on the precise locations of the proposed green infrastructure corridors, the cycle routes, and our ideas for new road layouts. These maps form the foundations of critical policies in the Plan, so it is important they are spot on.
  • Broxtowe Council meeting. We are looking to meet with the Council’s Head of Planning in the next week or two so we can show him our draft policies. We are not looking for the Council’s agreement/endorsement – that’s for the community to provide. However, we do need to ensure our policies are ‘in compliance’ with the Council’s Local Plan, hence the reason to meet up sooner rather than later. We are confident we are compliant but worth checking before anything gets published.

2. And finally…… a couple of reminders.

  • Toton Sidings – from Canal to HS2. We mentioned this talk on the Sidings, by Bramcote History Group, a couple of weeks ago. But it’s taking place this Monday 15th April. Details are here if you are interested.
  • Broxtowe Lotto. Is it time for another reminder for this scheme? Long time readers of the digest know the Forum registered as a ‘good cause’ when the scheme was launched last September. For those who have recently joined us – as well as others who may be thinking of supporting us –  here is a leaflet, first released a couple of months ago, that explains how the scheme works. If you’d like to take part and join our existing supporters, the leaflet has an in-built link that takes you directly to our page. Every penny we raise from the scheme helps us to cover our core admin costs in running our office and hiring meeting rooms.  So, if you are thinking of having a flutter …. then please think about supporting us. Many thanks!
    • And if you already support of the Forum via the Lotto – many thanks for your ongoing help”. It really does mean a lot to us; not just the additional funds you contribute, but the knowledge you clearly appreciate the work we are doing.

Next weekend is Easter, so the digest will take another short break. But, don’t worry, we’ll be back before you know it!

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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Weekly digest: Apr 6

Hello again

Following last week’s announcement that we passed a critical milestone in the production of our Neighbourhood Plan (the 1st draft), this week’s edition reverts to a more ‘run of the mill’ update with reports on recent meetings and reports. First the reports…

1. CTTC Forum Annual Report

  • I reported last week that our annual accounts have been independently examined and this week we have received the examiner’s report. This has now been incorporated into our Annual Report and you can read it all here.
  • Headline numbers from the accounts are:
    • Funds brought forward (as at 01 Jan 2018):  £6,816
    • Total Income/Receipts in 2018:                      £13,854
    • Total Expenditure/Payments in 2018:            £10,205
    • Funds carried forward (as at 31 Dec 2018):   £10,465
  • I published the draft minutes of the AGM last week, but here is another link in case you missed it

2. Evidence Base and Policy Definition Report

  • You will recall I’ve talked about this report in previous digests. The final version – produced by AECOM – has now been authorised by Locality, who funded it.
  • It is another hefty document – well over 100 pages – and can be a little ‘dense’ to read. But it is a great report and provides a lot of valuable material that have helped to shape our policy ideas. The report also critiqued the evidence we have gathered to justify our policies and supplied sources of further supporting evidence.
  • If you don’t have time to read it (and here is a link), don’t worry, the key elements are in our Plan. You may call it plagiarism but, to be honest, the reason we asked for this report is because we recognised we needed help to get the technical jargon correct. We have to be sure our policies are worded in a way that meets legal requirements and so make it easier to pass the examination process.

3. Meetings update

  • On top of the meetings reported last week, a number of other have taken place over the last couple of weeks
  • D2N2 Chief Executive Officer.  Richard, our chairman, met with the CEO of D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership recently. The prime purpose was to introduce ourselves to Sajeeda Rose following her appointment to the post last December. D2N2 are an important stakeholder in the development of our Area, in particular Toton Sidings. Sajeeda is very supportive of the work of the Forum and provided useful advice in getting the Forum’s voice heard at the right levels. We intend to build on this relationship, especially the CIC (Community Interest Company), as it will help build our credibility in the business sector
  • CIC meeting. Talking of our CIC, the Directors held a meeting last week where they started to flesh out their ideas for the company. Their immediate aim is to develop a ‘prospectus’ containing their main goals for the company and will seek endorsement from the Forum in the next few weeks.
  • Barracks subgroup meeting. This subgroup met during the week to cast a critical eye over the draft Plan – with a particular focus on the Barracks section. It was a positive meeting with lots of suggestions made that immeasurably improve the draft. Other members of the Steering Group have also provided suggestions to improve the document and it is becoming stronger as each week passes.

