Design Codes follow on: Road Junction Study

As you would have seen in the Design Codes document and Master Plan there is what you may consider a strange road layout arrangement at Bardills Roundabout. This was a very early idea that took into consideration the advent of HS2 as part of the bigger picture, the fact we were looking to link a North-South route away from Toton Lane and through into Chetwynd Barracks and the possibility that George Spencer Academy moving from its current site.

This of course has now changed, as well as the fact Nottinghamshire CC had drawn up plans to build another North-South spur off the A52, the plans of which are also in doubt due to the fact the Government has for the time being rejected the funding bid presented to facilitate its construction.

However, out of interest we charged KEFA with looking into this junction as part of a Feasibility Study. They used Transport Planning Associates (TPA) as the consultants who set to and looked at the options presented. The overall conclusion as you will see, was that much more work was needed to understand all of the traffic implications, particularly given the NCC proposal and changes with the IRP report. This work will require more funding, something that that we do not have have, but we are pleased that at least we have started to ball rolling for others to take this important work further at a more appropriate time, when more decision is made on the future of the sites.

As ever please feel free to comment on this study on the attached link. We will endeavor to respond in due course where all will be able to peruse the comments made.

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