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As you will be aware from recent posts, we are currently working on our Neighbourhood Plan alongside the Broxtowe Borough Council planning team and making good progress. As you will be aware there has been a lot of work behind the scenes so I thought I would what has been happening over the last year, that you may find of interest.

As you know since the original Neighbourhood Plan was submitted we have created three sub-groups to create and expand upon the NP’s vision. These groups are Environment, Infrastructure and Community Development. All of them consist of like minded individuals who have kindly offered their time and thoughts to many of the subjects each group has had as a focus.

With regard to the Community Development Team we have very much been involved with our team of architects from KEFA who we have employed to help us to create a series of documents that will soon be ready to be shared with the whole of the forum. Before I go through some of this work, there has been an awful lot of research carried out by individuals to try to get a varied and informed understanding on the various topics to this end. A lot done by online seminars and arranged meetings with specialists in such topics as modular build, housing design, heritage asset appreciation, solar arrays and energy storage, with the view to try to link networks for the benefit of of the neighbourhoods. We have had meetings with the East Midland Development Corporation (DevCo), Bloor Homes, Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) who are responsible for the disposal of Chetwynd Barracks, Home England (HE), who are working aside the DIO.

2022 was a very busy year for us. With regard to the documents we have been working toward, they can be listed as such: Interactive Masterplan; Housing Numbers Report; Housing Types Report; Community Asset Study; Heritage Asset Study; Road Junction Study; Health Centre Study; Chetwynd Central Masterplan and Design Codes Document. All of these have taken some considerable time as you can imagine with going back and forth to ensure we are all happy with what has been produced. There is still some outstanding issues to complete before we can issue them to you, but we are currently working to this end. The NP examination has considerably added to the workload, but we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

It has been rewarding to be working with such amazing people who have volunteered their time and expertise and continue to do so. There has also been great support between the groups, without which none of this work could have been done.

So I think it only fitting that I share the names of some of those that have helped and supported the Community Development team throughout this period. Mark Trought; Hiliary Craik; Katie Stephens; Owen O’Connor; Karren Denham; Jo Zhong; Jann Bomken; Peter McNaughton (KEFA); Sandra Fonseca (KEFA), Also Margaret Crittenden (Environmental Lead) and Ian Craik (Infrastructure Lead) and all ably supported by the rest of the Steering Group team. Both Ian and Margaret will be reporting on their teams work in due course.

My very great thanks to all.

Steve Brown (Community Development Lead & Masterplanning Coordinator)

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