Digest #9 30th Sep 2017

Back to a Saturday (just) posting of this week’s digest following the one sent out last Monday. It’s been another active week for us on the Steering Group organising Local Plan consultation events as well as engaging with Nottingham University graduate students who have now started their project to help us. So, without further delay….

  1. University students support for the Forum
  • As previously reported, Nottingham University have agreed to undertake some ‘visioning’ exercises on what we might like to see developed at Toton Lane and at Chetwynd Barracks.
  • Work started this week when we hosted a site visit on Wednesday for 35’ish graduate students undertaking a 2-year Master’s degree in architecture. We walked around Strategic Growth area both east and west of Stapleford Lane, ending up at the top of Toton Fields LNR looking out over the Sidings. They were all very impressed with the sheer scale of the landscape included in the area. We are now arranging a visit to the Barracks so the students understand the scale and the landscape of that site
  • They followed up the visit with a 2-day charrette (‘a concerted effort to plan the design of something’ – I had to look up the definition!) at the University. On both days, members of the Steering Group attended to provide input and we were presented with initial thoughts on how the site (either side of Toton Lane) might look at the end of the workshop
  • The ideas presented were extremely impressive, given the short timescale they had to work them up, and we took away several ideas to ponder. [More on this next week….]
  • However, the real work for the graduates start next week. A smaller group (about 25) will now spend the next 8-10 weeks working in-depth on this project. The result will be a number of scenarios/visions presented to the Forum to take away to consider and consult with residents.
  • We will be regularly attending further workshops to provide input – starting next Tuesday. The University intends to hold a consultation event with residents and we are liaising with Toton Tesco to have a stall in the foyer sometime in October.
    Of course, we will let you know more when plans are finalised
  1. Part 2 Local Plan consultation – starts next Tuesday!
  • As mentioned in last week’s digest we are also hosting consultation events for Broxtowe’s Part 2 Local Plan. Full details were given last week but the first event in next week on:
    • Tues 4th Oct between 6pm and 9pm at The Village Hotel, Brailsford Way
      The location is a change from that reported last week as we have had to move it from the Corn Mill to The Village
  • The remaining events are as posted last week
    • Tues 11th Oct 6pm to 9pm at Community Room, Barn Croft, Inham Nook
    • Tues 18th Oct 6pm to 9pm at Toton Methodist Church, Stapleford Lane
    • Mon 30th Oct 6pm to 9pm at The Village Hotel again
      this is a final wash-up session with Steffan Saunders, Head of Planning at the Council.
  • Please come along and let us know your views. Links to the documents were provided last week so please refer to that for information but the key document can be found here…. Local Plan Core Toton & Chilwell
    – an extract from main document just relating to plans in our Area (7mb)
  1. Forum website is now LIVE!
  • We are very pleased to announce that our new website is now up and running.
  • The Comms Subgroup have been working hard over the last few weeks to get it fully functional and post information that we hope you will find useful.
  • The site can be found here: cttcnf.org.uk
  • So, please have a browse around the site and let us have your comments and feedback. What else would you like to see on the site?
  • We have uploaded all the Steering Groups’ agendas, minutes, and monthly financial reports – you can access that page here: SG Meeting Information
  • Full details of the Local Plan consultation can be found here: Council Consultation
  • The next steps for us to improve the sites will be to:
    • add the Barracks meeting information (agendas & minutes)
    • post all our events to the Events page as and when plans are finalised.
  • We hope you will find this a useful source of information. We intend to use it as our prime ‘go to’ source of information so save the link and use it to check out further information
  1. A couple of final points:
    • Firstly: I was hoping to report on the launch of the HS2 Growth Strategy which was due to be released last week. It is now scheduled for release next Tuesday so will report more next time.
    • Secondly: I’ve received feedback from a member saying that the font type and size of these digests have made it difficult to read.
      • So, I’ve changed the font & size from Trebuchet MS 12pt to Calibri MS 14pt to see if it makes it easier on the eye!
      • Please come back to me with your thoughts: better; worse; no different; not ‘bovvered’? Many thanks

And that’s all for this week folks. Tune in next week for the next update

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