Achieving Community Power Revolution Webinar

One of the Aspirations included in our Neighbourhood Plan is to be “Energy Positive”. By including green power generation, storage and distribution as part of the design of the neighbourhood and building energy efficient homes, our aspiration is that the Area should be able to generate more power than it consumes, with an Energy Service Company directing profits back to the community.

We recognise that this probably can’t be achieved on the scale of new housing to be built in the area but nonetheless, Aspirations are meant to be challenging targets, not simple to achieve.

As part of this aspiration some of us attended a Webinar by an organisation who believe that the structure of the UK’s energy market prevents Local Communities setting up their own power generation companies which they believe would accelerate the development of local power generators and speed up the green revolution.

The webinar was recorded and is available to view here. We would encourage you to watch the webinar and make up your own mind whether you think the Local Electricity Bill is something you should support as an individual.

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