Forum Digest: 13th February 2021

From David, SG Vice Chair:-
Neighbourhood Plan Progress Update
You will remember that the Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Broxtowe in mid-June 2020 and that we were waiting for a response from them as to when it would move to the next stage of the process (Regulation 16 Statutory Consultation). Well we eventually received a response from Broxtowe at the end of November raising some concerns and issues with a small number of the Plan policies. To cut a long story short and following several more letters between us, the Steering Group have held out not to amend any policies at this stage. However, it does mean we have to jump through another hoop and undertake a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Fortunately technical support is available to the Forum via Locality and once our application is approved, the SEA will be carried out for us by AECOM. Unfortunately, this will add a delay of around four months before we will be able to resubmit the Plan along with the SEA report. We will keep you updated with progress through the Digest and via the Plan page  of the website.

The main sticking point (but not the only one) for the Steering Group and you our members, was the request to weaken our policy for the North-South primary access road from Chetwynd Barracks to join up with the A52, and relieve congestion on the surrounding road network, in particular Stapleford Lane. This was a constant theme brought up by Forum members throughout the development of the Plan and at all the consultations we held with you. We therefore felt obliged to stick to our guns and not change this Policy (and others) at this stage. As I said above this does mean a delay, but one we think worthwhile and the SEA overall should strengthen our Plan policies. We hope to meet with the Planning Team at Broxtowe in the next few weeks.

Men in High Vis Jackets at Chetwynd Barracks!
Some of you have contacted us recently to enquire about men in High Vis jackets carrying theodolites on the barracks site! They are part of a team carrying out a topographical survey of the site on behalf of Avison Young, the consultants appointed by Homes England (on behalf of the DIO) as part of the masterplanning process for the whole barracks site (with the exception of the military housing) which is required before the site can be developed. The first stage of an ecology survey has already been completed, and the topographical survey is due to finish by the end of the month. Further surveys will need to be undertaken and when we have confirmation of dates we will keep you informed via the Digest. We have regular meetings with Avison Young & Homes England, and they have promised to let us know before more survey work commences to alleviate any concerns of residents. Our next meeting is in early March.

From Pamela, SG member:-
Toton and Chilwell Wildlife Scene Instagram Account
The Toton and Chilwell Wildlife Scene Instagram account was set up to raise awareness of the diversity and importance of the local environment to the community. It also highlights issues and activities which people can become involved with to have a positive impact on the local environment. At this time of possible change, it’s important that people are aware of what we already have, and how future developments could affect our environment. The last year has given many people the opportunity to appreciate the value of our local green spaces and wildlife. Contributions are welcome and can be sent to the site via Instagram messaging. So far we have had birds, mosses, missing hedgerows and winter trees – we’d love to see more pictures of what people find out and about in the local area.

From the whole Steering Group:-
The Forum is apolitical in nature with no party political allegiances. As such, the Forum doesn’t endorse or comment on any candidates standing for election, locally or nationally. The Forum does not encourage or sanction any statements issued by candidates standing for election, nor will we ever do so.

Vaccination Update
Broxtowe Council is encouraging people aged 65 and over to have their Covid Vaccination, see here for more information.  

All the Best

CTTC Neighbourhood Plan. Copies are available from this page on our website.

Broxtowe Lotto: Just a few weeks left to win £100 for the Forum. Tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme

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