Housing Sub-Group

This Sub-Group, reporting to the Steering Group, is developing the Housing and Urban Design Policies to be included in the Neighbourhood Plan. The Policies will reflect the influence of the Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan (including any information regarding the quantities of Affordable Homes and Social Housing need in the Area). Its work is based upon:

  • the 2011 Census information about Households in the Area which is summarised in Document 1 below;
  • The Government Household Projections (Document 2 below);
  • The possible impact of the Strategic Local Plan (including HS2 and the proposed Innovation Campus);
  • Various Design Codes (Documents 3, 4 & 5)

The first output is the Housing Group Position Paper which was submitted for comment to the Forum membership on the 27th April 2019 (Document 6 below).

1. 2011 Census information
2. UK Government Household Projections
3. Building for Life
4. AECOM Design Code for Chetwynd Barracks
5. Footprint Design Code
6. Housing Group Position Paper

The proposal to use Modern Methods of Construction is supported by a number of Modular Home Builders including: Legal & General; NU Build; nHouse; and others which will become apparent after the Plan is published.

The measurement of the quality of the housing is based upon the proposals by BRE (Building Research Establishment) Home Quality Mark and Building Regulations but others may be found after the Plan is published.