4. And finally…..

  • A big ‘thank you’ to Councillor Eric Kerry,who has generously donated £750 to the Forum to help with the next stage of our work, publicising the Plan and consulting with everyone who lives and works here. Both our county councillors have been very supportive in the past and we appreciate their ongoing support as we reach the end stages of the process.
  • Plan booklet design work commissioned. Alongside the work to refine and strengthen the Plan, we have commissioned a local design and print company to produce some eye-catching designs for the booklet and leaflets to help promote the Plan.

And that’s all folks this time – more next week.

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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Weekly digest: Mar 30

Hello everyone,

It’s good to be back! I mentioned last time that I was taking a couple of weeks off to ensure our Neighbourhood Plan was finished by the end of March. It’s now three weeks later and I bet you are all thirsting(!) for an update. Did he or didn’t he cross the finishing line?  Well, you’ll be glad to know that he did cross the line and the Plan is finished. Well, almost. As near as makes no difference! Read on…..

1. Plan’s Progress: Current situation.

  • The Plan has been written! The text is pretty much in place and all the key policies have been drafted. The items outstanding are:
    • A couple of appendices need completing – a Glossary and a Policy Summary.
    • Some maps need refining to accurately illustrate the ideas for new green corridors, cycle routes and roads.
    • More pictures will help illustrate the text and aid understanding
    • And the last couple of policies relating to business need fleshing out.
  • So…. most of the donkey work is done. At the moment, the Plan is under review by the Steering Group. As you might expect there is a fair bit of pruning, polishing, and proof-reading needed to make sure the document is as strong as possible.
  • We have set aside 2 dates in late April to finalise and sign-off the Plan.

2. Plan’s Progress: Looking forward…

  • Once the Steering Group approves the Plan there are a number of steps needed before it ‘comes into force’ i.e. formally adopted. In summary these are:
    • A 6-week pre-submission consultation: with you and everyone else who lives, works or run businesses in our Area. We’ll also consult with statutory bodies such as the County Council, the Environment Agency, and local landowners. Modifications will likely take place following this exercise
    • Submit the modified Plan to Broxtowe Borough Council. The Council then undertake a further 6-week long publicity period. This allows any other interested parties (e.g. nearby parish/town/Borough councils) to make written representations about the Plan. Any representations received will be passed to the….
    • Independent Examiner. who undertakes the next step. The examination is to ensure the Plan conforms to requirements set out by law such as: national planning policy, sustainable development; strategic policy for the whole area etc. Following the examination, Broxtowe Council may recommend modifications before finally arranging for a…
    • Referendum. where everyone on the electoral register in our Area (Toton & Chilwell Meadows and Chilwell West) will be entitled to vote. If more than 50% of those voting, vote ‘yes’, then the Council is required to bring the plan into force.
  • As you can see, it may well take until September before our Plan is ‘made’ i.e. part of the statutory Development Plan for the Area which influences decisions in granting planning permissions.
  • So, there remains a long’ish road to travel! However, getting the Plan written ‘ticks off’ a significant milestone and we’re all feeling pretty chuffed about that.
  • Of course, we’ll keep you updated on next steps – not least the first 6-week consultation period. This will likely take place in mid-May/June when it is important for you to review and provide your suggestions to improve the Plan

3. ….and a quick glance back

  • The Steering Group have reviewed the draft minutes from our AGM back in February. If you missed out on the meeting and want to see what went on, here is a link
  • Whilst I’m talking about the AGM, you’ll be pleased to know we have had our annual accounts independently examined and came through with a clean bill of health. We’re awaiting the final report of the examiner but once that is received, I’ll publish the accounts here and put them on our website.
  • A couple of meetings have also taken place over the last few weeks:
    • Notts County Council leader. We asked to meet the Council’s leader Cllr Kay Cutts, who also chairs the Toton Delivery Board, as we believe the Forum should be directly represented on the Board. However, the outcome was disappointing. Cllr Cutts is adamantly opposed to the Forum sitting on the Board.  She believes the local community is adequately represented on the Board by elected councillors. We disagree with this view and argued that we provide significant insights over and above that of the councillors. Unfortunately, Cllr Cutts would not be swayed so as long as she remains in charge of the Board, there is little more we can do. We are asking to have copies of the Board’s agendas and minutes but so far, they have not been made available. We’ll continue to press to have sight of them.
    • Strategic Planning Group. We are a member of this working group whose prime purpose is to provide decision papers for the Delivery Board. The Group met a couple of weeks ago and the main output was to review the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) bid – which is asking the government for £26.5 million to fund new road infrastructure on the A52 near Bardill’s Island. Full details of the bid were published in the Nottingham Post here

