Design Codes & Masterplans

These Design Codes, Masterplans and associated documents were created by consultants working on behalf of the Neighbourhood Forum (i.e. people living or working within Chilwell West and Toton & Chilwell Meadows). Broxtowe Council and the MOD/DIO have had no inputs to these documents. They do not represent actual development plans but a vision of how the area could be developed in line with the Policies in the Neighbourhood Plan and Part 2 Local Plan.

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This page provides links to Design Codes and Supporting Reports together with the opportunity for you to make comments and see other comments that have been made, together with the responses to those comments made by the Steering Group, Focus Groups and our Consultants. As new documents are added, the list will expand.

Although the formal period for comments finished on the 30th June 2023, we still accept comments. The “Make Your Comments” link will take you to the “Contact Us” page where you can make your comments.

We have collated the comments received and have put them together on another page. We will continue to accept comment through our contact us page and will add them to the documents when time permits.

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Design Codes are intended to complement the Neighbourhood Plan. A Neighbourhood Plan can only include those things that can be measured and enforced. The purpose of a Design Code is to include those things that are less quantifiable (for example housing designs) which are nonetheless important to the community.

The Design Codes, Masterplans and supporting reports were completed before the Neighbourhood Plan was modified following Independent Examination, and should be read in this context.

The Forum will be looking to work with others and for additional funding to update and extend these Design Codes in the future, including for the remaining Character Areas.

Whilst they are big documents, don’t be put off providing your thoughts and comments. A little and often is fine, the more views we have, the better they will become.

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The Site Wide Design Codes add further detail to, and complement, the Strategic Design Codes produced for Chetwynd and Toton by the East Midlands Development Company. An example of even more detailed design codes is provided for one of the Character Areas – ‘Chetwynd Central’.


The Interactive Masterplan brings to life all of the ideas in the Design Codes and the Neighbourhood Plan.

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Housing Types & Numbers

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Heritage Assets & Community Buildings

Health Centre & Road Junction

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