Digest 8 Sep 25th 2017

After a couple of quiet weeks everything has taken off again. Broxtowe Council published the Borough’s Part 2 Local Plan last Monday and it is now out for consultation during October. Later this afternoon (Monday) sees the launch of the HS2 Growth Strategy for the East Midlands – more on this in the next Digest.

But in this edition we must focus on the Local Plan…..

  1. What’s so important about Part 2 Local Plan?
  • The Plan sets the framework for all development in Broxtowe up until 2028
  • It is vital we, and all residents, take time to review and comment on the contents since it will underpin all new building taking place in the Borough over the next 10 years.
  • Our Neighbourhood Plan, once written, will have to reflect what is contained in the Local Plan. We set-up our Forum a little late in the day, so we have not been able to directly influence the content of the Local Plan as much as other organisations who have been around longer and have had their Plans brought into force.
  • Nevertheless, we still intend to play a significant role and provide feedback to the Council regarding the parts affecting our Area. It is critical we hear your views

2. Consultation events in our Area

  • The Steering Group held an interim meeting last Wednesday where we discussed how best to meet with members and residents and gather views and input to our response. We agreed to hold 4 events across our Area to enable as many residents as possible to take part.
  • Dates and locations are:
    • Weds 4th Oct 6pm-8pm: Corn Mill pub, Swiney Way, Chilwell Meadows
    • Weds 11th Oct 6pm-8pm: Community Room, Inham Nook Library, Barn Croft
    • Weds 18th Oct 6pm-8pm: Toton Methodist Church, Stapleford Lane
    • Mon 30th Oct 6pm-8pm: Village Hotel, Brailsford Way.
  • Meetings are open to everyone in our Area (whether you live or work here), so please spread the word to friends and neighbours and come along to any/all of them.
  • The last one at the Village Hotel is a wash-up session when we will share our draft response to the Consultation for review and final amendments. The Head of Planning, Steffan Saunders will also attend the Village meeting to help with questions and clarifications
  1. Part 2 Local Plan documentation
  • The Local Plan is made up of lots of very hefty documents – the main Local Plan document has over 230 pages.
  • All of them are on the Council’s website and you can access the page here
  • We have downloaded the main documents and extracted the key information we think are of most interest to us here in Toton & Chilwell.
  • The appendix below adds a link to a 20 page document that covers the plans for Chetwynd Barracks and the Toton Strategic Growth Area. [The contents pages show the full scope of the Plan.]
  • If there is only one document you read about the Local Plan, this is the one to read. The sections in this document will be central to our response so we need your views on what it contains
  • The appendix contains additional links to more documents about the Plan, including a review by external consultants on Chetwynd Barracks.
  1. Forum AGM: deferred to January 2018
  • Another topic discussed at the SG meeting last week was whether we needed to defer the AGM. As you know our inaugural meeting was held last November and the AGM would normally be held after 12 months.
  • However our Constitution allows the AGM to be held anytime between 11 and 15 months after the previous one and, reluctantly, we have decided to defer our first one to next January
  • The reason to defer was due to the heavy workload taking place during October & November. Not only is this Local Plan consultation taking place, but we are also fully engaged with the University over the next 8-10 weeks with their project to produce visualisations for us of Chetwynd    Barracks and Toton Sidings – more on this in future digests
  • So we agreed to hold our first AGM on Sun 21st January at 3pm at the Village Hotel.
    Please put this date in your diary as we want to see as many of you as possible at the AGM. Many thanks

Appendix: Links to key Part 2 Local Plan documents 

  1. Link to Local Plan Core Toton & Chilwell
    – 20 page extract from main document just relating to plans in our Area (7mb). This is the key document to read

2. Link to Local Plan Abridged
– 50 page extract with Toton & Chilwell (as above) but also includes key policies on housing, landscapes, local green space/infrastructure, etc (12mb)

Link to Infrastructure Delivery Plan Toton & Chilwell
– 20 page extract containing details on associated facilities and services such as: roads, schools, play spaces etc

Link to Landscape Report Core Toton & Chilwell
– 17 page extract of landscape impacts arising from developments (18mb)

5Link to Chetwynd Barracks Review
– 18 page full report on initial thoughts (by consultants) on the Barracks (5mb)

6Another link to the full suite of documents on Broxtowe’s website

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