Weekly digest: June 06

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Before we get into the nitty gritty of this week’s edition, let me welcome new readers to the digest! Given the importance of last week’s ‘Access to Toton’ report I thought it useful to share it to a wider audience, so I posted a short article about it to a number of local Facebook sites; the two main ones being Beeston Updated and Long Eaton Community Group. It is fair to say it generated a lot of interest. Most of the comments were about HS2 itself rather than the report’s proposals – the supporting infrastructure. Nevertheless, it generated a lot of ‘likes’ to our Facebook page as well as a good number of people who signed up to the digest. A warm welcome to you all. See below for a follow-up piece to the report that may be of interest. But before that, more regular updates.

1. Annual Report and Accounts 2019

  • This report is well overdue. It was due to be presented at our AGM in March but has been delayed due to our focus on getting the Plan and associated documents finished. Anyway, enough excuses – here is a link to the Report. Main activities undertaken last year are:
    • Produced the Neighbourhood Plan last July after almost 2 ½ year’s work
    • Undertook a 10-week consultation period between July and September
    • Received almost 120 separate representations in response to the consultation (a figure that I still find staggering)
    • Started work on revising the Plan in response to the feedback received.
  • The accounts still need to be independently examined. However, it was a fairly quiet year from a financial perspective. Key figures are:
    • Funds at the start of 2019: £10,465
    • Total income: £4,086  (biggest donation: £2,300 Broxtowe Borough Council)
    • Total expenditure: £11,846 (biggest expense: £7,002 Plan consultants)
    • Funds at the end of 2019: £2,705
  • If you have any comments or queries about the report/accounts, please get in touch and I’ll be glad to provide further explanation

2. The Plan

  • I’m pleased to report that we have now received the feedback from the Council following their informal review of our final version. The comments were constructive, and the overall tone was favourable “…the Forum have done an immense amount of excellent work”.
  • Specific advice was provided on three of our housing policies, where we had asked for help to make sure the wording was sufficiently robust to pass the independent examination stage. The Steering Group (in particular, Mark, our housing policy strand lead) is now reviewing the comments to see if and how we strengthen our document in the light of this advice.
  • I’d expect us to quickly come to an agreement on modifications and so we should be in a position to submit our Plan in the next few weeks. (Now, where have you heard that before!)

3. ‘Access to Toton’ – the reprise

  • Following the large level of interest in the report last week I thought you might be interested in the Access to Toton presentation from the launch event. There were technical problems at the event, so it wasn’t actually broadcast at the time but sent out afterwards.
  • It’s a short presentation with only 12 slides – and the main map is duplicated a couple of times. It is pretty self-explanatory, showing the scope of the emerging Development Corporation as well as the details of the first phase, which is due to be completed within 10 years.
  • If you have any queries, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer them.

4. COVID-19 links and associated information…

And finally…
Nope, no space this week for closing snippets – so see you next time.

Kind regards

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