Peveril’s Revised Plans for Toton Lane

We thought the publication of the HS2 Growth Strategy might have killed off the application submitted by Peveril for 250 houses on Toton Lane. But they must be wearing blinkers as they presented revised plans for Toton Lane last week. (Go to Broxtowe Council’s Website and look for Planning Application 0017/00499)

The revisions are minor modifications to the original application: a few more houses (30 or so), a few more trees, some protection for green space near the tramway etc.

But one questions why they bothered, given the radical new vision for the area contained in the HS2 Growth Strategy

However, we will respond to these revisions. We will get in touch with those who commented on the original application to gather their views. If you didn’t take part originally but would like to contribute this time, please let me know and we’ll add you in.

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