Weekly Digest 20th January 2018

Another short’ish report this week as the Steering Group are focused exclusively on our AGM – next Sunday 28th at 3pm at The Village – in case you’ve forgotten! 

I don’t apologise for the reminder: it is crucial that you, our members, as well as residents of our Area, have the chance to review our work – indeed, our performance – over the past year. 

Equally important is the appointment of  a new Steering Group to take the work forward over the next 12 months. And let me make a plea: we are looking for people to join the Steering Group. Next year will be critical; we’re aiming to produce our Neighbourhood Plan and submit it to the Council for consultation & examination by the end of the Autumn. We need people willing to provide a little time to help gather information and help produce the policies and draft the Plan.  If you are interested in helping us, please come along and let us know.

But next Sunday is much more than just an annual review.

  1. We are kicking off our consultation exercise by showcasing the best of the university work and hope you will use it to stimulate your ideas for the future of our Area.  There are approx 20 posters  illustrating our past, present along with a lot of ideas about the future.  Take time to have a look at them and let us know your thoughts. Help to shape the future.
  2. Our engagement consultant will also be on hand. She will be asking you to complete a short questionnaire to tell us what concerns you most about living in Toton and Chilwell. There is also a section for you to tell us what is needed to improve our area.
  3. If that wasn’t enough we can now confirm that HS2 Ltd will be at the meeting. It’s true we have no direct control over the station and how it is built, nevertheless we are developing a good relationship with HS2 and we know they want to hear our views.  
    • For instance, the location of the platforms are pretty well settled: the southern end will be opposite (roughly) Neighwood Close; whilst the northern end is in line (roughly) with the top of the hill at Banks Road.  
    • However, the location of the main station buildings / concourse is perhaps up for debate. Latest thinking from HS2 locates the station entrance near to the southern end of the platform ‘footprint’. 
    • But, given the development at Toton Lane, doesn’t it make more sense for the main entrance/concourse to be nearer the northern end? So it is closer to the proposed Innovation Village? Your thoughts?
    • Sunday gives you the chance to speak to HS2 directly. So you can also ask them about the recently announced plan to build & open the station and access infrastructure in the mid-2020’s to run ‘classic’ services in advance of HS2 itself.
  1. We are also pleased to confirm that senior figures within D2N2 (the Chair and/or CEO) will be attending. The organisation is coordinating the strategic ideas / plans for the development of the Toton Lane site. So you can ask them about current ideas for the Innovation Village. 
  2. Finally,  we’ve invited the DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation – part of the MoD) to come along to answer queries about the sale/initial development of the Barracks. They said they would get back to us by today to confirm attendance however I’ve not heard anything yet, which is a tad disappointing. When they let me know,  I’ll let you know.

Okay, I’ve rambled on more than intended (not unusual, I know!), so I’ll stop now. 

Please do all you can to attend the meeting and consultation event – you won’t regret it. 

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