Weekly digest: Feb2

Hello again

An even quicker update this week but with the same focus as last time. I can understand if you’re feeling a little short-changed with new ‘news’ at the moment and indeed becoming a tad bored of hearing about the AGM. But I won’t repeat the arguments why we feel it important for you to come along next Sunday 10th at 3pm at the Village – you well know our thoughts. So, this week I’ll merely offer a couple of further reasons…

1. AGM papers – the financial report

  • This link is to the final version of the AGM papers. At the end are 2 pages containing the financial accounts for 2018.
  • Headline numbers are:
    • Total funds brought forward from 2017: £6,817
    • Total income: £13,854: which include a couple of very welcome donations from Broxtowe Borough Council and our two County Councillors.
    • Total expenditure: £10,205: main items were consultancy and office rent
    • Total funds carried forward to 2019: £10,465
  • These accounts are unaudited at the moment. We are still looking for a person versed in bookkeeping who is willing to review the figures for us. If you know of anyone please ask them to get in touch.
  • If you have queries about the numbers in the report, please let me know and we’ll provide answers next Sunday.
  • To repeat my appeal from last week: please print off these papers if you can and bring them along with you as there will only be limited number of copies available on the day

2. Glimpses of the future?

  • Would you like a sneak preview of a couple of illustrations that will be on display next week?
    • This one shows current thoughts on the location of new/existing green infrastructure corridors. The new corridors (to the north of Cleve & Kathryn) are scaled to reflect a 50m width
    • This map shows a possible layout of a plaza/village centre located next to the Memorial Garden in the Barracks. Further illustrations showing how the shops could look will be on display
    • Finally, this one shows possible layout of new road infrastructure through our area. This design assumes the George Spencer Academy is relocated across the road somewhere. For the moment, this is an aspiration, so this design needs to be treated cautiously. We will have an alternative road layout that better reflects current expectations on display next week.
  • What do you think? We need to hear your thoughts and opinions so please come along and peruse these (along with others, inc. the new ‘concept’ map of the Toton Lane site produced by the council for the Local Plan) at your leisure. 
  • Personally speaking, I think we should be more ambitious regarding the size of green infrastructure corridors to the north of the tram line – but what do you think?

3. And finally…..

  • HS2 Ltd are coming. Don’t forget that HS2 Ltd will be attending and be willing to talk over concerns or issues you have with their latest plans. If you didn’t manage to get to our event at the Greenwood Centre before Christmas – now it the chance to catch up
  • Any questions? If you have any questions you’d like to raise during the meeting or items for the Any Other Business section, please let me have details in advance to better prepare a response for you. Likewise, if you know of any apologies, please let me know and I’ll be glad to add them to the list.
  • Streamlined registration process. If you are already registered with us (as you will be since you are reading this!) then we will only require you to let us know your house number and postcode when you sign-in to the meeting. This is so we know the split between our members (who live/work in the area) and friends (who live elsewhere). Newcomers who come along as a result of our leaflet drop will be asked for name/email address as well.  Which brings me to…..
  • ….a BIG shout out to all our volunteers. We want to thank all the volunteers who stepped forward to us deliver AGM leaflets throughout our Area. A round of applause to: Anderson, Chris, Christine, Cindy, Jean, Joan & Peter, Karren, Louise, Pauline & Stuart, and Sally & Greg.  This is the first time we’ve called for volunteers to help us ‘in anger’ with a particular task and it is fantastic to see this level of support. Many thanks to all of you!

And that’s it – I’ve finished talking about the AGM. Apart from saying the Steering Group looks forward to welcoming as many of you as possible next Sunday.

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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