The Forum Digest: Sep 12

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Hello again (and – hey – only a day late this time!),

The Steering Group (SG) met last week and there were a number of meaty topics on the agenda. So, this edition covers the major items discussed along with a preview of an important meeting next week.

1. Focus Groups ratified

  • The 4 Focus Groups detailed in last week’s edition were ratified and the leaders of each group agreed. Initial membership of each group has been identified but these will only be confirmed and settled once the groups start work and people have a clearer idea of the workload.
  • The terms of reference for each group are as published last week but the next task for the group leaders will be to ‘stress test’ the elements and identify any overlaps with other groups. The first (virtual) meeting of the group leaders will take place next week when any overlaps will be ironed out.
  • Expect to hear more from these groups as they start work. We are planning to produce a series of short videos from each group and publish them here to keep you updated.

2. A Supplementary Planning Document is heading our way!

  • The SG received two reports from the latest meeting of the Strategic Planning Group (hosted by Notts County Council). The first report was about the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) being produced by Arup. The SPD comprises a high-level masterplan for our Area and specifically covers the Strategic Location for Growth (either side of Toton/Stapleford Lane) and Chetwynd Barracks.
  • You will recall that we held a workshop with Arup back in early July as well as further masterplanning workshops with Broxtowe Council in late August. This work has culminated in a draft masterplan that – once approved – will be out for consultation later in the autumn.
  • We have seen the draft and it is good to report that it includes many of the ideas and suggestions contained in our Plan. There are a (small) number of areas where we disagree, but that is to be expected given the various stakeholders involved.
  • Expect to hear more of the SPD, and its impact on our Plan, over the next few weeks (once the final version has been approved) as your input to the consultation exercise will be crucial.

3. “Erewash Riverside”

  • The second report from the Strategic Planning Group was an introduction to an environmental project by another set of consultants – The Environment Partnership.
  • The project, commissioned by Notts County Council, has been asked to produce proposals for Toton Sidings including the Hub Station. A ‘Station in a Park’ is the concept they are working on.
  • We made the point that the scope of the project should be expanded to encompass the whole of our Area so there is seamless integration with the policies in our Plan. This was acknowledged and the Forum (via the Environment Focus Group) will be key stakeholder in this piece of work.
  • Overall, we were impressed by the ‘pitch’ made by The Environment Partnership and we believe they will produce some exciting proposals for the Sidings and the wider area. We will, of course, keep you updated as we become further engaged in the project.

4. And finally…

  • The SG also agreed that we should produce and distribute a newsletter to all households in the Area. The point was made that we need help to distribute the leaflets: a couple of readers stepped forward following last week’s request for volunteers, but we need more, many more. If you are able to help distribute leaflets – in early October – please let me know. All help will be very much appreciated.
  • We are meeting the new Head of Planning at Broxtowe Borough Council next week. As well as formally introducing ourselves, there are 2 main items on the agenda: (1) an update on the status of our Plan and when we can expect to see the Plan publicised – which is the next step that needs to take place; and (2) discuss our proposal to undertake a Neighbourhood Development Order for the Barracks. Both of these items are important next steps for the Forum so I hope to have positive news for you on both matters next week.
  • Wildlife on Toton Fields/Sidings. We have received these 2 pictures (from different people) during the past week. It demonstrates the importance of wildlife in our area and renews our commitment to do all we can to improve and build on what we already have.

And that’s all for this week, folks

See you next time.

Kind regards

CTTC Neighbourhood Plan. Copies are available from this page on our website.

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme

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