Design Codes follow on: Community Buildings Study

We took this on as we need to identify what sort of community assets we would like to see, the number, and where we thought they would be best situated. So once more we sat down with the team from KEFA, our consultants, and came up with the following study.

It’s pretty much self explanatory, as it goes through the different assets one by one, including schools, medical centre, etc.. You would have seen some of these incorporated into the Design Codes document and on our Master Plan document, as you appreciate by now how these documents are all interlinked together.

The Heritage Assets have their own Study that will be shared very soon as part of this ongoing series.

Please comment on the attached link with your thoughts and ideas. We will try to respond where we can so all can see the responses and points raised.

To make your comments and look at the other reports go to the Design Codes & Masterplans Page

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