Neighbourhood Plan Referendum – More Info

Here is a further update following our Newsflash on Friday announcing the result of the Neighbourhood Plan referendum. The full result is available on Broxtowe’s website here.

Further good news – following the count, Broxtowe Borough Council’s Chief Executive (Ruth Hyde) confirmed that the Neighbourhood Plan will be put forward to Full Council on 15th May for formal adoption. After which it will become part of the Strategic Development Plan for the Forum Area. Members of the Steering Group will attend the meeting in the public area to witness this momentous occasion for our community. The agenda for Full Council should be available on Broxtowe’s website later this week. It would be great to also see some of our members in attendance.

In response to all of this, our Forum Chair, Richard Hutchinson, said: “we are extremely pleased that the Neighbourhood Plan has passed the referendum with 3,606 votes in favour, and with a very significant 86.7% majority of the votes cast. 

It’s great news for this part of Broxtowe, one of the most sought after and liveable areas of Nottinghamshire on the doorstep of Attenborough Nature Reserve, great schools and great transport links.

It means the community led Neighbourhood Plan will have to be taken into account by landowners and developers when putting forward development proposals. 

This will help ensure delivery of sustainable and affordable homes that people deserve, as well as infrastructure, and environmental protections for existing and new green spaces, and for nature. 

The Neighbourhood Plan will be adopted by Broxtowe Borough Council on 15th May to sit alongside the Local Plan, which together will form the Strategic Development Plan for the Neighbourhood Area.

This is the culmination of eight years hard work by past and present Steering Group members (all volunteers), and is a significant achievement in what is, and proved to be, a highly complex and challenging Neighbourhood Forum Area containing two strategic development sites – Chetwynd Barracks and the Toton Strategic Location for Growth. We truly believe that this will make a difference for the community over the next twenty years.”

Eight years is a long time, but this is only the end of the beginning, as we move to the next phase which will be to review and monitor development proposals as they come forward!!

The Steering Group will now take a bit of a break, so you may not see as many posts over the next few weeks, but we will be back in touch when we have gathered our thoughts for the future.

Thank you all once again for your support over the years and for voting to accept the Plan, it really is a significant moment for all of us.

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