Chairman’s Forum Update June 12th 2021

Hi everyone

I hope that we are all enjoying the sunshine and the new found social freedoms that we are all adjusting to in these continued strange times.

We have been busy to say the least…..The last two weeks have been focused on a number of review meetings and discussions around the Strategic Planning document (SPD) which is a framework to set out the plan for the future of the development of the area. We have had a number of robust discussions and meetings and as a member of the Strategic Planning group we have been involved in  all aspects of this proposed draft document. That document went forward to the Jobs and Economy committee at Broxtowe Borough Council on Thursday evening and was approved as a draft framework for further consultation and is now a public document for review and comment before the formal consultation period that will start in the Autumn of 2021. The document is available through our Consultations Page and I would encourage all members of the community to take a read of the document and please do come back to the forum with any initial comments. We are also as a steering group and the focus groups reviewing all aspects of this framework to see that it lines up with the Neighbourhood Plan and the aspirations we have for our community moving forward into the future and all comments and suggestions would be helpful before we get to the formal consultation.

We are planning to meet with the new Managing Director of the EM Development Corporation, Mr Richard Carr, as he takes his new position. We will be walking around the site with him in the coming weeks to explain the community thoughts and approach to the vision that has been laid out over the last 4 years and is now written into the Neighbourhood Plan. This is again another important step to ensure that we enhance the overall community in the future while embracing all of the ideas being tabled around the innovation hub and east midlands interchange.

The forum teams have been extremely busy over the last number of months with the focus groups continuing to define the proposals for the delivery of the Neighbourhood Plan. We have also been busy working with the borough council on the plan and work for the adoption of the plan in the coming months and more importantly when we will be in a position to advise you of the Referendum to enable its adoption, we will keep you all posted on this.

The team have also been very busy working through the grant funding for the Forum to put more work into the development of the Community masterplan, incorporating all aspects of the area, including Chetwynd barracks and the Strategic Land for Growth. This will enable us to visualise the policies as laid out in the plan. I am in position to advise that we have now been approved for the funding and funds have been deposited with our Community Interest Company for use in the development of the plan.

I hope you find this information in the digest of some use and please do reach out to the team and myself with any questions or observations you have. We continue to try our best to represent the whole community and my thanks go to all of you for your continued support and also to the team of volunteers that continue to push the boundaries and drive the Neighbourhood Plan to adoption and delivery.

Best Regards

Richard Hutchinson

Chair – Neighbourhood Form

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