4. And finally…..

  • HS2 meeting. We also met with Paul Mullins from HS2 Ltd last week for a regular update. Paul informed us that they are still reviewing feedback from the last round of consultations before Christmas and it is likely the next round of consultations will take place this summer. We are meeting Paul again towards the end of April, when we hope to learn more about the main themes arising from the feedback and the impact for us on Toton Sidings.
  • Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) meeting. The DIO have been in touch requesting a meeting in early May. They have recently set-up a formal partnership with Homes England (the govt body charged with accelerating delivery of new homes) and want us to meet with them to talk about plans for the Barracks. More on this when we have a date fixed.
  • Toton Sidings – from Canal to HS2. Bramcote History Group are holding a talk on the Sidings on Monday 15th April. Details are here if you are interested in coming along.
  • Motorbikes on Toton Fields. The Council have been in touch with us saying they have received a number of complaints about unauthorised motorbike activity on the reserve/sidings. These complaints have been forwarded to County Hall Rights of Way team to resolve. County Hall believe that putting up barriers is unlikely to solve the problem, so they are arranging to erect a number of ‘Section 34’ signs at key access points to the reserve, especially at the Greenwood Centre. Here is a map with the location of the signs.

A long edition this week as there is a fair amount to report, so hope you’ve managed to make it to the end.  More next week and I’ll make sure to cut it back to a more reasonable length.

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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Wildlife in the Chetwynd Area

The Environmental Group would like your help. We are trying to catalogue some of the wildlife in the Forum Area. This will help us justify and protect areas of particular interest. We’re starting by looking at Trees, Flowers, Insects and Birds, what’s out there that you find interesting and/or attractive.

At the moment, we are particularly interested in mapping “Veteran Trees”. Veteran Trees are not necessarily ancient or even old, but they do have the ‘scars’ of age such as decay, dead wood or fungal fruiting bodies. They provide valuable wildlife habitats and can be protected in a number of ways. If you think you have a tree worthy of note, send a photo, its location and (if you know it) its identity to photos.cttcnf@gmail.com. If you don’t know what it is, one of our team will come out and help to identify it.

Hopefully we can build up a record of wildlife other things that make our area somewhere where we want to live.

Its started here, but as you can see we need lots more photos.

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Weekly digest: Mar 2


An even shorter and very much rushed edition this week, folks, as I remain buried pretty deep in writing the Plan.  So, apologies if you are feeling a little short-changed and for the typos in last week’s missive. I’ll aim to do better this time….

1. Chetwynd Barracks sale delayed

  • You may have seen this Nottingham Post article reporting the news that the sale of the Barracks has now been deferred to 2024.
  • Richard met with Anna Soubry for a coffee Friday morning to discuss the announcement and the impact on our plans in the Forum. She has sent this letter to the MoD outlining her concerns and requesting a meeting.
  • We share her concerns:  it is very disappointing the sale has been delayed as we have put in a great deal of time in gathering and documenting views on how the site should be developed. Whilst this work isn’t wasted (we continue to plough ahead with our Plan) it is frustrating that the exciting visions we are developing for the whole area will take longer to deliver
  • The revised plans are: “On current plans, Chilwell Station will begin a phased land disposal in 2021 and units will remain in place until 2024”. The big concern we have with a phased exit is that the release of land on the western side of the site (behind Stapleford Lane) will probably take place in 2021 to allow 500 homes to be built as per the Local Plan Part 2.
  • However this ‘piecemeal’ approach in releasing land to developers will quite likely compromise the overall vision we are putting together for the whole site.
  • Hence, we are keen to join Anna Soubry in her meeting with the MoD to clarify their intentions and make sure they know our concerns. More on this as things unfold.

2. Draft reports: Design Codes & Policy Definition

  • Long-time readers of the digest will recall that we commissioned two reports from AECOM last autumn: one relating to housing design codes and the other about writing water-tight policies that meet ‘professional’ standards
  • We have now received these 2 reports as drafts, and we are reviewing and feeding back our suggestions. At first glance (actually after a 2nd and 3rd glance as well), these reports look to be little gold mines! The design codes are impressive and imaginative whilst the suggested constructions for policy definitions are very helpful
  • These reports will feed into our Plan, so the timing of delivery is spot on, making our task a lot easier.

