Focus Group Community Development: Modular Housing

Our recent Focus Group meeting involved the group participating in questions set by our Modular Build expert Yann. They covered a whole range topics based on our Neighbourhood Plan site and housing ideas including: housing types, affordable housing, care and over 55 accommodation amongst others. There were questions asking what styles were were looking to produce from traditional through to ultra modern, however behind each style was the same basic build process.

The objective now we have completed the questionnaire is that Yann will produce a suite of house designs based on our answers so we can select what we think will fit our vision within the Neighbourhood Plan. Our ambition is to put these ideas out to the greater Forum for you to have your say, so watch this space for further updates.

As a group we firmly believe the Modular or the very least Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) is the way forward. The fact that modular is far more sustainable and energy efficient should be reason enough to support. Add the fact our area is already behind its housing targets and modular can be built much more quickly and reliably to a higher standard is confirmation to us that we have the right approach supporting what is seen as an emerging industry.

A couple of us attended an on line seminar on the latest updates on modular build that was very interesting. Follow this link to see the presentation.

If you have any question on this subject or ideas, please do not hesitate to get in touch as we want you to be involved as it is our future we are planning for.

Best Regards,

The Community Development Focus Group

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