Chetwynd: Wildlife Photographs

The Wildlife of the Chetwynd Neighbourhood Forum Area is important. We are collecting pictures of things "seen" in the area to help us build a picture of what's around and about.


We are particularly interested in mapping "Veteran Trees". Veteran Trees are not necessarily ancient or even old, but they do have the 'scars' of age such as decay, dead wood or fungal fruiting bodies. They provide valuable wildlife habitats and can be protected in a number of ways. If you think you have a tree worthy of note, send a photo, its location and (if you know it) its identity to the address below. If you don't know what it is, one of our team will come out and help to identify it.

Rare Black Poplar NG9 5GD. There are a number of these within the Barracks and it is important that they are kept.

A Black Poplar (Populus nigra). There are a number of these both outside and within the Barracks. This Veteran Tree is to the North of Chetwynd Barracks.

A Sycamore on Church Crescent in the Barracks. Not special in any way.


Cuckoo Flower SK507358: Found at the head of Ghost House Lane this flower is so called because it flowers at about the same time as the Cuckoos arrive.

Cuckoo Flower (Cardamine pratensis). Found at the top of Ghost House Lane. This plant isn't common in the area and must be a relic. Named because it flowers about the same time as cuckoos arrive


A Comma Butterfly seen on the 20th March 2019 in Toton. Whilst not uncommon, they are nonetheless beautiful.

A slightly more unusual "Thick Legged Flower Beetle" seen in a Toton garden.


A pair of Buzzards flying around the Barracks.

If you'd like to add your pictures, send them to and we will post them on our site. By sending them you give us permission to post them on our website and to use them in other Forum publications. We may also publish them to iRecord a website established to share sitings of wildlife.

Tell us what they are, why you think they are important and where you took the photograph (postcode, street name or OS Reference).