3. Stakeholder meetings past and future

  • Richard has attended a couple of meetings over the last couple of weeks:
    • Midlands Connect is a regional organisation tasked with looking at transport infrastructure for the Midlands. They have been commissioned by local authorities to produce a transport strategy arising from the advent of HS2, so their main focus is centered around the Hub Station. We were invited (along with other stakeholders: Trowell Parish Council and Ashfield, Gedling and Mansfield councils) to a viewing of their initial thoughts and asked for comments. They intend to produce and publish their final version in June
    • HS2 Strategy Board. As you know we have been a member of the board for a couple of years.  The main output of this meeting was that we have been invited to join the Skills and Supply Chain delivery board. This will prove useful as we will be able to share our views on the sorts of jobs we’d like to see at the Innovation campus.  As well that, we want to be able to publicise opportunities for local business to get involved in the hub station – both during and after construction.
  • Richard and Ian (chair of the CIC) have a meeting with Kay Cutts, leader of Notts County Council and chair of the Toton Delivery Board next week to impress on her our view that the Forum should be a member of this Board. As you know we are part of the Strategic Planning Group, which feeds work/paper into the Board but.. we believe we need to be a full member at the ‘top table’ to ensure our views are properly taken into account. More on this next time

4. And finally….

  • Nothing more to report really. A quick mention of the Lotto scheme that we are part of.  We thank all supporters who take part and have nominated the Forum as a ‘good cause’. It provides us with a steady stream of income which helps cover admin costs such as room hires.  Attached below is a flyer from the scheme. If you are not yet a supporter and would like to join in, please see the details which explain how to assign a portion of your ticket price to us as a ‘good cause’.

We are now in the finishing straight in producing the Plan. We agreed to get the Plan produced in Q1 2019 so are on track. However, to make sure we stay in front, we (okay, I really mean ‘I’) need to maintain focus. Which is a long-winded way of saying the digest will take a short break for the next 2 weeks to make sure we pass the finishing post before the end of the month. I trust you will understand. See you in 3 weeks!

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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Weekly digest: Feb 23

Hello again

A short and slightly rushed edition this time as I’m back spending a fair bit of time writing the Plan. This final section – detailing the actual policies – is the trickiest as we need to make sure the policies are both reasonable and tightly worded to ensure they pass through examination process. However, the key test, of course, is to make sure the policies reflect what is important to you, the people who live and work in our Area.

1. Plan Part 3

  • A brief recap: the Plan’s core objectives have been derived from our consultation sessions last spring. They are grouped under 5 headings: environment; infrastructure; housing; community facilities; and business/employment. Of these the environment and infrastructure (roads, cycle ways, footpaths etc.) were the key elements highlighted. A series of policies are now being written to underpin the delivery of each of the objectives.
  • The environment policies have largely been written, and the key focus is to create new green infrastructure corridors and improve our existing green spaces.
  • This map – displayed at the AGM – shows the prime green infrastructure corridors along with the main green spaces.  A few tweaks are needed before we are completely happy with it, but it worth sharing here so you can have a look (if you didn’t see it properly at the AGM) and tell us what you think.
  • This map shows the main cycle routes/footpaths we are suggesting. Again, some tweaks are needed to a few routes but overall it is a useful guide to current thinking. The intention is to tie in these routes to the green corridors to make them multi-functional for both people and wildlife.

2. Heritage and Character Assessment report

  • This long-awaited report has finally been signed off by both the consultants (AECOM) and the sponsors, Locality, who funded the work.
  • You will recall we received the first draft in October to allow us to make comments. It is unfortunate (I’m being overly kind) it has taken so long to it to gain final approval
  • The report (here is a link to it) is a pretty hefty 60 pages long.  However, it is extremely useful in providing an assessment of the various parts of our Area.
  • Those of you who have read the first 2 sections of our Plan will immediately notice that I’ve shamelessly taken chunks of the report (and several maps) into our Plan. But that was always the intention: to obtain an assessment we could use as the foundation for our Plan and provide the basis to build our policies.

3. And there’s more…. Barracks illustrations

  • Last week I provided links to some potential views of the plaza we’d like to see developed in the Barracks next to the Memorial Garden.
  • Here are some further links to maps possible layouts of the plaza.  PlazaMap1; PlazaMap2; PlazaMap3. These maps are all positioned slightly to the west of the Memorial Garden. Chetwynd Road is a good reference point for those unfamiliar with the layout.
  • The Steering Group’s preference is for PlazaMap1 primarily because it seamlessly incorporates the old WW1 infirmary into the layout. And we are keen to see the Infirmary reused as a community facility. But what do you think?
  • We will be formally consulting on these and other ideas once the Plan has been finished so don’t feel obliged to comment now. Nevertheless, the more we know your thoughts the better it shapes our thinking and enables us to reflect your views.

4. And finally – a further shout out to our Barracks designer.

  • We’d like to thank our architectural consultant Peter Macnaughton from KefaDesign for producing the great maps/designs (see links above and last week) which have captured our visions for the site (and beyond). His start-up practice KefaDesign has experience in projects ranging from small extensions through to master planning projects. We hope to use Peter again however it will be great if they can develop further work in our area. So, if you have a dream or even the kernel of an idea for a project, we recommend you get in touch with them at kefadesign.co.uk.

