Fed up seeing developments of more tiny expensive boxy houses?

Our volunteers are working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen here.

This was one of the CTTCNF’s most subjective studies, as everyone has their own opinion of what constitutes a “nice” house or home. We’ve spent considerable time on this subject and my guess is that some of you will like some of the designs and others will not be so keen.

The Housing Types study & community consultation revealed getting new housing as a big issue locally. There are four key priorities highlighted by the community for the housing types to address: 

1. The community would like to see appropriate housing sizes and types to diversify the housing stock of the area. This is to provide for young people and downsizers which will free up under-occupied large homes for families.

2. The community wants to maximise protected green space in their area. This means housing typologies of higher density than the norm for the area should be considered to reduce land coverage.

3. CTTCNF are keen that all development including new housing stock be designed & built to industry leading sustainability standards.

4. Linked to priority 3 CTTCNF wants to minimise site build time by utilising Modern Methods of Construction & off site modular/panellised systems.

The main considerations were to ensure the homes will be of “21st Century” design and cutting edge, not still using outdated construction methods. We would like to see truly affordable homes, using Modern Methods of Construction such as Modular builds. The homes will be built to the highest standards, with all the modern fitments, solar, air/ground source heating etc. as standard. 

To ensure all members of our community are catered for a mix of homes is needed which we have included into this study and in our Design Codes document and our Masterplan.

Really don’t want to see developments of more tiny expensive boxy houses?

We need the local community to support us so please do comment on the attached link. This is our chance to make the difference and to let future developers know exactly what we would like to see built in our area.

Click here to see the Design Codes, Masterplan and other peoples’ comments

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