Chetwynd Community Interest Company

Chairman’s Update June 2021

Why we have a CIC

The Chetwynd, Toton and Chilwell Community Interest Company Ltd (CIC) exists to build on the excellent Neighbourhood Plan and help develop commercial activities for the benefit of the community. Practically right now, we are the commercial arm of the Neighbourhood forum. As such we are facilitating grants and holding funds that perpetuate the Forum’s activities, delivering our vision for quality development for our community. 

Although its early days, there is already the firm foundation of a compelling business plan, that sets out our ambition of the development of our area over the coming years. These include housing, environment custodianship and other activities including the stewardship of key facilities and amenities. In the mean time, we are building our capabilities and resources to ensure we are both a serious and professional CIC that builds partnerships and works collaboratively with all stakeholders over the coming years.

For more information, please contact Ian Ward at or use our contact us page

Ian Ward 
Chetwynd CIC

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