Part 2 Local Plan: Council Consultation

Broxtowe Borough Council have now completed the Part 2 Local Plan consultation exercise and published their submission dated July 2018. This link takes you to a copy of the Local Plan with changes highlighted: Broxtowe Council Local Plan Part 2 Submission.  It is worthwhile reading to see the changes that they have made that affect our area.

The consultation took place from Monday 18th September to Friday 3rd November.

If you are still interested in the documentation, the link below takes you to the Council’s page where you can find all relevant documents.
Council’s Part 2 Local Plan page

Smaller, edited (minus irrelevant chapters) versions of the key documents documents  can be accessed using these links below:

Part 2 Local Plan (Toton and Chilwell Only: 6mb):
if you only want to read 1 document, this one contains information for our Area

Part 2 Local Plan (Abridged: 11mb):

Landscape Report (Abridged: 18mb)

Infrastructure Delivery Plan (Abridged: under 1mb)

Chetwynd Barracks Review (Full: 5mb)