Weekly digest: June 23rd

Hello again

A lot to report this week so hope you don’t mind if I skip the idle chit-chat (!) and get straight to business…

  1. Locality grant approved
    • Our latest application for funds has been approved – which is great news! The £2,800 grant is mostly to help us produce, publish and promote our Neighbourhood Plan – due this autumn
    • Another element of the grant is to fund further consultation with members, residents and anyone else interested in our area. We will be hosting weekly drop-in sessions at our office in Oban House. The aim is to showcase the latest thoughts and ideas for policies in include in the Plan and to get your feedback. What do you like; what don’t you like; what needs to be added. We plan to start these sessions in late July/early August, so watch this space!
    • Locality have confirmed we can submit an application for further funding, so we are currently mulling over ideas for some consultancy-type activity. Let us know if you have ideas you’d like to see explored/developed
  2. HS2 Roadshow Part 3 (or is it 4?)
    • I can’t recall how many events HS2 have hosted at West Park, Long Eaton but the latest one is next Weds 27th between 2-8pm
    • HS2 have provided a couple of documents on their website. Both files are worth looking at but are pretty large, so you may want to download them first before viewing. Links to the documents are:
    • The biggest change for us is the road access to/from the station to the A52. They have replaced the initial idea to create a new roundabout (near the sewage works) with slip road access points either side and use a new roundabout on Bessell Lane to access the A52 from the north (Stapleford) side.
    • A number of us plan to go along next Weds; I’ll report back next week what we pick up.
  3. University graduation day
    • It was graduation day last Weds at University Park for the architecture students who helped us last autumn. Both Richard and myself were glad to accept invitations to go along and see their final work as well as browse the work of other undergraduates
    • It was great to meet up again with some of graduates who helped us and find out how they further developed ideas from the Barracks. In particular, an idea for a new primary school – its design and location – impressed us both.
    • We hope to build on the relationship with the University in the autumn with the next set of graduates. Perhaps to help form some detailed ideas for the Innovation Village? Any ideas/thoughts on the sorts of tasks the university could undertake on our behalf?
  4. And finally……
    • Chilwell Shell Factory Explosion Centenary events finish next week with a commemoration service at St Mary’s, Attenborough on July 1st. It may be too late to book tickets for the 2 events on the Barracks next week and the service is over-subscribed but it is worthwhile visiting St Mary’s to have a look at the exhibition. And there will probably still be be room for the 2 walks taking place next week: one on the Nature Reserve (Tues.) and one around Attenborough (Thurs.)
    • Our Heritage Assessment work on the Barracks has been confirmed for July 5th – as reported previously. However, I need to clarify a comment I made when I reported it was the DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation) who are preventing us from accessing buildings on the Barracks.
      In fact it is the local Base Commander who has imposed restrictions on us entering any building to undertake proper assessment. This is for ‘operational and security reasons’. I struggle to see how this applies to buildings such as the chapel and sports pavilions, but there we are.

And that’s it for now – it’s been a little rushed this week so hope you’ll forgive any typos you spot. As always, it’s good to receive your thoughts/feedback so please get in touch with comments/ideas for the Plan. Back again next week.

Kind regards

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