Annual General Meeting Sun Jan 28th 3pm at The Village

  • We’re continuing to sift through the visions and ideas provided by the university students.
  • It will be difficult to choose the best of them to showcase at the AGM. We have ordered some display screens & we’ll aim to show 20 or so of the best
  • To whet you appetite I’ve added a couple to our website and you can link to them here:
    • These are high level maps illustrating the ‘connectivity’ of the two main areas Chetwynd Barracks and Toton Lane. It reflects the view that there needs to be joined-up development across our area.
    • We know there will be a lot of houses built at both Toton Lane and the Barracks, but lets make sure they complement each other and avoid duplication.
    • First slide illustrates the connection between the station, Toton Lane and the Barracks
    • These two slides illustrate the green corridors we expect to see linking Toton Fields with Hobgoblin Wood: this one is map-based; this one is more abstract.Come along to the AGM

      to see more like this – as well as more detailed ideas for the specific areas.

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