Now I need to get back to the Plan, so more of this next time. Future editions, though, are likely be short’ish updates until the Plan is finished.

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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Weekly digest: Feb 16

Hello everyone

Another year; another AGM; another fantastic turnout; so what else but another… ‘WOW’ moment!

At our first AGM last year, we asked for 50 chairs to be set out as we expected less than 100 to come along. And, as many of you know, we were overwhelmed by the 300+ attendance. So, this year, we asked for 150 chairs to be laid out and, yet again, you confounded expectations!

The new Steering Group thanks each and everyone one of you who came along last Sunday to our Meeting. It again clearly demonstrated the depth of support you have for the Forum. That sends a powerful message to the various Boards and bodies involved in developing the HS2 interchange station and Chetwynd Barracks.

1. Drowning by numbers I: the AGM

  • A total of 241 registered for the meeting. So, you can see why an awful lot of people had to stand through the (thankfully relatively short) meeting. 
  • Of this total just over 50% (121) were new to the Forum, having come along as a result of our blanket leaflet drop or from hearing about the meeting by other means. Of the newly registered; 109 are members (who live/work in our Area) with the other 12 living elsewhere.
  • To all new members and friends reading this digest for the first time: Welcome! You’ve missed the previous 62 thrilling instalments, but no matter – you haven’t missed much! – it is good to have you join us. It all helps to increase the voice and strength of the Forum. You will soon learn more about us, but if you have any queries at any time, please get in touch
  • A word to our 119 existing members and friends who came along. Many thanks for your continuing support – it is very good to know you remain interested in our activities and the work we have undertaken up to now.

2. Drowning by numbers II: Forum registrations

  • We periodically examine our mailing list to ensure we hold accurate and relevant data. After updating the list earlier this week it is great to report we have broken through the 1,000 milestone!
  • Yes, 1,056 people are now registered with the Forum. Of this, 939 are members with the remaining 117 being valued friends, interested in our activities
  • These are truly incredible numbers. We are by far the biggest Forum in Broxtowe and indeed there can’t be many Neighbourhood Forums in the country that match this level of support.

3. Parliamentary business matters

  • It was good to welcome our MP Anna Soubry to the meeting; she passed on some very kind words to us regarding the work of the Forum and the fantastic turnout.  Indeed, she tweeted out from the meeting showing the great attendance – here is a link to the tweet
  • Anna also raised a question directly referencing the Forum in Parliament last Thursday. She requested support from the Transport Minister that the Forum is involved in the work of the development organisation currently being set up. Here is a link to the question itself and a link to Anna asking the question in Parliament.
  • Expect to hear more of this development body in future editions. It will play a pivotal role in determining how our Area will be developed and we need to be included when it undertakes its deliberations.
  • I’d also like to thank the councillors who attended last week. Three of our local ward/county councillors attended and we received apologies from 2 more. In addition, two councillors from further afield came along; one from Beeston and one from Long Eaton, who sits on Erewash Borough Council.  They were all very welcome. It is good to have their support for our work.

4. Links for old and links for new….

  • For those who couldn’t attend last week here are some illustrations of how the new village centre/Plaza might look in the Barracks PlazaView1PlazaView2: PlazaView3  I’ll post links to some more maps next week.
  • This link takes you to Richard’s Annual report presentation – which includes some slides about the new Community Interest Company we have formed.
  • For those new members/friends who have joined us here is a link to the first 2 sections of our Neighbourhood Plan. This is a 30+ page document setting out our Area and prime aims and objectives of the Forum. It is worth reading as it provides a good background on the activities and work of the Forum over the last couple of years

5. And finally…… a couple more ‘shout outs’

  • It was great to welcome Steffan Saunders – Head of Planning at Broxtowe Council – to the AGM.  It is a testament to our work that a senior officer of the council interrupts his weekend to come along to see first-hand the depth of community support.
  • We also want to thank Peter Macnaughton for producing a terrific set of illustrations of the Barracks – especially the focus on the Plaza/village centre. I’ve linked to some of his work above – more next week about Peter and his work for us.
  • HS2 also had a busy afternoon at the meeting and we’d like to thank Paul Mullins, HS2 Engagement Manager for our Area for giving up part of his weekend to  attend and field your queries.

And that is more than enough for this week. Another longish edition I’m afraid but a lot to get though in the aftermath of the AGM and – to be honest – we are all still buzzing at the depth of support demonstrated. More next week

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme

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