Weekly digest: Jul 20

Hello again,

Well, that was the week that was! After last week’s launch of the Plan, this week will be quieter as we get our feet back on the ground. The Steering Group will be taking a short break following the hectic activity over the last few weeks – but not quite yet……

1. Promoting the Plan – residents

  • We had a good response to last week’s edition with a number of people responding congratulating the Steering Group for finally getting it published. Initial statistics from our website show there have been over 70 unique clicks to the Plan (‘unique’ means excluding those accessing the Plan several times).
  • But…we can do better than that, can’t we? So, if you didn’t have time last week to follow it up, here is the link to our website where you can find further details including links to the Plan itself and the Response form. If you prefer you can provide your response directly online on the same page.
  • We’ve commissioned the printing of 7,000 leaflets – one for every home in our Area plus a few more for consultation sessions. Expect one through your door in the next few weeks.
    • Some people offered to help last week, but more are needed to help spread the workload. If you can spare an hour or so to assist with deliveries, please get in touch
  • Finally, we’ve agreed to have 50 booklets printed at a cost price of £6.60 each. So, we will have copies available to buy.  If you’d like one (and I’ve already started a list from last week) please let me know, price £5.

2. Promoting the Plan – stakeholders

  • Besides consulting with the most important (in our view) group of people – those who live and work in our Area – we also need to consult with official stakeholders. These are mostly organisations (including statutory) who have a direct interest in our Area. These include:
    • all relevant local authorities (County, Borough and Town/Parish level),
    • statutory organisations (Historic England, Natural England, Environment Agency),
    • landowners (Peveril, Ministry of Defence, Heart Church),
    • major businesses (HS2 Ltd, Network Rail, Severn Trent, Trent Barton)
    • regional/county-wide organisations (the new Development Corporation, D2N2, Notts Police, Notts Wildlife Trust),
    • local community organisations (churches, libraries, schools)
    • voluntary groups (ramblers, scouts/brownies, PEDALS, sports clubs)
  • Besides organisations there are key individuals we wanted to invite to comment. These include our MP Anna Soubry, and our county/ward councillors.
  • As you can see, there are a lot of interested parties apart from residents. So far, we have sent invitations to 85 contact points within 42 organisations – and there’s more to be sent next week! If interested, here is a link to the stakeholder flyer which accompanied the invitations.

3. and…. Promoting those who contributed to the Plan.

  • I said last week I wanted to give a ‘shout out’ to all those who helped bring the Plan together. There isn’t space to list everyone, but the main players (all Steering Group unless otherwise noted) are:
    • A Sense of History: Gill (from the Beeston and District History Society)
    • Core Objectives and Policies:
      • Environment: Norman, Margaret, and Ben
      • Infrastructure: Ian W, Ian C, Richard, and Anderson (a Forum member)
      • Housing & Urban Design: Mark, Chris and Karen (latter two are both Forum members)
      • Leisure, Heritage & Community: Pamela, Teresa, Helen, Steve, David and Jim
      • Barracks section: Steve, David, Jim, DeVonne, Karren, Owen, and Teresa (the Barracks subgroup)
    • Plan review and corrections: Mark, Steve, David, Norman, Margaret and Christine (a Forum member who provided in-depth proof-reading report)
    • Admin, comms, publicity, and website: Katie, Mark, Denise and Ian W
    • And, of course, our chairman Richard who has constantly encouraged us to take the opportunity to ‘dream big’ with our ideas, visions and objectives.  He also made sure we stayed focused on the task and made sure the Plan is as strong as possible.
    • It is great to have such a dedicated Steering Group that have put in many hours of work to get the Plan produced. Effective teamwork made the task so much easier.
    • We are also grateful to our consultants: University of Nott’m, Kefa Design and AECOM for their invaluable reports and designs that helped shape our ideas and thoughts and provided the maps and illustrations to bring them to life.
    • Finally we mustn’t forget our sponsors, who have funded our work. These range from:
      • Broxtowe Council who have been very supportive throughout both financially and, more importantly, with sound advice and guidance.
      • Our two county councillors – Cllrs Richard Jackson and Eric Kerry – who have donated generously to help fund consultations and office supplies.
      • National funders Locality – who have provided the bulk of our funds (£17k) plus funded the production of our three AECOM reports.
      • And not forgetting our wonderful supporters who selected the Forum as a ‘good cause’ from Broxtowe Lotto (see more below).

No space for any ‘And finally’s….’ this week, although I do want to say a huge ‘THANK YOU!’ to the generous member and supporter, who donated her winnings from the Broxtowe Lotto to the Forum. It is very much appreciated – funding is never far from the forefront of Steering Group discussions. Contributions such as these make a big difference. It reminds me that I need to report back to you on the results of our involvement with Lotto in the next couple of weeks. If you wish to join our Lotto supporters, it’s never too late – please click on the link to the CTTC Forum page below.

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll find details of the scheme.

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