Independent Examination – Post Hearing Update

We have updated the Plan page of the website following receipt earlier this week of the Examiner’s Post Hearing Note. The Forum also submitted an additional document (at the Examiner’s request) relating to Local Greenspace Designation that was referred to during discussions at the public hearing. These are also available via Broxtowe’s Page on our Neighbourhood Forum along with all the other Examination and Regulation 16 documents.

The note contains the Examiner’s initial thoughts following the public hearing held on 10th November. She is “satisfied that substantive modification is needed” before she “shall be able to recommend that the Plan can proceed” to local referendum, and she intends “to give further guidance on necessary modifications to specific policies and sections of the Plan to the Forum in due course”. We thought that this would be the likely outcome from the hearing due to a) policy changes at national level (in particular the Integrated Rail Plan announcement); and b) at a local level the development of the Toton & Chetwynd Barracks Strategic Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document (SM-SPD) since the Neighbourhood Plan was submitted, initially in June 2020 and then an updated version in November 2021 as outlined and explained on the Plan page as linked above.

In relation to the SM-SPD the Examiner’s view is that “the Neighbourhood Forum should aim to align with the SPD, even if the latter has had a shorter preparation period than the CTTCNP (2020 start compared with 2017) and has not yet been finalised”. 

Once we receive the Examiner’s final report and guidance on the necessary modifications, we will work with Broxtowe and other key stakeholders as quickly as possible to enable the Neighbourhood Plan to go forward to referendum, without any further undue delay.

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