Chetwynd Neighbourhood Forum Questions and Answers

We have created this page as a way of documenting the questions we have been asked and the answers we have given. If you have a question you think we should answer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q: (October 2021) Heart Church is a significant landowner and have had their landholding up for sale for a while. Do you have any news on whether the land been sold yet and if so, who to?
A: We know that the land has been up for sale for some time and are keeping a watch on whether and when it gets sold. As yet we are not aware of any sale.

Q: (September 2021) Has the Forum considered how to improve cycle access in the Area, particularly at the top of Stapleford Lane between the end of the Service Road and the point by the NET where the Cycle Route joins the footway?
A: Our Neighbourhood Plan tries to improve active travel in the area by identifying new cycle routes through the area thus supporting the proposals in the Broxtowe Local Plan. We plan that these new routes will be more “cycle friendly” than some of the existing roads and will be actively promoting them as part of our Masterplanning proposals.

Q: (August 2021): How do I know if I’m a member of the Forum?
A: Anybody who is over 16 and lives or works in our Area is entitled to be a “Full Member” of the Forum. In addition, people under the age of 16 can be “Junior Members”. People outside the area can be “Friends”. If we have been given their email addresses, Full Members, Junior Members and Friends can receive our “mailshots” where we try to keep them up to date with what is happening.
Maintaining the membership and the “mailshot” lists is not simple as people move in and out of the area or decide to use social media or our website rather than receiving the mailshot and unsubscribe from the mailshot list.
However, if you are receiving the mailshot and live in the Area, you are probably a member.
If you are not sure, use our contact us page giving us your full name and address to ask us to add you to the Member List.

Q: (August 2021):Will I be able to buy land adjacent to mine when the Barracks is sold for Development?
A: Unfortunately the answer to this question remains unclear. Whilst the Forum continue to meet with the DIO, Homes England and Avison Young, the exact area which the DIO will dispose of remains unclear (the Service Accommodation may remain for some time and the boundary of area around the TA/HMS Sherwood is not fully defined). Even when the area is fully defined, whether the DIO will offer parcels of land to interested parties is entirely in their hands. The Forum realises that this isn’t satisfactory and will continue to press for an answer.

Q: June 2021: When do you realistically expect the Barracks to be sold and the development of the site to take place?
A: Homes England (HE) have confirmed that disposal of the site is due to take place in 2024. Homes England and their consultants (Avison Young) are producing their Masterplan & phasing for the site which will be the subject of public consultation. The timescale for the site development will depend upon the Developer appointed by HE and planning approval by Broxtowe. Our present understanding is that the land to the West of the Barracks (where there are no buildings) will be developed first with a target to achieve Broxtowe’s 500 homes by 2028. We are hoping that further meetings with HE/AY will clarify the timescale for the development of the rest of the site.

Q: Are there any plans for spiritual welfare in our plan for Chetwynd Barracks? Eg place of worship, cafe style meeting places?
A: Our vision for the area included in the Neighbourhood Plan has always included a “Plaza” near to the Memorial Gardens within the Barracks, and additional cafes and restaurants in the Innovation Campus near to the Hub Station. The Plaza forms the multi-functional “Community Hub” for the area including space for multi-faith worship and community uses. Toton Churches has made a number of comments to the Plan including their desire either to create a new place of worship, or to be a key stakeholder in any community building that may form part of the Plaza area recognising that the centre of the community will move away from the present location of the Toton Churches. Whilst the Plan doesn’t explicitly identify community buildings within the outline Masterplan at this stage, we hope that working with the Architects producing the Masterplans for the area will ensure that such facilities are included.

Q: Does the change of the Parish Boundary between the Stapleford and Toton Parishes make any difference to the Forum?
A: No, the Forum Area is defined by the Designation which was agreed with Broxtowe Borough Council, adopted in March 2017 and ratified by the Forum in June 2017. This is the Area of the Wards of Toton & Chilwell Meadows and Chilwell West modified along the Western edge of Toton to exclude the HS2 safeguarding zone and the area further to the West up to the Erewash Borough/Derbyshire County boundary. The full designation can be found here.

Q: BT are selling off phoneboxes. Is the Forum interested in acquiring a phonebox for the benefit of the Community?
A: The Neighbourhood Forum’s remit is to create and monitor the implementation of the Neighbourhood Plan. The Community Action Team (CAT) may be a more appropriate organisation for such requests.

Q: How does the possible termination of HS2 at East Midlands Parkway affect the Neighbourhood Plan? Will the EM Hub Station still be coming to Toton?
A: As far as we can see from work that continues to be done, there is no indication that the HS2 project has been stopped or delayed. However, we think it likely that there will be some delay, but so far we have not seen any evidence that it would be scrapped. We are of course in continued discussions with all relevant parties on the status of HS2 and the EM Hub Station, and we expect that there will be more involvement over the coming months from the emerging East Midlands Development Corporation. They are looking at three key areas in the region – EM Airport cargo freeport, Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station redevelopment, and of course the development area in and around Toton which includes both the Chetwynd Barracks site and the Strategic Land for Growth as identified within our Plan. Unfortunately we cannot be any clearer than that at this stage, but we will of course keep our community up to date on any news that is shared with us.