IWM Director General Visit

We are very pleased to announce a bit of a coup! With the help of a long-time Friend of the Forum we have arranged for the Director General of the Imperial War Museum (Diane Lees) to visit Chetwynd Barracks to discuss our aspirations contained in the Plan for a Midlands IWM site in the heart of our Area. We are very excited to be able to have the opportunity to discuss our ideas with her, and to hear her views about the possibilities the site has to offer and what the (our) vision might look like in reality.

The visit is scheduled for 27th October, so we will let you know how it went afterwards. The meeting will officially be hosted by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and led by the Forum. As well as the DIO and members of the Steering Group, we have invited the Barracks CO, the Leaders of both Broxtowe Borough and Notts County Councils, our MP, and Richard Carr and colleagues from EMDevCo (Richard is the guest speaker at our AGM). So this will be a high profile visit and meeting which we think and believe has exciting possibilities for the future of, not only our Area, but also the East Midlands region.  

Announced by the Forum Steering Group

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