Independent Examination – Hearing Date Confirmed

We received notification this week that the Independent Examination Hearing for our Neighbourhood Plan will be held on 10th November at the Council Offices in Beeston.

The Examiner’s letter and four supporting documents are available via a link from our Plan page, or directly from Broxtowe’s Page on our Neighbourhood Forum

These set out the agenda and process for the hearing, a list of parties who have been invited to attend, an outline of the topics the Examiner wishes to discuss in more detail, and guidance for participants.

It is a public hearing, therefore members of the public and Forum members are able to attend and observe the proceedings if they wish to. Only those invited to speak in advance will be able to do so i.e. representatives of the various invited parties. Public seating will be available in the new Council Chamber where the hearing will be held.

As you can imagine the Steering Group is gearing itself up in readiness!

Unfortunately a casualty of this, is the Forum AGM! We had started to plan to hold this towards the end of November, but have decided to move it to January (see the separate save the date post for more information about the AGM) so that we can concentrate on preparation for the hearing. I am sure you will all understand the reasoning behind this.  

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