Design Codes follow on: Interactive Masterplan

As Promised, we wanted to send out the support documents that helped us inform the Design Codes revealed on March 26th 2023. So here is our Interactive Master Plan and the same Masterplan with the background words to help you digest the Master Plan itself.

The Master Plan idea was one of the first ideas we worked upon with KEFA, our planning consultants. The idea being to show a quick reference to all of the ideas on one plan, so in fact, bringing it to life. This is the latest iteration, although it carries the same caveat as the Design Codes, in that it preceded the results of the IRP and Neighbourhood Plan examination, but we are happy to release this piece of work to allow you to see some of the possibilities and suggestions we have put forward for the development of the Toton and Chetwynd area.

The Interactive Master Plan should work by simply “clicking on” the respective areas within the plan area that will reveal the text explaining what you are looking at. This in turn should also now relate to the previous Design Codes document previously sent.

As ever please feel free to make comment to the attached link and let us know your thoughts and we will respond accordingly in due course. Please note, as with the Design Codes, we are seeking further funding to update and extend the Masterplan.

Please watch this space for further updates.

Click to go to Masterplan
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