Weekly digest: Feb 01


After last week’s pretty lengthy report, I thought I’d make this edition shorter by providing an update on some statistics. It also gives me a chance to practise adding images to the digest!

1. People registered with the Forum

  • Overall, the total number of people registered with Forum – 1,096 – has remained pretty stable over the last 12 months or so. Remember…
    • ‘Members’ are those who live/work within our Area
    • ‘Friends’ live/work elsewhere but are interested in our activities
  • Around 925 people have provided email addresses although there are about 130 who share addresses with spouses/partners
  • The remaining 170 or so either don’t have an email address or have chosen to opt out (almost 50) from receiving these updates. Of course, some of the opt outs will be those who have moved completely away from our Area, so may no longer have an interest in our work. On the other hand, we have recently added as a ‘friend’ someone who used to live in Toton many years ago but who now lives in New York!
  • In addition to those registered, there are almost 200 people who ‘like’ our Facebook page. There may be some overlap between these ‘likes’ and those registered but even so I’d hazard a guess that our total ‘supporters’ must be around 1,250 – which is a fantastic total!

2. Some digest statistics

  • The digest is sent to just under 800 unique email addresses. We started sending it out automatically, from our website, back in April 2018 and records have been kept since then on a couple of key measures
  • The two graphs below illustrate:
    • the first time an edition is opened by an email address – ‘Unique Opens’. As can be expected, a considerable number are opened several times which suggests those who share addresses do get to read it for themselves
    • the % the edition is opened (the first time) compared to total recipients of the edition – ‘Open Rate’.
  • As you can see in the top graph, the number of ‘unique opens’ has grown over the last 12 months – no doubt due to the Plan being produced and published. So whilst the overall average of ‘opens’ is 365, it is clear that the number is now closer to 400’ish….
  • ….. which is reflected in 2nd graph which shows the average % open rate which, at around 50%, is simply staggering.
  • And some further numbers:
    • 63% of subscribers ‘often’ open/click the emails
    • 8% ‘sometimes’ open/click emails
    • 28% ‘rarely’ open/click emails.
      And to these 28% can I just say: “Why only ‘rarely’? Look at what you’re missing!” 😉
    • [I don’t know how ‘often’, ‘sometimes’, and ‘rarely’ are defined but even so, 71% regular/sometimes openers is, by any standard, pretty impressive.]
  • I find it difficult to believe there can be another Neighbourhood Forum community that has such a strong level of engagement with its community.

3. And finally….

  • These stats clearly demonstrate the breadth and depth of support we have for our work in the Forum. We sort of knew we had strong support having received a good number of positive comments during our consultation with you last summer.
  • Nevertheless, it is great to see those comments backed up with further hard evidence. Many thanks, again, to all of you for taking a keen interest in our work. If you know of any family, friends or neighbours who would like to receive these updates, please ask them to get in touch, I’ll be glad to add them in.
  • In the meantime, these stats will come in very handy when we produce our Consultation Statement that needs to be submitted to the Council alongside the final version of the Plan

That’s enough, I think, for this week’s shorter edition. Let me know if you like to see these sorts of graphs or images in general and I’ll try to add more in. Although I don’t think we’d want to change the format too much from the usual short, snappy, text-based updates. Or would we….?

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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