Weekly digest: Aug 18th

Hello everyone

Firstly, let me say ‘thank you’ to all who responded to the Housing Positioning paper that Mark posted last week. He has provided a follow-up post – attached below – with a sample of the comments received. They are all very interesting. If you’ve not taken chance yet to respond, then Mark reminds us that we have until September. Please take time to give us your views. And if you have already responded but have had further thoughts, then please send in another response – the more the merrier!

  1. Broxtowe Lotto – now open for business!
    • You’ll recall I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the council are launching a Lotto scheme to help support good causes here in Broxtowe. You’ll also remember that the Forum signed up early to the programme.
    • As a quick reminder; each ticket costs £1 and comprises 6 numbers. If all your numbers come up (in the right order) then you win the jackpot of £25,000. Lesser amounts are won for fewer numbers. Here’s a pdf file summary of the scheme
    • BUT.. each £1 ticket bought via our page, means we receive 50p! Soooo….
    • ….if you like a flutter on Lotto and would like some of your cash to be donated to us then please..buy your tickets from our CTTC Forum page: here’s the link!
    • First weekly draw takes place on Sat 22 Sept., so you have a few weeks to decide if you’d like to take part or not.
    • Finally, if you want more information about how the scheme works – here is a link to the main Broxtowe Lotto page where you can find full details
  2. Application for a further grant from Locality
    • This item is linked to the above really. In our ongoing quest to produce a strong, detailed Neighbourhood Plan, we need further funding. This time, we are seeking a grant to pay for a consultant to undertake some master planning for us.
    • We’ve received a quote from one of the university students who helped us out last year. He is now qualified and has expressed an interest to continue working with us and help produce further detailed master plans
    • These will help shape our ideas as well as illustrate the way both Chetwynd Barracks and the Toton Lane area could look in the future. The output will form a key part of our Plan by illustrating scenarios for the new developments
    • We’ve applied to Locality – the government sponsored body set up to support neighbourhood planning – for a further grant. Fingers crossed they will agree to fund this piece of work. Watch this space.
  3. And finally…..
    • Toton Delivery Board membership. We’ve drafted an appeal to the decision to exclude the Forum from this Board – setup to oversee development of the Growth Zone. The draft is currently being reviewed, but it will be submitted next week. Hopefully the key players on the HS2 Strategic Board will acknowledge the merit of our case and invite us to join the Delivery Board.
    • Notts County Council Meeting. Following on from above, we are meeting senior directors from Notts County Council next week. They asked us to show them around the HS2 growth zone site and to let them know our emerging views for the future. We have been asked to join the HS2 working groups (operating out of County Hall) that feed into the Toton Delivery Board. By taking part, we intend to influence and shape the plans for our area.
    • The Barracks subgroup met last week. This time the discussion focused on the environment and in particular the green spaces and corridors we want to see in the Barracks area. The subgroup was joined by both Norman and Margaret, the strand leaders for the environment, and the outcome was a good idea of the main corridors we’d like to see. These primarily cover the eastern side of the site including Hobgoblin wood, the memorial garden and the playing fields in the south east corner.

Enough from me this week, as I know you are just itching to have a look at Mark’s follow-up post below!

Kind regards

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